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The US**** 




May Tenti Adventures 
The Uncommon Ait of the Common Man 




President's Message 

How does a small women's college in 
Staunton, Virginia prepare its students to 
be members of a global community. 7 The 
answer is, in more ways than you may 
think . . . 

Fitty-seven Mary Baldwin students 
visited foreign countries as part of Study 
Abroad programs during May Term. 
Travel provides an invaluable opportu- 
nity for students to learn firsthand about 
other cultures. We are proud of our new 
language and culture department, which 
was cited for its innovative approach to 
foreign language study in the August 18, 
1995, issue of the Chronicle of Higher 
Education. The department will empha- 
size studying language in the context of 
culture. We are also proud of our faculty 
who strive to bring an international 
perspective to their classrooms, people 
like those featured in this issue of the 

Our international students contribute 
significantly to appreciation of other 

cultures on campus. In recent years, we 
have had students from Argentina, 
Bulgaria, Columbia, England, Ethiopia, 
Kenya, India, Italy, Japan, Liberia, 
Philippines, Sweden, Thailand and 
Germany. In addition, four different 
groups of Japanese students come to 
Mary Baldwin each summer to study 

Last spring the college's Advisory 
Board of Visitors chose globalization as 
the topic for its spring meeting. After 
two days of presentations by experts in 
the held and hours of spirited discussion, 
the board compiled a final report to 
submit to the college. The report said, 
"The single most striking conclusion of 
the board was that MBC is already doing 
a good job of preparing students to be 
citizens of the world." 

It is gratifying to know that we're on 
the right track, but we cannot afford to 
be complacent. With your support, we 
shall continue looking for new ways to 
bring the wider world to Mary Baldwin 
and Mary Baldwin to the wider world. 


Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 


Every new editor comes armed 
with a vision for his or her publica- 
tion. Mine is quite simple: that 
when you come home and discover 

The Mary Baldwin Magazine amid the piles of bills and junk mail 
on your hall table, you will pounce on it and thumb through it 
right there in the hall. That you will not even have taken your 
coat off before you find an article of irresistible interest, and that 
it will take the concerted efforts of your spouse and children to 
drag you away. That later you will think about that article and 
even page through it again during a quiet midnight hour. 

With this in mind, my first efforts are in the direction of 
content. In this issue you will find more feature articles and 
fewer departments. Mary Baldwin is an exciting place to be these 
days. Admissions and SAT scores are up. News organizations 
from around the country are lining up to cover the opening of 
the Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership. Faculty are busy 
researching everything from Queen Elizabeth I's royal progresses 

Editor's Note 

to bullfighting. Alumnae are 
taking leadership roles in 
organizations from the Abbey 
Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Arts 
Center in Williamsburg, Virginia, to the Republican Na- 
tional Committee. I want the magazine to reflect the ferment 
and vigor of the college and its graduates. 

My vision is not to have a good magazine; it is to have a 
great magazine. This is what I will be working toward. We 
will be soliciting input from various corners of the campus 
and other corners outside the campus. We are establishing 
beats in order to cover the news around campus more 
thoroughly and efficiently. We may start a Letters to the 
Editor section. Furthermore, do not be surprised if you see 
some changes in design in the next magazine. Consider your 
input solicited, also. Have you gotten caught reading in the hall 
yet? Why not? Let us hear from you. 

Sarah H. O'Connor 



Mary Baldwin College is # 1 among regionally ranked 

liberal arts colleges in the South in U.S. News & World 

Reports annual guide to "America's Best Colleges." 

The Magazine 



Or- Cvnthia H- Tyson 

Editorial Advisory Board 

Jane KJaEnegay '33. Chair 
Executive Director, Alumnae Activities 

fothryn Eunoni 
AsssraoE Director or FEG 

Claire GaeEESnn '°0 ADF 

Croiet. Virginia 

Dr. James Harrington 
Associate Processor ot Adult Studies 

Anne Holland 'S3 
Director of Alumnae Projects 

Susan Masste Johnson '67 
Edmbrrpj, V irginia 

B- Richard Fiant 
Assistant Frofessor of English 

Yvonne Fover 
Arlington, Virginia 

! I ■ -■ Lane Dudley Purtill '67 
Charlotte. North Carolina 

Shiriev Y. Rawley 
Associate Protessor 
or" Communications 

Mary Jo Shilling Shannon "53 
Roanoke. Virginia 

Dr. AshtonTnce 
Assistant Professor ot Psychology 


Sarah O'Connor 

Art Directors 

Donald J. Crocteau 
Gretchen L- Carila 

Assistant Editor 

Michelle Hire Martin 

Annual Report Designer 

Brad Rob ison 

Summer Intern 

Sean Steele 

Cover Photo 

Brad Robison 

The 1*Lit? Baldurin 'Slagazim 

is published by 

Mary Baldwin College 

Otfi.ce ot College Relations 

Staunton, VA 24401. 

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Copyright bv 

Marr Baldwin College 

All nafits reserved 


by Edgar McKillop, 1928A929, North Carolina. 

One of die. many folk an pieces on display at the 

Abb-y Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center in Williamsburg, Va. 

See story on page IQ. 


Saints, Kangaroos and Border Crossings 2 

Breaking Bread Across Cultural Lines 6 

Spain's Dilemma 8 

The Uncommon Art of the Common Man 10 

Miss Baldwin's Seminary 13 


Campus News 16 

Campus and Alumnae Notes 23 

Alumnae News 24 

Chapters In Action 29 


The beautiful portrait of MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson that appears 
on the cover of the May 1995 issue of The Mary Baldwin Magazine was 
painted by Mr. Robert D. Bendy. The contents page incorrectly reported the 
name as Ed Bendy. We regret any confusion this error may have caused. 

Man Baldwin College does not discriminate on the basis of sex {except that men are admitted only as 

ADP and graduate students), race, national origin, color, age or disability in its educational programs . 

admissions, co-cumcular or other activities, and employment practices. Inquiries may be directed to 

Dean of Students, Mary Baldwin College. Staunton VA 24401: phone (703) S87-702S. 

During MayTer 

m 1995, 57 Mary Baldwin students studied abroad 



Vladimir Garko\ 


, Carrie Douglass, Lesley Novak and Virginia Francisco 

Kangaroos and 




■ourse in Australia and New Zealand with the assistance 

Border Crossings 

: and Daniel Metraux taught a course in Japan. 

We asked six of the students to comment on the value 
of their May Term study abroad experiences. 

Scuba-diving in the Great Barrier 
Reef among beautifully colored fish 
and coral is one memory chat will stay 
with me for a lifetime. This memory 
will ah • ', enriched by Dr. Gary's 
■"... as _? underwater aa • zn ind 
Lira Anderson's constant look of total 
arrtacement as we three swam an 
the reefs treasures. ^X'e saw a leopard 
shark, a white tip reef shark and 
■ . : :: rd reed a sea turtle. 

Mv ne month abroad opened the 
world tor me. 1 learned so much about 
the]. La r. culture >tNew Zealand md 
. " _-. :aable night 

-. ">:-- ... -.-r r. '•' rala Island New 
Ilea, re . -._-. .earned sc muchabout 
the aborigines" ability to survive in such 
a r. -::.r en - - ironment in Australia. 

After my brief month abroad. I was 
not in a real hurry to return to the 
-r.itec States. Tne cultures : both 
New Zealand and Australia are more 








relaxed and not as pressured as the 
American culture seems to be. Although 
we were busv every- moment ot each day, 
lite in New Zealand and Australia truly 
progresses at a slower pace. 

The trip changed my outlook on life 
and made me realire just how small the 
world can be. It permitted me to participate 
in two unique cultures and expenence 
rirsthand a world that I had previously 
only read about. I plan on using what I 
learned when I become a teacher. 

I hope to be able to return to New 
Zealand and Australia sometime in my 
future. I hope Mary Baldwin College 
continues to have the May Term study 
abroad programs in addition to the 
other study abroad programs they now 
offer. Students are able to give back 
to the college community what they 
have learned while abroad. Having 
students and professors going abroad 
actually enhances and enriches the 
whole college. 

I went on this trip expecting to take a 

:!ass m socio I r- : : n tact i felt 
art::: returning a- .: t nad r iken a 
course in political science, history-, 
anthropology, economics, art history, 
religion and philosophy, among others. : _gr. . a.v : -err . verses 
rrrv: : .>.-. r. at -.a ■ . [ snj yed this 
trip more because of the vast difference 
in traveling with college students. 1 look 
at people, traditions, and cultures of the 
■ r.a :r. an entire.-, diiteren: le" el a - ;: 
rerrrraaau : the L" 5 

I realised, of course, how fortunate 
-a-; arc .r. :nt _ mtec ra ; :r- a. :ur 
plentiful resources, but more impor- 

tantly, I truly understand that the 
United States is not the center of the 
universe. The American way is not 
necessarily the finest way, and this 
concept is not fathomable until you 

hop to anothet lily pad and out of the 
home pond. Thete is a saying, "Life is 
a book and those who have not 
traveled have only read the first page." 





The program made 

me realize how much 
there is in the world 
that we don't see, and 
the fact is that we 
only live once — so 
to see it all, you must 
live wisely and make 
priorities. I was 
reminded that money 
and material objects 
aren't the important things in life; 
rather, memories, sights, people and 
laughs are worth more than any- 
thing. I remember this and live by it 
everyday. When I begin to get 
caught up in American ways, I think 
of the people I met in Australia and 
New Zealand who were so much 
happier than we are but have so 
much less. These things are learned 





as your eyes are opened to a new way 
or style of living. It is so wonderful. 
Some great experiences that stick 
out: in New Zealand — staying with 
the Maoris, hiking on Unipukapuka 
(an island in the Bay of Islands), 
going jet boating and sea-kayaking. 
In Australia, snorkeling in the Great 
Barrier Reef was an experience of a 
lifetime! Also, Sydney Zoo, kanga- 
roos, hiking the Blue Mountains, and 

paddle boarding at 
6:30 a.m. 

I learned more in 
one month than I 
did in years in a 
classroom. I was 
constantly absorbing 
new things around 
me, and I wanted to 
read about where we 
were going the next day. It was so 
exciting and new. 

I graduated four days after I 
returned, and when I came home, I 
felt sad. I wanted to return to that 
learning, excitement, beauty, 
wonderful attitudes, pleasant people 
and travel. 1 cannot wait to return to 
both countries. They are both 
uniquely wonderful. 

"You have to trc 

el with an open mind and turn those little crises 


While at MBC, I studied in three 

countries: England, Bulgaria and 
Japan. Each of these experiences has 
greatly influenced my decision to 
become an anthropologist. I cannot 
even begin to describe how my 
experiences in these three countries, 
especially Japan, changed my outlook 
on America, on foreign policy and 
government, and showed me the vast 
differences in cultures throughout the 
world. For example, I learned so much 
about Japanese life, values, and politics 
from living with a host family and 
working in the Diet. In Bulgaria, the 
interaction with the students pro- 
vided valuable insight on life in a 
struggling Eastern European country. 

One experience that 
sticks in my mind from 
this trip is the border 
crossings from Bulgaria 
and Greece to Turkey. 
All the checkpoints 
bordering Turkey were 
heavily armed, though 
there is no real threat 
of invasion from that 

country. As our van passed through 
the checkpoint from Turkey into 
Greece, our vehicle went through a 
car wash to "wash" the "dirt" and 
ideas from the van and us as we 
entered Greece. When we asked 
people about it later, their reply was 
that the water washed away any 
germs and diseases from Turkey. 
When we told them the car was the 
only thing that got cleaned, they 
shrugged their shoulders. Even 
though this act was benign, it 
reminded me of the ethnic cleansing 
that is going on in Bosnia and Croatia. 
Ethnic distinctions in this area of the 
world are fervently defended. 




Another experience I remember is 
when an old woman, whom I did not 
know, came up to me while I was in 
Sophia and started to talk to me. 
Though I did not understand much 
Bulgarian, through her kindness and 
gentile manner, we were able to have a 
conversation without much effort. She 
took my head in her hands and told 
me I was beautiful. I looked into those 
old woman's eyes and my perspective 
on Bulgarians changed forever. 

If possible, I will continue travel- 
ing throughout the world. And yes, I 
would recommend the program to 
anyone interested in traveling who 
can "rough" it, that is, not expect 
American standards or American 
food. After all, you 
are there to study 
and live in another 
country. You have to 
travel with an open 
mind and turn those 
little ctises into 


M-. trip to Asia is a collection of 

images: the school children's uniforms 
and yellow hats, the women in 
kimonc s riding the subway, the gas 
pumps hanging from the ceiling . . . 
The subtle differences between the 
places _ -• isited and ; :~ parable areas 
in the United States are what remain 
ally clear. 

!■'.-■ experiences luring this trip 
— lie me realire the magnitude ;: 
America's mfluence around the 

I It also made me more capable 
: : :lect ig ipon American society 
ir.c :_.: ^~t 

[ n " >. teel that I must put forth a 
;re iter e:::rt to leam to speak 





foreign languages fluently. Every- 
where I went people spoke English, 
but I could not communicate with 
them in their native language. This 
experience was very frustrating- 1 
hope eventually to be fluent in 

French, Spanish and Japanese. 

My experiences in all four countries 
demonstrated the importance of an 
international approach in any career, 
particularly environmentalism, which 
is my interest. 

For my senior thesis I chose to do a 

paper : a - : : h . : e : Dire, specifically 
A. rem - Sir." -_r.are : in Mantua. Or 
course, for this reason Dr. James 
included Mantua in the May Term 
:r.p . '.-.?. i :. -re :r.e _ ...;::.; . hai 
spent an entire semester researching 
arid writing '-.-■:-: The day we went tc 
Mantua I was excited, to say the 
.- ■ - : . couldn't wait to see "my 
church ■'■'.-- when we finally arrived 
at &nt*Andtea» I couldn't believe my 
eyes? I could have stayed there all day. 
I just wandered through the interior 
■ : a-iin; •.: i.: :~ _ - :-.s - '.. :r. • :::■: 
experience to see so much hard work 
on a thesis come together. It was the 
.: :~g ~ trie : ike 

. :e_: I came rack — :m hah with a 
we aim :■: .<- rw.eige ir. a some of the 

greatest experiences of my life. I was 
weE prepared educationally for the trip 
through my courses at Mary Baldwin, 
but by being in the country, it was like 
my eyes were reopened. I guess you 
could say I have a new, even a 
stronger appreciation for Italian 
Renaissance art. A good way to say it 
— a passion for art! 

The greatest thing about the group 
that went to Italy is that none of us 
were close friends before the trip. We 
knew each other as acquaintances and 
that's about all. By the end of the 
trip, we had all become close. Study 
abroad gives a person the chance to 
have a great learning experience and 
to make friends. 












"If you ask many Americans to draw a loaf of bread, they 

will probably draw a Wonderbread-looking loaf with a plastic 
baggie and twist tie," says Dr. Anne McGovern, head of 
MBC's new Foreign Languages, Literatures 6k Cultures De- 
partment. She adds, "Now, if you ask any French person to 
draw a loaf of bread, they're going to draw a long, flatter, 
tube-shaped baguette. The same word — bread — conjures up 
a totally different image for a French person than it does for 
an American. To understand this difference, and not to judge 
it, is an attempt at cultural sensitivity and understanding." 

In developing the new department combining languages 
and anthropology, the major goal was to help students de- 
velop cultural proficiency. This consolidation of programs 
was featured in the education section of the Chronicle of 
Higher Education in August. 

"There are knowledge and skills that make you culturally 
proficient," says Dr. McGovern. "There are behaviors that 
are acceptable in certain situations in one culture, but not in 
another. If our students have the knowledge that different is 
OK, then they become more culturally proficient . . . When 

our students learn the skills to 
discern what is appropriate and how 
to react, then they become even 
more culturally proficient. Our main 
goal is for students to reach that 
level of sensitivity, understanding, 
knowledge and language skills." 
The idea for the department 
began with a discussion Dean of the 
College Dr. James Lott had with 

several MBC language 
professors. Following that 
lead, Dean Lott approached 
MBC's Assistant Professor of 
Anthropology and Spanish 
Dr. Carrie Douglass about 
combining the language and 
anthropology disciplines. 
Four majors are offered in 
the new Foreign Languages, 
Literatures & Cultures De- 
partment: Asian Studies, 
French, German and Span- 
ish. Students may also take 
courses in Japanese and Rus- 
sian. Courses in anthropol- 
ogy will be required for ma- 

"The merging of anthro- 
pology and languages was a 
logical step," says Dr. 
McGovern. "Anthropology 
is the study of culture and so 
is foreign language. There is 
a really dynamic relation- 
ship as each field affects the 
other. A willingness to put 
yourself in an uncomfortable 
situation and learn a new 
language is the greatest re- 
spect anyone could possibly 
show to another culture." 

"This is cutting edge 
stuff," says Dr. Douglass. 
"There is a national move- 
ment toward emphasizing 
cultural aspects in language 
studies. The American 
Council on the Teaching of 
Foreign Language is 
developing their national 
proficiency tests to measure 
cultural knowledge as well as 
language skills. We have a 
great opportunity to have a 
more coherent language 

Students majoring in 
Asian Studies, French, 
German or Spanish will have common 
experiences within the department. 
Each student will be required to study 
cultural anthropology and 
sociolinguistics. The senior seminar 
will be a mutual experience for majors, 
as each seminar will have a common 
theme, for example, "Women in the 
Workplace." A French major might 
present a paper on women working in 

France and an Asian Studies major 
might focus on women in an Asian 

Dr. McGovern says, "As we develop 
seminar themes and topics, our stu- 
dents will not only learn about the cul- 
ture of their target language, but they 
will learn about the cultures that their 
peers are studying. All majors will 
make progress reports and share their 
research about different cultures." 

There are 1 1 full-time faculty mem- 
bers in the Foreign Languages, Litera- 
tures and Cultures Department, includ- 
ing natives of Peru and Japan. Dr. Car- 
rie Douglass says, "Our students will 
learn other cultures through many ven- 
ues including classroom activities and 
watching SCOLA, direct TV from Eu- 
rope and other areas of the world. My 
students will watch the film series 
Destinos, a Spanish version of an 
American icon — the soap opera. Stu- 
dents enjoy keeping up with the char- 
acters, and at the same time they are 
learning aspects of Spanish culture." 

She says that the department will 
also take advantage of the Internet. 
"During our May Term class in Bul- 
garia, several of our students utilized 
the Internet to converse with native 
Spaniards," she reports. "They were 
ecstatic when people on the other end 
really understood what they were say- 

Dean Lott is excited about the possi- 
bilities of this new program He says, 
"This program and department are 
consistent with Mary Baldwin's com- 
mitment to international education. 
We see the real potential to develop 
this program as a model for other lib- 
eral arts colleges like MBC." 

Dr. McGovern agrees. "When our 
students study a language at MBC, they 
will better understand that language 
because they have studied the cultural 
contexts in which that language func- 
tions. They will in turn develop a 
meaningful understanding of that cul- 
ture and language. For example, they 
will not only speak French fluently, 
but they will know that French people 
aren't rude just because they don't al- 
ways smile in the same situations as 
Americans . . . Knowing when to think 
French loaf and when to think 
Wonderbread will help our students 
break bread in any culture." 


Spain's dilemma 


Douglass on 

hy Mary Beth Plant 

After centuries of association , it is 
hard to imagine Spain without thinking 
oj majestic fighting bulls , but few 
Americans understand how deeply 
divided the Spanish people are over this 
tradition . 

Dr. Carrie B. Douglass, assistant 
professor of anthropology and Spanish, 
has just completed The Horns of a 
Very Real Dilemma: Bulls and the 
Negotiation of Identity in Modern 
Spain, a book that attempts to explain 
the place of the bulls in Spanish culture 
and identity. 

In many ways, this book has been a 
life-long project for Dr. Douglass. A 
self-described Army brat, she lived all 
over the world as a child. Born in 
Panama, she started school in Japan and 
graduated from high school in Germany. 
"Home," she said, "was wherever the 
furniture was." 

After earning aB.A. from the 
University of Nebraska, she and a 
girlfriend made plans to travel through 
Europe. They started in Athens and got 
as far as Barcelona, where she fell in love 
with Spain; that was the end of the trip 
for Douglass . She spent the next eight 
years there. 

She met her future husband, Fernando 
Opere, while she was teaching English as a 
foreign language in Barcelona. It was 
in Spain that she first envisioned fier life's 
work. "J realised J Ioi'ed teaching," she said. 
"I realized the classroom is where I flower. " 
However, she also discovered that English 
was not what she wanted to teach. 

Douglass received her Ph.D in 
anthropology from the University of 
Virginia and joined the Mary Baldwin 
faculty in 1988. The following is an 
excerpt from the introduction to her book, 
which has beeri accepted for publication 
by the Symbolic Series of Arizona 
University Press: 


There are at least 16 different kinds of spectacles or 
games involving bulls in spain. only about 500 out of 
15,000 festivals held annually are the bullfights most 
Americans think of, the corridas. The rest include such 
activities as running bulls in the streets and clowns 
playing with bull calves. the collective name for all 
these bull games is los toros. 

Although most of the data for 
this analysis comes from intensive 
tieldwork done during the years 
1983-1986, it is important to add 
that I lived in Barcelona from 1970- 
1978. Those eight years witnessed 
the decline of the dictatorship, the 
death of General Franco, and the 
transition to democracy under the 
constitutional monarchy. Further- 
more, these were the years that 
citizens realized the extent to which 
the industrialization and urbaniza- 
tion of Spain had taken place: a new 
Spain was ready to be born. All of 
this I saw from the perspective of 
Catalonia, a prosperous, culturally 
distinct region located on the 
Periphery of Spain. Inevitably, my 
experiences and first-hand knowl- 
edge from that period have crept 
into this analysis of los toros.... 

What I found interesting about 

studying bullfights in Spain was that 
so many people showed irritation 
when I said I was studying them. I 
felt defensive and embarrassed to 
admit (in some conversations) that 
I was investigating such a tacky, 
"stereotypical" subject, as if I, 
single-handedly, were responsible 
for perpetuating myths about Spain, 
and thus, affecting the listener's life 
in a negative way. At the same time, 
in most of Spain, there is hardly a 
patron saint festival without the 
bulls, hardly a street without a bar 
decorated with a bullfight poster or 
bulls' horns, hardly a conversation 
without a bullfight expression. 
Moreover, for every Spaniard that 
threw up his arms in exasperation at 
the foreigner's interest in bullfights, 
another Spaniard assured me that 
the bull was the totem of Spain, 
that fiestas revolve around the bull, 
and that bullfights were a sublime 
art. "What is going on?" I asked . . . 

[The bulls] serve as a vehicle to 
talk about two historical Spanish 

debates about identity. The first is 
the place of "Spain" in Europe. This 
has to do with Modernity. For 
almost 200 years, many Spaniards 
have seen the presence of los toros 
in their country as symbolic of the 
obstacles to Spain's modernization, 
and thus, acceptance into the 
European community and world 
view. Los toros symbolize non- 
Europeaness, and must be rejected. 
"Only the tourists go to the bull- 
fight," say these Spaniards. 

The second debate concerns 
regional identity and the place of the 
various regions in the construction of 
the Spanish state. This debate has to 
do with Tradition. Although some 
regions view themselves as more 
"European" than others, the "cul- 
tures" also define and reify them- 
selves through their traditions. If 
they were all modern, they would all 
be the same. Tradition differentiates 
one culture from another. Thus, 
regions often identify with one 
taurine game and not another . . . 

Nevertheless, the bull is the 
thread that ties all the regions 
together. Rather than the animal, it 
is the games with bulls that change 
as one moves across the tapestry 
that is "Spain." Although some 
places in the south of France and 
Portugal also celebrate their fiestas 
with bulls, the debate over the toro 
bravo (wild bull) is the truly signifi- 
cant Spanish debate and thus can be 
said to signify "Spain." 

Spanish ambivalence is probably 
predicated on a perceived opposi- 
tion between modernity and tradi- 
tion, and the desire to have both. 
Does one have to give up a LCCC 
year old tradition (the bulls) to be 

"Take the bull away from here," 
says Spanish writer Antonio Gala, 
quoted by Douglass later in her book, 
"and ive'll see what is left. Will we rec- 
ognize ourselves without the passion of 
the pro and con of los toros. 7 " 


by Sarah O'Connor 

THE QUILTING PARTY', unidentified artist, probably 18544875. 

. . . when 1 heard that there were artists, I wished I could some time be one. 1} I could only make a rose bloom on 
paper, I thought I should be happy! or if I could at last succeed in drawing the outline oj winter-stripped boughs as I 
saw them against the sky, it seemed to me that I should be willing to spend years in trying. 

— Lucy Larcom, A New England Girlhood, 1889 


it the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk 
Art Center in Williamsburg, VA, the 
paintings of living Georgia artist Mattie 
Lou O'Kelley with their loving depic- 
tion of family and community life jostle 
for space with rare African-American 
dolls from the late 19th century. 

"I never tire of looking at our collec- 
tion," says Carolyn Weekley '67, direc- 
tor of the Folk Art Center. This is the 
oldest institution in the United States 
devoted exclusively to collecting, ex- 
hibiting and researching American folk 
art. Opened in 1957, the collection 

started with the 424 folk art objects do- 
nated to Colonial Williamsburg by 
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller. 

Wandering through the ma:e of 
rooms, visitors are immediately im- 
pressed with the variety and vitality of 
the collection: an early 19th century 
painting of a baby who has fallen asleep 
in a red high chair. His head lolls to 
one side and he smiles in his private 
milk dreams. A wooden carving of a 
blacksnake swallowing a mouse, fash- 
ioned by an unknown carver in the 
early 20th century. The mouse is half- 

way in, its eyes still open. A matching 
pair of whale teeth from the 19th cen- 
tury. One is engraved with the figure of 
Justice, the other of Liberty. "The 
Quilting Party," a painting done in the 
mid- 19th century by an unknown artist. 
A dog chases a cat, a white-haired man 
dandles an infant on his knee, a young 
man offers fruit to an attractive young 
woman, a couple hold hands secretly 
under the table. 

Individual personality and humor 
shine through this art in ways not often 
seen in classical art. We are told in one 


wall exhibit, "Playfulness is an essential 
element of being alive, and folk art pro- 
vides ample ways to express and share 
that aspect of human nature." 

What are some of the other functions 
of folk art, and what makes an object 
folk art? According to the museum bro- 
chure, "Folk art is the art of common 
people, done with un- 
common style." For 
Carolyn Weekley, 
there are two impor- 
tant criteria. First, folk 
art is generally created 
by people who have no 
formulaic training in 
art. Second, it is unin- 
hibited. "The artists 
don't feel any inhibi- 
tions in expressing 
themselves. They don't 
say, 'I can't paint like a Charles 
Wilson Peale, so I won't paint." 
The attitude is, 'I will paint 
regardless.'" Folk art is created 
for several purposes: decoration 
(a carving), to provide a his- 
torical record (a portrait), or 
for a practical purpose (a 
weather vane). 

Weekley 's interest in early 
American culture began in her 
childhood in Gloucester 
County, close to Williamsburg. 
That interest grew at Maty 
Baldwin College, where she 
majored in art and was known 
affectionately as "Stuffy-," a 
nickname bestowed by her fa- 
ther, who considered her "big 
stuff." After graduating in 
1967, she entered the distin- 
guished Winterthur Program, 
associated with the University 
of Delaware. There she re- 
ceived an M.A. in Early American 
Decorative Arts and Cultural History in 

In a career that has never wavered in 
its course, she started in 1971 as the ad- 
ministrator of the Museum of Southern 
Decorative Arts in Winston-Salem. 
NC. After a stint as curator at the Vir- 
ginia Museum of Fine Arts in Rich- 
mond, she was named the curator at the 
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art 
Center in 1979, and then in 1984 she 
became the director. Last year Weekley 

also took on the directorship of Bassett 
Hall, the former Williamsburg home of 
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller; and 
Carter's Grove, a 1 755 plantation 
owned by five generations of the 
Burwell family, located on the James 
River six miles southeast of 

LAMB STORE FIGURE. Unidentified artist, probably 


■K B-^ 


B5 la» 


CAROLS" WEEKLEY '67. director of the 
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center in 
Williamsburg, Va. 

As she moves about the museum 
pointing out one example of folk art 
after another, Carolyn Weekley 's enthu- 
siasm is contagious. "This one is to die 
for," she says of a squat jolly carving of a 
fiddler. "I have lots of favorites. When 
you're doing a lot of research on an art- 
ist, the tendency is for that person to 
become your favorite." 

She is currently studying the paint- 
ings of Edward Hicks (1780-1849). 
Hicks was raised by a Quaker foster 
family and later became a Quaker 

preacher and a carriage painter. His 
paintings were generally composed for 
his family and friends. During his life- 
time his reputation was confined to his 
hometown area of Bucks County, Penn- 

In order to understand more about 
how Hicks worked, Weekley is painting 
her own re- 
production of 
his most fa- 
mous painting 
"The Peace- 
able King- 
dom," which 
is in the 
museum's col- 
lection. "A lot 
of people 
don't under- 
stand what his 
mean. They 
are a very seri- 
ous statement 
about the rift 
between the 
Quakers in 
the early 19th 
century [when 
and evangeli- 
cal groups broke apart]. My work now is 
focused on the symbolism in these 
paintings. They are complex and very 

"To me art is one of the great resources 
of my life. 1 feel that it enriches the spiri- 
tual life and makes one more sane and 
sympathetic, more observant and under- 
standing, as well as being good for one's 

— Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, 
January 7, 1928. 

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, for whom 
the museum is named, began collecting 
folk art in the 1920s before it had been 
"discovered." Hers became the premier 
collection of folk art paintings at that 
time. One of the founders of the Mu- 
seum of Modern Art in New York, she 
saw an artistic relationship between 
folk art and what modern artists and 
sculptors were trving to achieve. 

In 1932 the Museum of Modern Art 
opened "American Folk Art: The Art 

MLYEHAHA. William B. Gleason, 


of the Common Man in America, 
1750-1900." The show contained 175 
pieces from Abby Aldrich's collection 
and traveled to six other sites. The first 
major exposition of its kind, it estab- 
lished folk art as an important part of 
American culture and stimulated inter- 
est in folk art across the country. Abby 
Aldrich donated her entire collection 
to Colonial Williamsburg in 1939, and 
her husband John D. Rockefeller, Jr. 
contributed the money to build the mu- 
seum. The Folk Art Center has contin- 
ued to add to its original collection 
through donations, auctions, contacts 
with family members of artists, dealers, 
and in some cases ongoing relationships 
with living artists. 

The museum, in coordination with 
Colonial Williamsburg, frequently orga- 
nizes material around themes that help 
people understand their own lives. "It is 
very important that we are located in 
Colonial Williamsburg," says Weekley. 
"We have the opportunity to make 
bridges intellectually between 18th 
century culture, which is very foreign to 
many people, and the present day." An 
exhibit opening in January 1996 will be 
titled "Redefining Family." It will exam- 
ine the way the family unit in the 18th 
century evolved into something very 
different in the 19th, something similar 
to what we know today. 

A special goal for Carolyn Weekley is 
to see the museum used more by chil- 
dren. "The material is accessible, excit- 
ing and dynamic for children. We don't 
have to try to get them interested; they 
are interested." The museum is explor- 
ing ways to train teachers to use the 
museum as part of their classrooms. 

"One of this nations greatest treasures 
is our rich and varied cultural heritage — a 
heritage forged from the ways and customs 
of the many different peoples who settled 
our land. This proud heritage has been pre- 
served and passed down throughout our 
history bji traditional artists and crafts 
people . Engraved in their artistic 
traditions , in their wood carvings , pottery 
and quilts, in their spirituals, fiddle tunes 
and tall tales , is the legacy of the American 

— Bess Lomax Hawes, director of the 

Folk Arts program of the National 

Endowment for the Arts. 

BABY IN RED CHAIR, unidentified artist, 


Touring the exhibit at the Folk Art 
Center raises many questions about the 
connections between folk art and craft, 
music and lore. Weekley is quick to tie 
them together. "There are so many 
things which were produced in the craft 
tradition that in their own time would 
just have been considered utilitarian 
objects and which we have decided 
have artistic merit and we have made 
them art, such as pottery or weather 

vanes." Pursuing the links between 
folk art and folk music, the Center re- 
cently held an exhibit of Blue Ridge 
musical instruments. In conjunction, 
they offered a workshop on the folk mu- 
sic tradition in which present-day in- 
strument makers and musicians partici- 

Making connections is a significant 
part of Carolyn Weekley's work and a 
significant part of what folk art is all 
about. Weekley builds bridges between 
the 18th century and the present, be- 
tween children and art, between folk- 
lore and folk art. Folk art provides con- 
nections between past generations and 
present, individuals and families, indi- 
viduals and community, the spiritual 
and the material.... between that which 
makes us different and that which binds 
us together. 

Quote on the wall as one leaves the 

"How much piecin a quilt's like livin' a 
life... The Lord sends us the pieces, but we 
can cut 'em out and put 'em together 
pretty much to suit ourselves, and there's a 
heap more in the cuttin out and the sewin 
than there is in the calico. The same sort o' 
things comes into all lives , jest as the 
Apostle says, There hath no trouble taken 
you but is common to all men." 

— Aunt Jane of Kentucky, ca. 1900 

PEACEABLE KINGDOM, EdwardHkks, 1832-1834. 


Jdiiss zfaldw 

ins ajeminary 

On two occasions in the 1930s, Charlotte Ranson Taylor, Class of 1892, spoke to the students of Mary Baldwin College, 
reminiscing about her days at Augusta Female Seminary and about her cousin Mary Julia Baldwin. What follows is an edited 
combination of her talks. They provide us with a charming word picture of Miss Baldwin, who was never photographed or 
painted. The original, handwritten texts are filed in the Mary Baldwin College archives, gifts of Mrs. Taylor's son Alfred. 

Cousin Mary Julia, as we called her, was 
a dear cousin of my father's. She and my 
grandmother were first cousins and she 
was a frequent visitor in our home from 
my childhood. She would drive up to 
Oakenwold in her carriage with her 
coachman, Uncle Ches. He would help 
her out and my father met and escorted 
her into the house. She would sit in the 
library and talk to father and mother of 

her girls, her problems, and her plans; 
and they talked of us and of our home 
life. She knew our names and showed 
interest in our games and pets. We felt 
she was a real friend. 

Miss Mary Julia Baldwin was born on 
October 4, 1829, in her home on South 
New Street, now torn down. Her 
parents died when she was quite young 
and her grandparents gave her love and 

care. She was an only child, retiring in 
disposition, with few intimates and 
always studious and a great reader. She 
was educated at Augusta Female 
Seminary under Reverend Rufus W. 
Bailey, its founder, and was an honor 
graduate. [In 1863], she was persuaded 
by Mr. [Joseph] Waddell to take over 
the presidency of AFS. Mr. Bailey had 
been followed by several other princi- 

Compiled by William C. Pollard, college archivist, 
in honor of the 100th anniversary of the renaming of the college for Mary Julia Baldwin 


pal> serving only a year or two and 

during the war the school was at a very 
low ebb. Miss Baldwin took over the 
school, with Miss Agnes McClung as 
head of the domestic department. She 
overcame all difficulties, borrowed 
equipment from her friends and neigh- 
bors, used all sorts of makeshifts for 
furniture, took the girls in [with] payment 
in food or fuel, and the school revived and 
has had unbroken success ever since. No 
one anticipated for Miss Baldwin the 
wonderful development of character and 
influence that was to be hers. 

I wonder if you can imagine her. Miss 
Baldwin was tall and well-proportioned; a 

Ella Claire Weimar 
succeeded Miss Baldwin as 
principal of the Seminary. 

commanding figure, a gracious presence. 
Her hair was smooth and shiny, and she 
wore it parted in the middle and drawn 
down over her ears into a low knot 
behind. Her dress was always black silk, 
[with] a close fitting basque with lace or 
linen collar; a full, long skirt; to the day of 
her death we think she wore hoop skirts. 
Her hands were soft and shapely; her 
skin was smooth. She never wore 
glasses, but carried a lorgnette that she 
used when looking closely at paper or 
book. Miss Baldwin was highly intellec- 
tual, with a wonderful keen insight into 
human nature; calm, full of strong faith 
and courage. 

I would like to make you girls see the 
Augusta Female Seminary as it was 
when I came here. When I was eight, 
Cousin Mary asked father to let me 
enter AFS. Two other girls were 
entering in the fall, Anne Cochran and 

Mile. Agatha Elisejacot, 

teacher of French , 


Martha Riddle, 

teacher of history, 


Riddle House is named for her. 

Fritz Hamer, 
director of the School 
ofUusic, 1873-1912 

Mattie Wayt. We were friends and 
comrades all through our years there. 
The first year we were taught by Miss 
May Brooke, a senior, I think. Cousin 
Mary advised with her as to our studies, 
heard us recite, and kept us from 
annoying the older girls. 

The next year we graduated into Miss 
Nannie Tate's room at the end of the 
back gallery. [Nannie Tate was the first 
full graduate of the seminary and served 
on the faculty for 50 years.] You went 
down a step into a long narrow room, 
with an aisle up the middle. Miss 
Nannie sat at the end of the room on a 
raised platform behind a low railing 
with her desk and her footstool on 
which we loved to sit when she helped 
with a hard example. Miss Baldwin was 

an almost daily visitor to that room. 
She knew us, what we were studying, 
and was pleased with our progress. It 
was a joy to us when our names were 
on the board tor perfect spelling for a 
certain number of days, or when we 
could work correctly on the board a 
problem or example. She always 
looked pleased. 

One year, I sat by the window that 
overlooked the kitchen entrance and 
watched the groceries being delivered 
and the wagons bringing supplies. We 
always knew when the girls were to 
have soup or cabbage by the odors 
wafted up to us. We never went to 
school without a clean Mother 
Hubbard apron on and the older girls 
and teachers wore shawls. They were 

Miss Baldwin's dogs, 
Beauty and Midget. 


gyles & 

Z; : r---c r =:V 

THE 1884-1885 

augusta female 
Seminary Catalogue 

• Pupils who do not take 
calisthenics are required to 
take exercise by walking every 
afternoon . . . any unladylike 
deportment on the streets will 
be reported to the principal. 

• No young lady is allowed to 

visit stores alone. 

• No pupil will be allowed to 
purchase any articles on credit 
without the express written 
permission of her parents. 

• Pupils are not allowed to 
receive calls on the Sabbath, 
especially from gentlemen. 

• Pupils are not permitted to 
have any correspondents 
except those whom the parents 

• Boarders are not allowed to 
spend the night out of the 

• Pupils are not allowed to 
carry ink to their chambers, 
except in non-spilling inkstands. 

needed, too, for the back gallery was 
open and the covered way up to Hill 
Top had latticed sides through which 
trie : li .vir.i r.ei'.i 

There was a long frame building of 
zlassr r.i- .-.: :r.t ' ~ : :r.e :err =;e 
below Hill Top. There, later, Miss 
Virginia 5:r;-i-er : _;:.: _Ar-ir- 
battles with us and taught us to love 
Horace- Miss [Martha] Riddle, with her 
charm and poise, filled us with a love of 
English history- Mrs. [Caroline] 
Crawford, a dear old lady, cousin of 
Miss Baldwin, taught us piano, and 
Miss [Helen] Fairchild had us all in 
chapel after two o'clock and tried 
vainly to teach us to sit correctly and 
write a flowing Spencerian style and to 
draw the beautiful squares and circles as 
she put the copy on the blackboard. Mr. 
[John] Murray taught us botany and 
astronomy and took us out at night to 
study the heavens. A splendid English 
teacher was Miss [Sarah] Wright- 1 
never hear Macbeth or King Lear 
mentioned that 1 don't see Miss Wright 
sitting in her eager animated way with 
her feet on the rungs of her chair, 
helping us to see the beauties of 
literature and poetry. Mademoiselle 
[Agatha] Jacot taught us French; we 
had Mr. [Fritz] Hamer for music; and so 
it goes. They were charmed, carefree 

I think Miss Baldwin was especially 
interested in her day pupils- She wanted 
every girl in Staunton and Augusta 
County to have a chance at an educa- 
tion. No one ever knew how many girls 
she helped nor how much of her money 
she used in educating poor girls. We 
knew her love and prayers followed us 
each day. 

Miss Baldwin was a faithful member 
of the First Presbyterian Church, a most 
generous contributor, and she required 
the girls to attend the column [forma- 
tion]. Their costume was a black suit 
and grey uniform hat and how the girls 
hated those costumes. It was amazing at 
what angles they could turn and twist 
those hats to make them individual- 
Miss Baldwin had a parrot that 
perched on the back of her chair, and 
the girls loved to teach it bad words! 
And a little black dog wearing a bell 

round his neck was her constant 
companion and our alarm clock? We 

' '.;: ;:.; ;;•::;•;;'/;:: Bill"."., in r : 

much, we did not often need him to 
warn us. 

[Miss Baldwin's] interest in missions 
led to the financial support from herself 

and girls :: :r.e : i.t _ :: ir. zr.i Ulnar. ::z .'l-r__rir r-;r„. :. ir. 
Brazil ini z'r.t Van ? ilVvir. Via. .1 ir. 
n --: Bier a - .- ." •."■ r .: i: i:: :e;:i 
and nurse, to make homes and to enter 
i-z-ir.ess. a_~. =v> zamir.g zr.e in. rrin: :: 
her character and influence. 

N arrea. ::r : miriraiiin- :: 
anuria. :r : "-- -.-.- an: r.aia- ■■■■ are a '■ 

Miss Baldwin's assistant 

and friend. McChaig Hal 

is manned m her honor. 

living person knew the limit of her 
charity and good deeds. No greater 
blessing has fallen to Staunton than her 
simple and beautiful life. 

Two years before her death, in 
recognition of her devoted service, the 
name of the school was changed from 
Augusta Female Seminary to Mary 
Baldwin Seminary, and [in 1901] a 
beautiful window was put in her 
memory in the chapel. [The Mary Julia 
Baldwin Memorial Window, a gift of 
the Alumnae Association, now hangs 
in the college's Martha S. Grafton 

Miss Baldwin died on July 1, 1897, 
able to be up with an active mind to 
the last- She died, but her work goes on. 
This college now stands as a great 
monument to her untiring energy, 
arduous labors, and devotion to her 
profession and to her Master's work. 


Campus News 


On August 22, J 995, the charter 
class of the Virginia Women's Insti- 
tute for Leadership arrived at Mary 
Baldwin. Their first challenge was to 
make their way through the battalions 
of reporters who were on campus to 
cover the event. Over 30 news teams 
showed up that first day. Eight 
satellite trucks broadcast directly from 
campus. Additional reporters covered 
the wilderness orientation, the first 
coeducational ROTC classes at VM1, 
and the first weeks of classes at Mary 
Baldwin . VWIL has been or will be 

featured on CNN, FOX, ABC and 
CBS news, "Good Morning 
America," the "Today Show," local 
television and radio stations through- 
out Virginia and Washington, DC, 
and on National Public Radio and 
German Public Radio. Print journal- 
ists came to campus from the New 
York Times, The Washington Post, 
U.S. News & World Report, Rolling 
Stone, the Village Voice and newspa- 
pers and wire services from through- 
out the region. 

The 42 students met the challenge 

with good humor and intelligence , 
quickly becoming media savvy. The 
morning after their arrival found them 
on a two-mile run up and down Mary 
Baldwin's hills. After that they set off 
for a four-day wilderness experience 
where they backpacked, kayaked, 
completed ropes courses, went rock 
climbing and rapelling, learned to read 
maps, and went caring. . . but the 
students are perfectly capable of 
telling it in their own words. Here are 
one student's thoughts about her first 
few days : 





Contributions to Mary Baldwin College 
July 1, 1994 - June 30, 1995 

Annual Report 

Contributions to Mary Baldwin Col l l: g ii 
J i iv 1, 199 4 - June 30, 199 5 

T \J ~7e at Mary Baldwin College understand fully that the whole 
f V is greater than the sum of its parts. Our college is an outstanding 
consolidation of many exciting programs: the Virginia Women's 
Institute for Leadership, the Master of Arts in Teaching Program, the 
Adult Degree Program, the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted, and, 
of course, our successful traditional program. 

This Annual Report is also a consolidation — of many generous 
donors: our alumnae, parents, friends, trustees, volunteers, faculty, staff, 
corporations and foundations. 

Our benefactors contributed over $ 2.4 million to the college during 
1994-95. For the second straight year the Annual Fund broke the 
$ 1 million mark, setting a new record at $ 1,138,000. 

Your gifts help us fulfill our mission of providing talented young 
people from all economic circumstances the opportunity to receive a solid 
liberal arts education. 

For your support, counsel, loyalty and generosity, Mary Baldwin 
College is deeply grateful. 


.Ui2 J- IcfsC* 

Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 


The Annual Fund is made up of thousands of contributions, large and small, which go toward the general operation of the college. Annual Fund contributions 
constitute more than half of all contributions made to the college each year. 

Institutional budget 

Tuition and Fees 

Annual Fund 

Room and Board 

Income Grams Pnor Campaigns 

Tuition and Fees s 10,850,958 54% 

Room and Board '4,458,270 22% 

Government Grants s l,574,176 8% 

Annual Fund 8 1, 138,169 6% 

Endowment Income s l,029,127 5% 

Grants s 951,148 5% 

Other s 87,702 .4% 

Prior Campaigns s 31,166 .2% 

Total Income s 20, 120,716 


Academic Instruction and Research ! 5, 828,436 30% 

Scholarships and Fellowships s 5, 147,009 27% 

Institutional Support s 3, 152, 112 16% 

Student Services s l,673,747 9% 

Operation and Maintenance of Plant 8 1, 446, 916 7% 

Staff Benefits s l, 107,366 6% 

Academic Support s 615,429 3% 

Public Services s 322,151 2% 

Total Expenditures s 19,293,166 

Public Services 

Services - Academic Instruction 

\^^^^^^~^ 3/^^^^^ and Research 

Staff Benefits 

Operation & 
of Plant 



Annual &und Giving Clubs 

Members of special giving clubs are the pillars of support for the 
Annual Fund. The names of those alumnae, parents and friends 
who are members of each giving club are listed in each section of 
the Annual Fund component of this report. 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

contributions of s 20,000 and up to the Annual Fund 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 
contributions of s 10,000 to 
s 19,999 to the Annual Fund 

The Hill Top Club 

contributions of s 5,000 to 
s 9,999 to the Annual Fund 

The Founders' Club 
contributions of s 2,500 to 
s 4,999 to the Annual Fund 

The President's Associates 
contributions of s 1,000 to 
s 2,499 to the Annual Fund 

The Ivy Circle 

contributions of s 500 to s 999 to 

the Annual Fund 

The Colonnade Club 
contributions of s 250 to s 499 to 
the Annual Fund 

The Columns 

contributions of s 100 to s 249 to 

the Annual Fund 

The Honor Roll 
contributions of s 25 to s 99 to 
the Annual Fund 

Annual $und 


x woo 5- Year Giving History 



1990-91 1991-92 1992-93 1993-94 1994-95 

Annual J^und^lwards 

Through these awards, we recognize our alumnae's enthusiastic 
support of Mary Baldwin College. The awards are presented each 
year and are named in honor of past presidents of Man- Baldwin 
College. A representative from each class accepts the award on 
behalf of her class during Founders' Day Convocation. 

We commend the following classes for their outstanding loyalty 
to the college. 

CLASS OF 1946 

Awarded to the class presenting the largest gift to the 1994-95 
Annual Fund, the Fraser Bowl was secured by the Class ot 1946. 
which contributed s 59,561 this year. 

CLASS OF 1947 

Awarded to the Class of 1947, the Lewis Platter recognizes the class 
with the largest increase over its previous year's gift. This year's 
recipient contributed s 17,583 more in 1994-95 than in 1993-94. 

Class of 1939 

The Jarman Cup is presented each year to the class that 
demonstrates the highest level of participation in the Annual Fund. 
In 1994-95, 60% of the class of 1939 participated. 

Class of 1993 

The Class of 1993 is awarded the Spencer Pitcher for attaining the 
highest percentage increase in participation from the 1993-94 to the 
1994-95 Annual Fund. This class increased its participation from 
9% to 20%, an increase of 122%. 




In Dollars Contributed 

In Percent Participation 

1946 - s 59,560 

1939 - 60% 

1947 - s 32,328 

1942 - 59% 

1966 - '31,897 

1945 - 57% 

1963 - s 28,387 

1933 - 55% 

1943 - s 28,220 

1951 - 54% 

1982 - s 24,925 

1948 - 53% 

1954 - ! 24,915 

1947 - 52% 

1942 - s 23,988 


1969 - $ 23,757 

1930 - 50% 

1967 - s 20,371 

1932 - 50% 

Tin Asm \i REPORT 


The members of the top giving clubs listed below are instrumental in 
allowing Man' Baldwin College to move forward in her mission of 
providing innovative, creative programs. The gifts of these donors 
continue the traditions of the people and places in whose honor these 
societies are named. Gifts of s 1,000 and up form a strong foundation tor 
the college and ensure the legacy of Dr. Rufas Bailey and Mary Julia 
Baldwin for future generations. 

The Rufiis W. Bailey Society: 
s 20,000 and up 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Clymer, Jr. 
Bertie Murphy Deming '46 
Golden Distribution Company 
Emily W. Hundley '47 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
William G. Pannill 
Pamela Stephens Rose '82 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society: 
UO.OOO - s 19,999 

Agnes Gray Duff '54 

Margaret Hunt Hill '37 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 

Caroline Murphy Keller '42 

Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 

Yoko Sakae 

Mr. & Mrs. Tern' Turner 

The Hill Top Club: 

5 5,000 - s 9,999 

Elizabeth Richardson Bane '27 (D) 

Sara "Sally" Armstrong Binglev '60 

Elia Durr Buck '50 

Julie Mays Cannell 70 

Nancy A. Crim 

Ouida Caldwell Davis '51 

Bern- Beasley Fiedler '49 

The Garl & Gray Foundation 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp "63 

Nancy Rowe Hull '64 

Mr. 6c Mrs. Charles S. Luck HI 

Mr. 6c Mrs. P. William Moore, Jr. 

M. Elizabeth Preddy '67 

M$%cMrs. William O. Reuther 

Dorothy Cleveland Robb "44 

Mr. & Mrs. R. R. Smith 

Tandy Corporation 

Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 

Alice Jones Thompson '40 

Harriette Clarke Thome '47 

Jane Townes '69 

Sally Cheney Walker '40 

The Founders' Club: 
s 2,500 - s 4,999 
Claire Lewis Arnold '69 
Martha Bamett Beal '53 
Charlotte Jackson Bern' '51 
Gladys S. Boester 
Peggy- Anderson Carr '67 
Coca-Cola Company 
Estate of Fannie R. Cooke 
Elizabeth 13. J." Felton de 

Gohan '79 
Paula Rupe Dennard '48 
Robert S. Doenges 
Gail McMichael Drew '65 
Katherine Dyer Dudley '36 
Walter E. Eckel 
Mary Rutherfoord Mercer 

Ferguson '63 
Martha Higgins Fishburne '48 
Mr. 6c Mrs. Gordon L. Hammock 
Carolyn Gilmer Hislev '60 
Rozalia Cruise Hogg '78 
Sanford Jones McAllister '80 
Louise Rossett McNamee '70 
Jean T. Moore 
New York Marine & 

General Insurance 
Margaret Pollard Rea '46 
Barbara Kniselv Roberts '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Teresita Zapata Trigo '88 
Cecile Mears Turner '46 
Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 
Harriett Middleton Waldrop '4S 

The President's Associates: 
s l,000 - s 2,499 

Alhed Signal Foundation, Inc. 
Bern' Wilcox Armstrong '41 
Gordon E. Arnold 
Mark Atchison 

Augusta Hospital Corporation 
Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 
Barclays Bank Foundation 
Beverly Estes Bates '64 
Mildred Proffit Batson '43 
Becton Dickinson Foundation 
Bell Atlantic 
J. Edward Betts 
Ann Cooke Britt '58 
Sarah Lovingston Brown '63 
Jo O'Neal Brueggeman '80 
Gay Gilmore Butler '67 
Susan Wartield Caples '60 
Margaret Gignilliat Carswell '53 
George Ann Brown Carter '47 
Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 
Eloise Clyde Chandler '77 
Frances Hafer Chiles '55 
Mr. &Mrs. Calvin N. Clyde, Jr. 
Jacqueline Edwards Cohen '50 
Estate of Charles F. Cole 
Janet Haddrell Connors '65 
Angela Blose Corlev '67 
Kelly Andrews Coselli '85 
Phyllis L. Cothran 
Sharon P. Creekmore 
Marian Hollingsworth Cusac '54 
Jean McArthur Davis '45 (D) 
Ann Bowman Dav '74 
Constance Headapohl 
De Berardinis '54 
Susan Parker Drean '83 
Nancy Mayer Dunbar '60 
Maiy Ellen Killinger Durham '66 
Dean S. Edmonds Foundation 
Lynn Dinger Edmonds '86 
Sydney Turner Elsass '68 
Beatrice Ware Evans '43 
Mr. & Mrs. Edmund B. Fitzgerald 
Virginia Hayes Forrest '40 
Lee Johnston Foster '75 

Nancy Guthrie Garrett 
General Reinsurance Corporation 
Elaine Rabe Giese '70 
Patricia Andrew Goodson '51 
Gordon M. Grant 
Judith Pavne Grev '65 
Helen K. Groves 
Nancy Howe Guild '46 
Mr. 6c Mrs. Thomas Halligan 
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Hamilton IV 
Linda Dolly Hammack '62 
Louise Wilson Hanna '39 
Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 
Cynthia Luck Haw '79 
Karen Emmet Hunt '80 
Nancy McWhorter Hurlev "42 
Mr. & Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt 
Kathryn Else Johnson '47 
Meredith Jones Johnson '43 

Johnson & Johnson 
Sarah Maupin Jones '39 
Dr. Sheila Kendrick '84 
Gail McLennan King '69 
Ralph W. Kittle 
Randall J. Kniselv. Jr. 
Kuehn Foundation 
Tance Anderson Laughon '83 

Marsha Evans Lawrence 

Paula R. Lea 

Margaret Livingston '69 

Nancy Daniel Mahaffey '62 

Jean Baum Mair '40 

Mr. cc Mrs. Frank C. Martin, Jr. 

Elizabeth Newman Mason '69 

Ethelyn Jones Maxwell '40 

The J. N. McArthur Foundation 

Anne McCormack '83 

Margaret McGeorge '75 

Mr. 6c Mrs. William T. Mclntyre, Jr. 

Nancy Clark McLennan '41 

Dr. Margaret McNeese '67 

Mary Nell McPherson '79 

Dr. Patricia Hobert Menk 

Jane Miller '76 

Dorothy Baughan Moore '40 

Grace Branch Moore '68 

Susie Morris '90 

Alan' Hornbarger Mustoe '55 


Reid Strickland Nottingham '56 

Eliza Kraft Olander '75 

Martha Anne "Mopsv" Pool Page '48 

Lt. Colonel Melissa Patrick '78 

Gale Palmer Penn '63 

Mr. 6c Mrs. Bernard V. Peto 

Sarah Johnson Pitt '82 
Adele Jeffords Pope '65 
Mr. cc Mrs. Peter E. S. Pover 
Carol "Cappy" Paul Powell 78 
.Andrew W. Prescott 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 
Julia Pancake Rankin '45 
Mr. 6c Mrs. Michael J. Rapier 
Margaret Thorn Rawls '69 
Mr. ccMrs. H. B. Roberts, Jr. 
Dr. Sue Ellen Buder Rocovich '67 
Mr. 6c Mrs. Charles Rotgin.Jr. 
Margaret Bn-ant Rust 73 
Rust Foundation 
Pamelia Bird Sanderlin 73 
Martha Godwin Saunders '48 
Schnabel Foundation Company 
Mr. cc Mrs. Harry V. Schnabel, Jr. 
Second Presbyterian Church 

SeniceM aster 
Carol Stewart Shaw '65 
Shenandoah's Pride Dam- 
Mr. 6c Mrs. Charles H. Shuford, Jr. 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Mary Reed Smvth '47 
Ann Dowdell Stauss '45 
Mr. 6c Mrs. A. P. Stover 
Susan Stover '85 
William L. Sudderth 
Man - Elizabeth Swope '66 
Jane Smith Sydnor '65 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor '48 
Cathy Turner Temple '68 
Susan Thompson Timmons '64 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tvson 
Mr. 6c Mrs. Walter M. Vannoy, Jr. 
Suzanne Woodfin Villani '85 
Deborah Dull Walker 75 
Susan Walker 78 
Florence Daniel Wellons '60 
Charlotte R. Wenger '83 
Wenger Foundation 
Consuelo Slaughter Wenger '18 (D) 
Valerie Wenger '81 
Captain 6c Mrs. O. C. B. Wev 
Betsy Bert}' Williamson '48 
Dr. Heather Wilson 
Margaret McRae Wilson '68 
Florence Jeffrey Wingo '40 
Watson W. Wise Foundation 
Man- Cronin Wolfe '39 
Man- McRae Young '64 

(D) deceased 

The Annual Report 5 

Centennial Society 

The 1994-95 year marked the 100th anniversary of the naming of' Augusta 
Female Seminary for Mary Julia Baldwin. The Centennial Society was 
created to honor Miss Baldwin, and to celebrate her status as our first 
philanthropist. Man' Julia Baldwin left her entire estate to Mary Baldwin 
College, thereby forming our first endowment fund. Members of the 
Centennial Society are recognized for giving a gift increased by s 100 or a 
first-time gift of ! 100 to the 1994-95 Annual Fund. 

Byrd Williams Abbott '64 

Margaret Williams Adams '42 

Vickie Reynolds Akelman 76 

Terry Alexander '63 

Mary Stuart Copeland Alfano '84 

Terry Huffman Allaun 75 

Janie McShan Allgood 76 

Allied Signal Foundation, Inc. 

Billie Joseph Ameen '46 

American Forest & Paper Association 

American Tobacco Company 

Ameritech Foundation 

Mary Mitchell Amos '81 

Mary Gillespie Amos '65 

Carmen Hayes Anderson '45 

Katherine Jackson Anderson '80 

Pamela Leigh Anderson '84 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Stafford E. Andrews 

Betty Wilcox Armstrong '41 

Gordon E. Arnold 

Margaret Ashmore '93 

Mark L. Atchison 

Guy G. Atkinson Company 

of California 
Ann Atwell '42 

Augusta Hospital Corporation 
Anne Munn Bailey 75 
Barbara Reid Bailey '61 
Sylvia Baldwin 76 
Elizabeth Richardson Bane '27 (D) 
Susan Tucker Barfield '80 
Patsy Lewis Barr 
David Paul Barra 
Pamela Shell Baskervill 75 
Mr. &. Mrs. Rex H. Bassett 
Mildred Proffit Batson '43 
Martha Barnett Beal '53 
Becton Dickinson Foundation 
Janice Gregory Belcher '58 
Courtney Bell '89 
Bell Atlantic 

Sallie Belle Whitener Benedetti '61 
Jean McCauley Bennett '65 
Anne Faw Bernard '50 
Martha Booth Bernhardt '53 
Warren R. Betts 

Sara Armstrong Bingley '60 

Penelope Patrick Biskey 72 

George P. Blackburn, Jr. 

Mrs. Mildred C. Bloxom 

Judith Stovall Boland 74 

Janet Whitney Bowyer '46 

Cary Bryan Boyd '45 

Mackay Morris Boyer '87 

Jane Heywood Boylin '64 

Page Howard Bradham '32 

Peggy Black Braecklein '48 

Betty Crews Brandon '43 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Coleman Branton 

Julie Brenner '92 

Martha Caplinger Brinkley '59 

Nancy Greever Brooks 73 

Eleanore Eckel Brough '65 

Mary Blasser Brown '88 

Sarah Livingston Brown '63 

Jo O'Neal Brueggeman '80 

Elizabeth Blount Brundick '52 

Dale Peters Bryant '41 

Elia Durr Buck '50 

Susan Hazelwood Buffington 76 

Julia Scarborough Burgess '53 

Ludmila Bratina Burns '66 

Dawn Tusing Burris '85 

Margaret Silver Burton '81 

Gay Gilmore Butler '67 

Mr. &Mrs. William T. Butler, Jr. 

Joyce Craig Butterworth '46 

Mary Buvinger '68 

W. Bruce & Kathleen Kenig Byford 'l 

Eleanor Cahill '56 

Victoria Calhoun '83 

Leslie Ferrier Campbell '89 

Carolyn Carleton Campsey 70 

Julie Mays Cannell 70 

Susan Warfield Caples '60 

Florence Breunig Carroll '61 

Margaret Gignilliat Carswell '53 

George Brown Carter '47 

Kathleen Hand Carter '58 

Elizabeth Walker Cate '65 

Patsy Clyde Chandler 77 

Martha Kline Chaplin '51 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman '68 

Avril Laughlin Chase '66 

Frances Hafer Chiles '55 

Laura O'Hear Church '82 

Francine M. Cimino 

Ann Price Clark '61 

Rev. & Mrs. Robert N. Clark 

Dr. &Mrs. T. R.Clark 

Jean Gould Clarke '34 

Dr. 8c Mrs. Richard M. Clary 

Heidi Goeltz Clemmer 78 

Sara Ralston Clowser '27 

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin N. Clyde, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Clymer, Jr. 

Virginia Chapman Cobb '65 

Coca-Cola Company 

J. Wright Cochrane '63 

Katherine Pierson Colden '80 

Isabel Foster Cole '45 

Wade Walker Coleman 75 

Martha Smith Collett '84 

Janice Jones Collins '65 

Marie Hayward Collins '59 

Susan Conaty-Buck 

Betty Austin Conner '65 

Mary Wray Conner '81 

Harriett Harrington Connolly '43 

Janet Haddrell Connors '65 

Jean Smith Cook '42 

Anne Cooke '67 

Kelly Andrews Coselli '85 

H. Brehm Cottman '33 

Mary Carpenter Gould Coulbourn '63 

Susan Green Coulter 75 

Marjorie Moore Council '46 

Jeanne West Covington '50 

Mary Wilson Covington '83 

Julie Ellsworth Cox '86 

Dr. Dane J. Cox 

Virginia Alexander Crane '66 

Judith Wells Creasy '68 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Robert A. Creed 

Mary Watters Cresswell '31 

Crestar Financial Corporation 

Mary Crittenden Crittenden '62 

Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Crockett, Sr. 

Elizabeth Burton Crusel '61 

Nancy Locke Curlee 75 

Marian Hollingsworth Cusac '54 

Jane Pugh Cuspilish '42 

Dr. Garfield W. Danenhower 

Susan Hamner Daoust 75 

Ann Bowman Day 74 

Elizabeth "B. J." Felton de Golian 79 

Nancy Williams Deacon '58 

Ellen Gaw Dean '68 

Anne Dixon Decker '55 

Paula Rupe Dennard '48 

Cammy Edel Dennis '82 

Ann Calhoun Dent 77 

Lynn Des Prez 70 

Mr. 8c Mrs. J. H. Dejarnette 

Jaquelin H. Dejarnette 

Sandy Pheris DeWald '60 

Marguerite Rutherford Dickerson '27 

Esther Ames Dittamo '86 

Anne Nimmo Dixon '64 

Robert S. Doenges 

Winton Mather Doherty '67 

Anna Greenland Dortch '41 

Katherine Early Dougherty '65 

Carol Ann Douglas 

Elizabeth Bruni Downey 77 

Susan Parker Drean '83 

Gail McMichael Drew '65 

Letia McDaniel Drewry 78 

Laura Clausen Drum '56 

Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 

Page Grey Dudley '56 

Agnes Gray Duff '54 

Suzanne Stirling Duffey '59 

Dun 8c Bradstreet Corp. Foundation 

Lelia Dunlap '41 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Arthur J. DuLac 

Sharon S. Dyess 

The DLJ Foundation 

Erline Griffin Eason '52 

Elizabeth Gwaltney Edwards '90 

Kathleen Edwards 

Thelma S. Eiland 

Carolyn Duke Elkins '82 

Cecelia Flow EUer-Collins '61 

Kelly Huffman Ellis '80 

Langhorne Amonette Ellis 77 

Susan English '82 

Nancy Eskridge '39 

Susan Heltzel Estes 70 

Beatrice Ware Evans '43 

Eleanor Starke Evans '61 

Anna Caperton Everhart '39 

Marianne Kostal Fadden 75 

Kathleen Myers Faust '67 

Katherine Fauster '84 

Dr. Martin A. Favata 

Mary Rutherfoord Mercer Ferguson '63 

First Union Foundation 

Martha Higgins Fishburne '48 

Evelyn Wells Fisher 77 

Dana Flanders '82 

Virginia Masters Fleishman 72 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Daniel F. Flowers 

Laura Foley '82 

Pearl Epling Forsey '42 

Lee Johnston Foster 75 

Elaine Henderson Fowler 72 

I'm Annual Report 

Mary Gochenour Fowlkes '50 
Susanne Eve Fowlkes '64 
June Early Fraim '65 
Rosemerry McClintock Franks 71 
Harriet Murphy Frazier '63 
Felicia Candler Freed '57 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce G. Freeland 
Leslie Freeman '70 
Margaret Durant Fried '69 
Betty Berger Fulgham '51 
Mary Mudd Galvez 73 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Michael L. Garrett 
Nancy Guthrie Garrett 
Frances Garvey '81 
Aladino A. Gavazzi 
General Reinsurance Corporation 
Glenda Norris George '66 
The Gerber Companies Foundation 
Candace Snodgrass Gessner 70 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Parvin Ray Gibbs 
Elaine Rabe Giese 70 
Kathleen Healy Gillen '86 
Man - Gardner Glen '36 
Kimberly Baker Glenn 79 
Judith Godwin '52 
Brenda Nichol Goings 71 
Golden Distributing Company 
Thelma Riddle Golighdy '40 
Ann Meriwether Goodson '45 
Alice Tolley Goodwin '66 
Barbara Lemmond Graham '40 
Malvine Paxton Graham '41 
Jean Grainger Grainger 70 
Pamela Burnside Gray '48 
The Garland Gray Foundation 
Cornelia Adair Green '46 
Louise Jackson Green '43 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Edward E. Greene 
Raymond W. Greenwood, Jr. 
Maydwelle Mason Grimsley '43 
Susan Dozier Grotz '56 
Margaret McLaughlin Grove '52 
Margaret Troutman Grover '84 
Sally Minsker Groves 75 
Kathleen Chupak Guerino 79 
Olivia Rogers Guggenheim '61 
Nancy Howe Guild '46 
Pattie Norton Gunter '85 
Jo Ann Martin Gustafson 70 
Lillian Richardson Hall '48 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Thomas Halligan 
Mary Graves Knowles Hamilton '47 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Alexander Hamilton IV 
Dr. Bruce N. Hamilton 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Gordon L. Hammock 
Patricia Bilbo Hamp '66 
Sharon Hanger '85 
Louise Wilson Hanna '39 
Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 
Deborah Hardie '84 
Ellen Lutz Hardin 75 
Heline Cortez Harrison '48 
Ann Ratcliffe Harrover '58 
Susannah Smith Hartley '55 

E.W.Harvey, Jr. 
Cynthia Luck Haw 79 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins '63 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Charles M. Hawn 
Ann Hayes '81 
Sara Heffernan '91 
Roberta Gill Hefler '63 
Florence Wimberly Hellinger '52 
Judy Shannon Hellman '64 
Marcia McDonald Helms 72 
Mrs. Floylee Hunter Hemphill 
Gwynn McNaught Henderson '66 
Nancy Wallace Henderson '36 
Rosemary Harris Henderson '66 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Roy Henderson 
Susan Jones Hendricks 78 
Susan Vaughan Henry '68 
Bertie Herbert 77 
Gayle Heron '45 
Mr. 8c Mrs. A. R. Heyward III 
Elizabeth Higginbotham 70 
Margaret Hunt Hill '37 
Mr. &Mrs. R. V. Hillyer 
Sharon Ellis Hinnant 70 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 
Mary Lewis Hix '65 
Wylyn Letson Hodnett '67 
Zoe Kerbey Holmes 70 
Madge Hooker '82 
Olive R. Hough 
Mary Lyles Houston '43 
Jean Dittmar Hubertus 72 
Elizabeth Banner Hudgins '39 
Patricia Coffey Huffsteder 75 
Nancy Rowe Hull '64 
Emily Hundley '47 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
The Rev. Patricia Hunt 
Nancy McWhorter Hurley '42 
Beverly Grear Hurt '61 
Karen Hurt 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Jack R. Hutchins 
Onza E. Hyatt 
Patricia Simpson Hylton 
Claudette Hurtt Hyman 75 
Linda Grinds Irby 72 
Dr. Mary Downing Irving 
Mary Moorman Ismail '84 
Margaret Chapman Jackson '80 
Mrs. Leon W. Jackson 
Kate Scott Jacob '50 
Patricia Hoshall Jacoway '51 
Marjorie Mowl Jago '56 
Nancy Broyles James '81 
Mettie Goodwin Jaynes '57 
Mary Letha Warren Jelinek 79 
Martha Booth Jennison 70 
Eleanor Johnson '41 
Mary Burton Johnson 73 
Meredith Jones Johnson '43 
Wallace Johnson '63 
Johnson 8c Johnson 
Cynthia Johnston 75 

Judith Jones '83 

Marietta Barnes Jones '51 

A. Talbott Jordan 72 

Anne Paul Josey '82 

Dorothy Chapman Josey 74 

Barbara Hanna Joyner '67 

Connie Bourne Jung '80 

Carol Gibson Kanner '65 

Laurie Jones Kapfer 75 

Nicholas S. Karacsony 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 

Suzanne Kelly 

The Rev. Michael H. Kennedy 

Anne Gard Kinzie '45 

Lee Beal Kirksey '84 

Ralph W.Kitde 

Erah Hatten Kliewer '45 

Man- Wagner Knott '48 

Deborah Jobe Koehler 73 

Gretchen Drenkard Koontz '87 

Jane G. Komegay '83 

Ivy Koster '67 

James N. Krauter 

Marjorie Carter Lacy '43 

Paula Stephens Lambert '65 

Ann Brown Lammers '52 

Julia Price Lanier '65 

Alene Brewster Larner '32 

Carl Larsen 

Dorothy Heep Larson '45 

William Lasley, Jr. 

Marsha Evans Lawrence 

Mildred Farquharson Lawson 73 

Paula R. Lea 

Nora Leary '69 

Constance Atkins Lewallen 72 

Virginia Gilliam Lewis '44 

Wendy Coleman LeGardeur '61 

Colonel Billy W. Libby 

Liberty Corporation Foundation 

Katherine Lichtenberg 

Louise McLean Lightner '45 

Lilly Industries, Inc. 

Rebecca Linger '81 

Virginia Guthrie Linscott '47 

Thomas J. Lipton Foundation 

Robert Bruce Livy 

Jeanne Dubois Loar '49 

Lisa Spangler Locher '82 

Marian Gordin Lord '65 

Winifred Love '35 

Iva Zeiler Lucas '62 

Anne Troxell Luck '63 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Charles S. Luck III 

Lelia Lyde 72 

Ann Macdonald'48 

Mary Macdonald 70 

GaryW. Mackey 

Nancy Daniel Mahaffey '62 

Elizabeth Malone '56 

Mary Ann Appleby Marchio '64 

Ruth Mowery Marler '24 

Joan Stanley Maroulis '63 

N. Lynn Martenstein 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Frank C. Martin, Jr. 
Barbara Browne Martindale '40 
Louise Vandiviere Mashburn '42 
Evelvn Engleman Mathews '42 
Alice Wilson Madock '47 
Betty Choate Matthews '51 
Ethelvn Jones Maxwell '40 
Virginia Hesdorffer Maxwell '63 
Mary Mattox McAllister 77 
Sanford Jones McAllister '80 
Helton McAndrew '32 
Helen Smith McCallum '59 
Anne McCormack '83 
Anne Fray McCormick '60 
Gabrielle Gelzer McCree '83 
Melissa Rhodes McCue 77 
Mar>- McCallum McDonnell '64 
Mary Aldredge McEnrire '45 
Margaret McGeorge 75 
Mr. 8c Mrs. William T. Mclntyre Jr. 
Martha McGraw McKaughn '83 
Kathryn Johnson McKinnie '65 
Nancy Clark McLennan '41 
Mar)' Tompkins McManus '45 
Mary Pleasants McManus '83 
Louise Rossert McNamee 70 
Dr. Margaret McNeese '67 
Mary Nell McPherson 79 
Anna Gilkeson Meanley '39 
Nancy Meek 78 
Ann Kennedy Melton '57 
Merck & Company, Incorporated 
Lynda Harrison Meredith '80 
Sally Smith Metzger '45 
Charlotte Tyson Mewbom '65 
Edith James Mickley '49 
Melinda Middleton '82 
Catherine Midelburg '36 
Barbara Cordon Miescher '50 
Betty Johnston Miller 79 
Jane Miller 76 
Kimberly Henley Miller '82 
Jerry Fulton Mink 75 
Georgianne Miller Mitchell '83 
Jean Griffith Mitchell '45 
Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 
Mary Mizell 78 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Percy Montague III 
Helen McCuen Moody '68 
Dorothy Baughan Moore '40 
Grace Branch Moore '68 
Jean Young Moore '39 
Elizabeth Matthews Morgan '65 
Susie Morris '90 
Dorothy Mulberry 
Nancy Falkenberg Muller '67 
Melissa Kimes Mullgardr '63 
Donna Deitz Mumbv 73 
Laura Croom Murray 70 
Mary Hornbarger Mustoe '55 
Susan Myers 72 
Mr. 8c Mrs. R. Edward Nance 
Nationwide Foundation 
Louise Plage Neilon '45 

The Annual Report 

Elizabeth Bender Nelson '91 

Hazel Astin Nelson '39 

Sheri Powell Neuhofer '89 

New York Life Foundation 

New York Marine & General Insurance 

Newport News Shipbuilding 

Linda Fogle Newsom '80 

Jacqueline Nicholas '89 

Carla Rucker Nix '57 

Minta McDiarmid Nixon '63 

Meryl Richardson Nolan '60 

Jeannette Norfleet '68 

Mr. 8c Mrs. T. V. Northcott 

Northwestern Mutual Life 

Insurance Company 
Reid Strickland Nottingham '56 
Katherine Hull Nowell 74 
NYNEX Corporation 
Nancy Higgins O'Malley 75 
Lois Siegfried Oglesby 73 
Eliza Kraft Olander 75 
Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Opie. Jr. 
Tia Tilman Owen '90 
Mr. Sc Mrs. A. Dow Owens 
Frances Ruckman Oxner '28 
Mildred Willis Paden 72 
Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page '48 
Alice Parson Paine '46 
Mary Murrin Painter 71 
Susan Palmer '67 
Mary Pardue 71 
Parents Council 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Herbert W. Parker 
Susan Rogers Parks 72 
Barbara Paschall '82 
Lt. Colonel Melissa Patrick 78 
Martha Howard Patten '68 
Lenore Patterson-Ball '88 
Nancy McMullan Pauley '58 
Sarah Cabell Pavey '45 
Sally Heltzel Pearsall '62 
Faye Smith Peck '58 
Agnes Junkin Peery'31 
Jill Butler Pendleton 72 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Charles Penick, Jr. 
Emily Troxell Pepper '62 
Mary Smith Perry '63 
Nancy Roycroft Perry '45 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Bernard V. Peto 
Almeyda Spratley Peyton '40 
Philip Morris, U.S.A. 
Belinda Norden Pitman '84 
Sarah Johnson Pitt '82 
Suzanne King Plati 73 
Elizabeth Plowman '58 
Nancy Curdts Pollard '52 
Adele Jeffords Pope '65 
Grace Brauer Potter '46 
Peter E. S. Pover 
Gordon Brooks Powell, Jr. 
M. Elizabeth Preddy '67 
Andrew W. Prescott 
Dr. 8c Mrs. Herman Preseren 
Anna Dunson Pressly '69 

Mollie Moomau Prominski 78 
Dale Adams Prosch 72 
Provident Life 8c Accident 

Insurance Company 
Jane Proffit Pruett '46 
Mary Barns Pruitt '55 
Jeanne Britt Purdom '45 
Margaret Fultz Raddin '68 
Sabrina Rakes '94 
Julia Pancake Rankin '45 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Rapier 
foyce Vcker Ratliff'52 
Louise Ravenel '40 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Anthony B. Ray 
Margaret Pollard Rea '46 
Ena Taylor Reed '42 
Mr. 8c Mrs. William O. Reuther 
Jane Shiflet Rexrode '60 
Margaret Miller Reynolds '46 
Celeste Rhodes 
Ann Gilmer Richardson 71 
Anne Stuart Richardson '52 
Mary Gray Richardson '52 
Diane Alexis Ritfelmacher '57 
Sandra McQuarrie Rigby '69 
Vicky Hill Rimstidt '60 
Margaret Herbert Roach '82 
Dorothy Cleveland Robb '44 

Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 
RF&P Railroad Company 
Yoko Sakae 
William G. Salmon 
Pamelia Bird Sanderlin 73 
Ann Humphrey Sanders '67 
Sands Foundation 
Nora Wiseman Sargent '68 
David Satterfield IV 
Spencer Jester Savage 71 
Lindsay Mitchell Scarisbrick '86 
Tracy Brickncr Schloss '87 
Betty Garrett Schmidt '54 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Harry V. Schnabel, Jr. 
Schnabel Foundation Company 
Patricia Tibbals Schnack '53 
Lora Schneider '85 
Kimberley Dawson Schold '86 
Caroline Schooley '69 
Laura Johnson Schultz 75 
Mary Gibson Scott '83 
Second Presbyterian Church 
Dianne Sellers 70 
Julio C. Shaik 
Jane Shaler '36 
Mary Jo Shilling Shannon '53 
Carol Stewart Shaw '65 

16-year-old PEG student Jennifer Snyder 
was named a 1995 
national Truman 
Scholar. She is the 
youngest student 
ever to win the 
s 30,000 

Barbara Knisely Roberts 73 
Julene Reese Roberts '65 
Mr. 8c Mrs. H. B. Roberts, Jr. 
Mary Colonna Robertson '56 
Peggy Nash Rolfes '45 
Nancy Nettleton Rood '45 
Raquel Fajardo Ross '36 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Charles Rotgin,Jr 
Emma Martin Rouse '65 
Lillian Rudeseal 
Susan K. Rudolph 
Jean Browne Rumsey '42 
Florence Jones Rutherford 75 

Sara Frances Ferrell Shay '40 
Mr. 8c Mrs. William Shearer, Jr. 
Marian Shiflet-O'Brien '80 
Catherine Gephart Shook 77 
Elizabeth Jennings Shupe 70 
Signet Bank 

Alice Gilkeson Simpkins '37 
Jane Starke Sims '68 
Mildred Hudson Small '42 
Dr. Katherine Smallwood 75 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Amelia Smith 73 
Anne Sims Smith '45 

Katherine Moffett Smith '39 

Ora Smith '83 

Mr. & Mrs. R. R. Smith 

Mr. 8c Mrs. William E. Smith 

Mary Reed Smyth '47 

Katherine Martin Snider '68 

Mary Temple Somerville 74 

Carol Wornom Sorensen '61 

Charlotte Tilley Sorrell '46 

E. Webster Southall '50 

Nancy Switzer Sowers '57 

Dr. Lois Lundie Spence '68 

Ann Spencer 

Esther Proffit Spessard '39 

Patricia Sphar '58 

Lelia Hanger Spillman '20 

Ann Davis Spider '69 

Sprint Foundation 

Mrs. William W. Sproul, Jr. 

Julie Sprunt '45 

Janet Russell Steelman '52 

Langhorne McCarthy Stinnette '80 

Elizabeth Engle Stoddard '60 

Susan Stover '85 

Marjorie Stuart '35 

Nancy Owen Stuart '39 

Rose Driver Stuart '69 

Mary Phipps Such 72 

Eleanor Jamison Supple '42 

Mary Swope '66 

Jane Smith Sydnor '65 

Linda Holloman Sydnor 

Louise Parmelee Sylvester 70 

Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 

Loretta Vigil Tabb '83 

J. Rothert Taft '66 

Betty White Talley '51 

Tandy Corporation 

Dr. Gulen F. Tangoren 

Elizabeth Hardin Taylor '48 

P. A. Taylor 

Cathy Turner Temple '68 

Leslie Marfleet Terry 77 

Nancy Dana Theus 79 

Ann Whitehead Thomas '45 

Joan Skelton Thomas '69 

Martha McDevitt Thomas '64 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Glenn Thomas 

Eugenia McCuen Thomason '62 

Alice Jones Thompson '40 

Emily Ramsey Thompson '26 

Kelly Thornburg '91 

Harriette Clarke Thorne '47 

Stephanie Shearer Timm 70 

Susan Thompson Timmons '64 

Carolyn Geyer Timmons 

Jean Blackburn Tipton '36 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Hideo Tokano 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Ronald Allen Topp 

Jane Townes '69 

Terry Tilman Townes '54 

Vanessa Traynham 77 

Teresita Zapata Trigo '88 

Frances Tullis '45 

Tin- Annual Ri pos i 

B. Haigler Turner '65 

Mrs. Lisa Turner 

Mr. cv. Mrs. Richard L. Tusing 

Emily Tyler '63 

Union Pacific Corporation 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Urquhart III 

Rav Castles Uttenhove '68 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Vail III 

Hilary P. Van Rensselaer 

Deborah Verdier-Smith 73 

Marguerite Kessler Waimvright '49 

Anne Smith Walbridge '84 

Harriett Middleton Waldrop '48 

Anne Marie Newton Walker '51 

Sally Cheney Walker '40 

Susan Walker 78 

Mr. & Mrs. O.L.Walker 

Lisa Dressier Walrod '88 

Commander Sarah E. Walsh 

Winifred Gochenour Wampler '47 

Elizabeth Hoefer Ward 78 

Man- Ward '69 

Marjorie Widener Wardrop 74 

Talley Warner '92 

Dr. Robert A. Warren 

Evelyn Cox Washington '47 

Aremita R. Watson 

Mr. ScMrs. Rudy J. Watson 

Merita Long Webster '58 

Dr. Robert J. Weiss 

Ruth Galey Welliver '38 

Florence Daniel Wellons '60 

Kathryn Jacobs Wendell 71 

Charlotte Wenger '83 

Wenger Foundation 

Margaret Malone West '65 

Dr. W. John Wetzel 


Mr. &Mrs. G. W.Whalen 

Wheat First Butcher Singer Foundation 

Demaris Elsasser Wheeler 73 

Jane Edwards Wheeler '54 

Marguerite Hall White '40 

Marian McDowell Whidock '67 

Lucinda Pina Wilkinson '62 

Marilyn Simpson Williams '50 

Mary Griffith Williams '45 

Miriam Hughes Williams '31 

Betsy Bern - Williamson '48 

Airs. Thomas S. Williamson III 

Margaret Gem - Wilson '48 

Florence Jeffrey Wingo '40 

Ruth Winston '83 

Mr. &Mrs. Thomas R. Wirsing.Jr. 

Elisabeth Wise '68 

Watson W. Wise Foundation 

Susan Harris Wirt 79 

Margaret C. Woodson Foundation 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Goodrich Wright 

Nancy Pearson Yeaman 77 

Jennifer Reilly Yurina 78 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold E.Zell 

(D) deceased 

(Reunion Giving Pivgram 

The 11 classes that gathered together during the festive 1995 Reunion Weekend pooled their resources in order to 
make a significant gift to Man- Baldwin in honor of their special year. The classes of 1940, 1945, 1950, 1955, 
1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985 and 1990 collectively raised over s 128,000 for the Annual Fund. 
Congratulations and thanks go to all who participated in this effort. 

Two classes were especially recognized for their exceptional efforts in raising money for Man' Baldwin. The 
Class of 1940 won the Reunion Giving Award for the largest gift, raising over '22,000, and the 50th Reunion 
Class, 1945, had the highest participation rate (57%). 

As you can see, their recognition was jusdv desen-ed. All classes raised more money in their reunion year 
than they had the previous year. 

1 940 

55th Reunion Class 
47% giving s 22,094 

Received the award for largest 
gift in a reunion class 
Reunion Giving Committee 
Virginia Haves Forrest, chair 

The Hill Top Club 
Alice Jones Thompson 
Sally Cheney Walker 

The President's Associates 
Virginia Haves Forrest 
Jean Baum Mair 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell 
Dorothy Baughan Moore 
Florence Jeffrey Wingo 

The Ivy Circle 
Thelma Riddle Golighdy 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman 
Sara Frances Ferrell Shay 

The Columns 
Alice Jarman Brovvder 
Marjorie Tobin Burke 
Man- Van Atta Derr 
Katherine Holt Dozier 
Emma Padgett FitzHugh 
Virginia Aldrich Fogle 
Alice Bitner Freund 
Barbara Lemmond Graham 
Barbara Browne Martindale 
Almevda Spratlev Pevton 
Louise Ravenel 
Marguerite Hall White 
Ellen Nicholson Williams 

The Honor Roll 

Wallace Bartlett 
Bertha Keller DuBose 

Elizabeth Carter Hoover 
Gladvs Walker Jacobs 
Elizabeth Clavberger Jones 
Nita SoRelle Martin 
Mollv Wagener Rice 
Man- Conlon Schull 
Audrey Martin Watson 

Tie Class of 1940 also contributed 
gifts for a special tree memorial 
for Elizabeth Poole Arnold, 
dean of students from 1934 to 
1941. The tree was dedicated 
during Homecoming '95. A 
copper beech was planted in her 
honor on Rose Terrace Lawn. 

1 945 

50th Reunion Class 
57% giving s 14,202 

Received the award for highest 
participation in a reunion class 
Reunion Giving Committee 
Sally Smith Metzger, co-chair 
Julia Pancake Rankin, co-chair 
Carmen Haves Anderson 
Cary Bryan Boyd 
Marjorie Creasy Lacy 
Helen Cook McQuillen 
Carol Saulsburv Moore 
Nancy Netdeton Rood 
Ann Dovvdell Stauss 
Ann Whitehead Thomas 
Frances Tullis 
Margaret Roberts Wagoner 

The President's Associates 
Jean McArthur Davis (D) 
Julia Pancake Rankin 
Ann Dovvdell Stauss 

The Ivy Circle 
Man- Rhame Bates 
Can- Bn'an Boyd 
Sally Smith Metzger 
Sarah Cabell Pavey 
Nancy Roycroft Pern- 
Peggy Nash Rolfes 
Betty Neisler Timberlake 
Man- Griffith Williams 

The Colonnade Club 
Ann Gard Kinzie 
Erah Hatten Klievver 
Anne Sims Smith 
Margaret Roberts Wagoner 

The Columns 

Carmen Haves Anderson 

Isabel Foster Cole 

Ann Meriwether Goodson 

Gavie Heron 

Dorothy Heep Larson 

Louise McLean Lightner 

Man- Aldredge McEnrire 

Man- Tompkins McManus 

Jean Griffith Mitchell 

Louise Plage Neilon 

Margaret McBryde Patterson 

Jeanne Britt Purdom 

Nancy Netdeton Rood 

Julie Sprunt 

Ann Whitehead Thomas 

Frances Tullis 

Beverly Rhodes Wilson 

The Honor Roll 

Margaret Earle Baker 
Kay Oates Barrett 
Anne Churchman Brown 
Elizabeth McCampbell Burton 
Nelvvyn Kirby Culbertson 
Florine Stansell Davis 

The Annual Report 

Eleanor Reid Forrow 
Anne Daughtrey Harrell 
Elizabeth Pollard Houser 
Dorothy Whitmore Kurbjun 
Helen Cook McQuillen 
Barbara Conner Mulhall 
Catharine Prentiss Plummer 
Clemence Vivrett Pridham 
Man- Burr Stevens 
Eloise Williams Sturgill 
Babette Sellhausen Trader 
Minn Mitchell Tufts 
Cecile Cage Wavell 
Sarah Beale Weaver 
Mary Cox Whitmore 

A portion of the gift from the 
Class of 1945 was used to 
redecorate some public areas of 
the Administration Building. 
This addition to Annual Fund 
gifts is much appreciated. 

1 950 

45th Reunion Class 
27% giving s 12,330 

Reunion Giving Committee 
Anita Thee Graham, chair 

The Hill Top Club 

Elia Durr Buck 

The President's Associates 

Jacqueline Edwards Cohen 
Frances Koblegard Harcus 

The Ivy Circle 

Harriet Bangle Barnhardt 
Anita Thee Graham 
Adriane Heim Lyman 
Barbara Conlon Miescher 
Harriet Vreeland Reynen 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Gochenour Fowlkes 
Johanna Westley Lucas 

The Columns 

Anne Faw Bernard 
Jeanne West Covington 
Emma Martin Hubbard 
Kate Scott Jacob 
Bess Plaxco Smith 
Jean Webster Southall 
Patricia Marsh Wailes 
Maty Horton Waldron 
Harriette Shahan Wilcox 
Marilyn Simpson Williams 

The Honor Roll 

Marie McClure Beck 
Elizabeth Dixon Brooks 
Emme Wingate Hawn 
Marian McKenzie Langford 
Eleanor Townes Leath 

Clara Burroughs McFarlin 
Mary Matthews Park 
Helen Hord Testerman 
Mary Wright Whaling 

1 955 

40th Reunion Class 
26% giving s 6,635 

Reunion Giving Committee 
Mary Hornbarger Mustoe, chair 

The President's Associates 
Frances Hafer Chiles 
Mary Hornbarger Mustoe 

The Ivy Circle 

Susannah Smith Hartley 

The Columns 

[Catherine Gracey Cannon 
Anne Dixon Decker 
Mary Barns Pruitt 
Eleanor Harwell Thomsen 
Najia Hassen White 
Elizabeth Johnston Witham 

The Honor RoU 

Martha Richardson Allen 
Elizabeth Robinson Harrison 
Constance Tabb Herndon 
Amy Maloy Lindsly 
Pattv Tipton Pugh 

1 960 

35th Reunion Class 
20% giving $ 14,302 

Reunion Giving Committee 
Carolyn Gilmer Hisley, chair 
Mary Elise Cowan Grimshaw 
Joanne Beecroft Hamilton 
Meryl Richardson Nolan 
Elizabeth Engle Stoddard 

The HiU Top Club 

Sara "Sally" Armstrong Bingley 

The Founders' Club 

Carolyn Gilmer Hisley 

The President's Associates 

Susan Warfield Caples 
Nancy Mayer Dunbar 
Florence Daniel Wellons 

The Ivy Circle 

Sally Cullum Holmes 

The Colonnade Club 
Sandy Pheris DeWald 
Vicky Hill Rimstidt 

The Columns 

Nancy MacGregor Cook 
Mary Elise Cowan Grimshaw 
Alice Cox Hubbard 

Rebekah Lewis Krivsky 
Nancy Bartley Leonard 
Anne Fray McCormick 
Meryl Richardson Nolan 
Jane Shiflet Rexrode 
Doris Rohner Rogers 
Elizabeth Engle Stoddard 

The Honor Roll 

Jeannette Hervey Trice 
Ann Ballard Van Eman 

1 965 

30th Reunion Class 
38% giving s 16,458 

Reunion Giving Committee 
Janet Haddrell Connors, chair 
[Catherine Early Dougherty 
June Early Fraim 
Judith Payne Grey 
Charlotte Tyson Mewborn 
Nancy Jackson Miller 
Adele Jeffords Pope 
Margaret Gunter Riddle 
Emma Martin Rouse 
Carol Stewart Shaw 

The Founders' Club 
Gail McMichael Drew 

The President's Associates 

Janet Haddrell Connors 
Judith Payne Grey 
Adele Jeffords Pope 
Carol Stewart Shaw 
Jane Smith Sydnor 

The Ivy Circle 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 
Paula Stephens Lambert 
Marian Gordin Lord 
Julene Reese Roberts 

The Colonnade Club 
Martha Bertrand 
Eleanore Eckel Brough 
Elizabeth Walker Cate 
Kathryn Johnson McKinnie 
Elizabeth Matthews Morgan 
Emma Martin Rouse 
Margaret Malone West 

The Columns 

Mary Gillespie Amos 
Jean McCauley Bennett 
Virginia Chapman Cobb 
Janice Jones Collins 
Betty Austin Conner 
[Catherine Early Dougherty 
June Early Fraim 
Mary Lewis Hix 
Carol Gibson Kanner 
Julia Price Lanier 
Charlotte Tyson Mewborn 

Nancy Jackson Miller 
Adelia Haigler Turner 
Margaret Jackson Woodcock 

The Honor RoU 

Frances Gilliam Armstrong 
Gwendolyn Black Bishop 
Frances Knight Clarke 
Mary Craddock 
Deborah Bulkley Fairley 
Gary Flake 

Carol Graham Hairston 
Sara Beabout Hartman 
Jane Morris Jones 
Helen Hutcheson Massingill 
Elizabeth Brown McKell 
Dr. Minerva Thompson Nolte 
Deedee Huntsberry O'Brien 
Meredith Carrer Patterson 
Margaret Terrell Penick 
Margaret Gunter Riddle 
Dorothy Iatrate Rudy 
Jane Doughtie Taylor 
Margaret Michael Thompson 
Mary Peach Upchurch 
Hannah Gatchell Webb 
Susan Browne Webb 

1 970 

25th Reunion 
28% giving s 1 5,155 

Reunion Giving Committee 
Jane Huske Satterfield, chair 
Leslie Anne Freeman 
Elaine Rabe Giese 
Minna Thompson Glenn 

The HiU Top Club 

Julie Mays CanneU 

The Founders' Club 

Louise Rossett McNamee 

President's Associates 
Elaine Rabe Giese 

The Ivy Circle 

Laura Croom Murray 
Stephanie Shearer Timm 

The Colonnade Club 

Leslie Anne Freeman 
Jean Grainger 
Jo Ann Martin Gustafson 
Sheryl Quanbeck Hagan 
Dianne Sellers 

The Columns 

Martha Kennedy Albertson 
Janet Bartholomew Altamari 
Carolyn Bass Armentrout 
Katherine Crawford Arrowsmith 
Virginia Holmes Brown 
Carolyn Carleton Campsey 


Tin \\\i u Ixi P081 

Man' Saunders Conwell 

Lynn Dei Prez 
Susan Heltzel Estes 
Candace Snodgrass Gessner 
Elizabeth Higginbotham 
Sharon Ellis Hinnarit 
Zoe Kerbev Holmes 
Martha Booth Jennison 
Sue Newman Landa 
Man- Zane Macdonald 
Elizabeth Jennings Shupe 
Louise Parmelee Sylvester 
Daphne Walker 
Dorothy Jones Wriglev 

The Honor Roll 

Kathrena Ravenhorst Adams 
Chris Ziebe Blanton 
Man-Kelly Busch 
Deborah Howe Crotts 
Whitney Hanes Feldmann 
Dale Smith Georgiade 
Elizabeth Lamer Gutmann 
Arm Harris 

Rebecca Armstrong Havekost 
Jane Smith Hopkins 
Rebecca Thomas Kopp 
Jill Eiseman Lewis 
Elizabeth Coblentz Marshall 
Elizabeth Irzvk Mize 
Connie Kittle Neer 
Margaret Hawkins Oosterman 
Karen Rudolph 
Man- Wood Senechal 
Charlotte Coppock Shearer 
Anne Hancock Teresa 

1 975 

20th Reunion Class 
25% giving s 11, 503 

Reunion Giving Committee 
Lee Johnston Foster, chair 
Terry Huffman Allaun 
Pamela Shell Baskervill 
Rachel Hobbs Blanks 
Ellen Lutz Hardin 
Suzanne Maxson Maltz 
Margaret McGeorge 
Suzanne Higgins O'Mallev 
Lisa Han'ey Raines 
Dr. Katherine Smallwood 
Deborah Dull Walker 

The President's Associates 

Lee Johnston Foster 
Margaret McGeorge 
Eliza Kraft Olander 
Deborah Dull Walker 

The Ivy Circle 

Anne Munn Bailey 
Nancy Higgins O'Mallev 
Florence Jones Rutherford 
Dr. Katherine Smallwood 

The Colonnade Club 

Tern- Huffman Allaun 
Wade Walker Coleman 
Sally Minsker Groves 
Ellen Lutz Hardin 
Claudette Hurtt Hyman 
Blaine Kinnev Johnson 

The Columns 

Deborah Moench Ayme 

Constance Bak 
Pamela Shell Baskenill 
Susan Green Coulter 
Nana- Locke Curlee 
Susan Hamner Daoust 
Marianne Kostal Fadden 
Mary Jim Morgan Fulton 
Anne North Howard 
Patricia Coffey Huffstetler 
Cynthia Johnston 
Laurie Jones Kapfer 
Jerry Fulton Mink 
Mary Neel 
Lisa Han-ev Raines 
Laura Johnson Schultz 
Martha Davis Sbifflert 
Kathn-n Wafle 
Debra Wood- Raines 

The Honor Roll 

Florence Brandon Allison 
Rachel Hobbs Blanks 
Susan Brooks 
Nancy Sherman Burton 
Janet Farrar Bvington 
Lucv Pais Clowes 
Helen Wbitcomb Coates 
Beverly Shenk Coltrane 
Caroline Sto-we Covington 
Susan Lemon Hobbs 
Molly Ely Hunter 
Sheena MacKenzie 
Mary OEvia Cos MacLeod 
Suzanne Maxson Maltz 
Cynthia Johnson Mover 
Pamela Part on 
Elizabeth Hughes Reisch 

Susan McGinic-. S 
. eye Seal 
Ka&erime Hunt Si a 

Norwood Ricks So 

Catherine Choate Ward 

1 980 

15th Reunion Class 
19% giving s 9. 503 

Reunion Giving Committee 
Marian Shiflet-O'Brien, chair 
Katherine Jackson Anderson 
Jo O Neat Brueggeman 
Ann Gregon- Colligan 
L_vnn Tuggle Gilliland 
Catherine Jollev Kerr 
Sail".- Simons 

The Founders' Club 

Sanford Jones McAllister 

The President's Associates 

Jo O'Neal Brueggeman 
Karen Emmet Hunt 

The Ivy Circle 

Lynn Tuggle Gilliland 
Margaret Chapman Jackson 

The Colonnade Club 

Martha Philpott Kins 
Sallv Simons 

The Columns 

Katherine Jackson Anderson 
Susan lucker Barfield 


s 20,000 

! 15.000 

! 10,000 

! 5,000 



== Annual Fund 93-9- 
AnmialFund 94-°; 

The A- 1 1 

Katherine Pierson Coldcn 
Ann Gregory Colligan 
Athalie Smith Derse 
Melinda Dodge 
Kelly I luffman Ellis 
Carolyn Dew Gruensfelder 
Victoria Goodwin Hardy 
Connie Bourne Jung 
Susan Cowan Kaiser 
Alise Learned Mam- 
Lynda Harrison Meredith 
Linda Fogle Newsom 
Marian Shiflet-O'Brien 
Langhorne McCarthy Stinnette 

The Honor Roll 

Margaret Johnson Cochrane 
Ann Gray Graham 
Christina Holstrom 
Carolyn Tammany Jackson 
Frances Shirley Scruby 
Cynthia Wilson Shoemaker 
Man, - Minichan Toler 
Pamela Roach Voight 


10th Reunion Class 
15% giving s 4,218 

Reunion Giving Committee 
Susan Christie Lindley, co-chair 
Sarah Scott Paret Thomas, co-chair 
Kelly Andrews Coselli 
Pattie Norton Gunter 
Charissa Fortner Massie 
Jeanne Reuther Putnam 
Suzanne Woodfin Villani 

The President's Associates 

Kelly Andrews Coselli 

Susan Stover 

Suzanne Woodfin Villani 

The Ivy Circle 

Dawn Tusing Burris 

The Columns 

Pattie Norton Gunter 
Sharon Hanger 
Lora Schneider 

The Honor Roll 

Julie Shenk Blauvelt 
Felicia Rand Cook 
Pamela Place Dwyer 
Ruth Crummett Floyd 
Dr. Cynthia Wood Hermann 
Alice Ingram Hickman 
Maura Kelley Higginbotham 
Leslie Jividen 
Susan Christie Lindley 
Anne Ware Maloney 
Jeanne Reuther Putnam 
Sarah Scott Paret Thomas 
Man- Pollard Wood 

1 990 

5th Reunion Class 
16% giving s 1,790 

Reunion Giving Committee 
Kellev Conner, co-chair 
Julia Hickey, co-chair 
Gretchen Carter 
Alicia Crouch 
Rachel Farmer Levitt 
Margaret Libby 
Tia Tilman Owen 
Anne Thompson 

The President's Associates 

Susie Morris 

The Columns 

Katherine Slough Demers 
Elizabeth Gwaltney Edwards 
Tia Tilman Owen 

The Honor Roll 

Jenniler Netting Arabis 
Elizabeth Carreras Benson 
Dana Both 

Class Gifts 

1 920 

The Columns 

Leila Hanger Spillman (D) 


Margaret Coffman Henry 

1 923 

The Columns 

Laura Vaughan Gaillard 

The Honor Roll 

Louise Hodges Hartzog 

1 924 

The Columns 

Shirley Haynes Hunter 
Ruth Mowery Marler 

January 26, 
1995: The Federal 
Appeals Court upheld 
Mary Baldwin's 
plan for the 

Women's Institute 
for Leadership, 
paving the way for 
the first class of 42 
students to begin 
classes in the 
fall of 1995. 

Kelley Conner 
Marian Dudley 
Susan Hyatt Ferrell 
Julia Hickey 
Allison James 
Diana Brant Manning 
Valerie Skinner Mauro 
Susan Morey Petrillo 
Cecilia Stock Robinson 
Roberta Trescott 
Man' Irvin York 

The Honor Roll 

Josephine Barkman Coleman (D) 

1 925 

The Honor Roll 

Susan Herriott Rozelle 

1 926 

The Columns 

Emily Ramsey Thompson 

The Honor Roll 
Virginia Roosa Slocum 

1 927 

The Hill Top Club 

Elizabeth Richardson Bane (D) 

The Columns 

Sara Ralston Clowser 
Marguerite Rutherford Dickerson 

The Honor Roll 

Etta Brown Foster 
Katharine Perry James 
Marguerite Dunton Jarvis 
Amanda McCaskill 
Katharine See (D) 

1 928 

The Columns 

Frances Ruckman Oxner 

The Honor Roll 

Dorothy Miller Campbell 
Katherine Walker Lyle 
Kate Rawlings Poindexter 
Dorothy Dyer Wilkins 

1 929 

The Columns 

Anna McMahon Schultz 

The Honor RoU 

Anita Bernie Burrows 
Cornelia Quarles Moffett 

1 930 

50% giving s 1,1 25 

The Ivy Circle 

Evelyn Baker Arey 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Hebbard Parmelee 

The Columns 
Bessie Lewis 

The Honor Roll 

Elizabeth Withers Glascock 
Elizabeth Hesser 
Katherine Duff Powell 
Louise Bowen Wilson 


35% giving s 775 

The Columns 

Man' Watters Cresswell 


The Annual Report 

Elizabeth Crawford Engle 
Eleanor McMillan Norris 
Marguerite Valz Olson 
Agnes Junkin Peerv 
Ruth See 
Miriam Hughes Williams 

The Honor Roll 
Betsv Ross Bens 

1 932 

50% giving s 815 

The Colonnade Club 
Alene Brewster Lamer 

The Columns 
Dorothv Hutchings Alberts 
Page Howard Bradham 
Josephine Hutcheson Magnifico 
Dr. Helton McAndrew 

The Honor Roll 

Rebecca Williams Holoman 
Virginia Pointer Nicholls 
Virginia Maben Stokes 

1 933 

55% giving $ 1,470 

The Iw Circle 
Louise Randol Brooks 

The Columns 
H. Brehm Cottman 
Kathryn Shankweiler Hevdt 
Margaret Grabill Jones 
Gladys Lyles 

The Honor Roll 

Margaret De Mund Banta 
Rosa Ott Davis 
Virginia Brand Francis 
Katie Jones Hansen 
Rhea Kincaid Harvard 
Ruth Hopewell 
Margaret Grier Livingston 
Man - Scanlon MeCallie 
Ruth Frazer Painter 
Ruth Edmunds Shepherd 
Elizabeth Balch Sinclaire 
Margaret King Westcott 
Virginia Manson Wood 

1 934 

31% GIVING s 1,31 5 

The Colonnade Club 
Mildred Mawhinnev Clements 
Julia Gooch Richmond 

The Columns 
Jean Gould Clarke 
Catherine Zimmermann Kriete 
Jacqueline Crinkley Maddex 
Martha Gray Thomas 

The Honor Roll 
Kitty Drummond Bridgforth 
Man- Benson Buckler 
Agnes Latham Carter 
Anne Holman Hinckley 
RosaUe Brown Humphreys 
Betty Harrison Roberts 

1 935 

39% giving s 4,996 

The Colonnade Club 

Amine Cosby Kellam 

The Columns 

Winifred Love 

Virginia Weaver Macomber 

Virginia Clark Marks 

Kerlyn Baber Obaugh 

Marjorie Stuart 

The Honor RoU 

Marian Martin Cather 
Martha Logan Crissman 
LaRue Prideaux Hall 
Rosannah Milam Huff 
Jane Barnes RufEn 
Jean Clark Wright 

1 936 

43% giving s 6,383 

The Founders' Club 
Katherine Dver Dudlev 

The I\"v Circle 
Raquel Fajardo Ross 

The Colonnade Club 
Mary Gardner Glen 
Dorothy Hooge King 

The Columns 

Helen Wade Dantzler 

Ora Ehmling Ehmann 

Nancy Wallace Henderson 

Harriet Schofield McLaughlin 

Catherine Midelburg 

Jane Shaler 

Jean Blackburn Tipton 

Lucilla White Whitted 

The Honor Roll 

Janet Duthie Hoff 
Dr. Anne Bradley Lo Grippo 
Alice Guerrant Manlv 
Rachael Handshaw Meeker 
Sarah Whitmore Ricks 
Nellie Hankins Schmidt 
Ruth Morrison Stogdale 

1 937 

38% giving s 1 9,1 40 

Mary Julia Baldwin Socierv 
Margaret Hunt Hill 

The Founders' Club 
Jane Frances Smith 

The Ivy Circle 

Alice Gilkeson Simpkins 

The Columns 

Virginia Kyle Copper 

The Honor RoU 

Blessing Whitmore Brown 
Mary Welton Enzian 
Mellie Hussey Hickev 
The Rev. Jean HoUiday 
Betty Bennett Kauzor 
Virginia Gantt Kendig 
Elizabeth Lambert Mahler 
Alary Sherier Mathisen 
Jane Mather Parish 
Margaret Childrey Penzold 
Josephine Bamett Ritchie 
Juliette Walker Sanders 
Marion Sanner Saul 
Elizabeth Beckert Sowell 
Ethel Coffey Strawn 
Virginia White Taylor 
Frances Edwards Thompson 

1 938 

46% giving s 2,095 

The Colonnade Club 
Ruth Galev Welliver 

The Columns 
Phyllis Williams Ayres 
Reba Clemmer Dunlap 
Mary Philpotts Hudgins 
Mary Moffitt Knorr 
Agnes McClung Messimer 
Man- Lumpkin Pope 
Mary Hutcheson Ragland 
Alice Moore Sisson 

The Honor Roll 

Elizabeth Perrow Adamson 
Joan Ballard Bailev 
Alary Neumann Brown 
Eleanor Cely Carter 
Bettv Bird Cook 
Frances Ganvood Craft 
EUzabeth Lucas Cummins 
Janet Hollis Doswell 
Opal Newton Garrett 
Elizabeth How-ard Greene 
Nancy Ferris Kail 
Adele Gooch Kiessling 
Sarah Lacy Miller 
Peggy Hooven Murphy 
Margaret Keller Pearson 
Dorothv Cohen Silverman 
Marion Hartley Todd 
Jane Mattox Turner 
Leiia Huvett White 
Sara Ranson Woltman 

1 939 

60% giving s 9,405 

The President's Associates 

Louise Wilson Hanna 
Sarah Maupin Jones 
Man- Cronin Wolfe 

The Ivy Circle 

Elizabeth Boyd Caskey 
Nancy Owen Stuart 

The Colonnade Club 

Ida Kellough Robb 

The Columns 

Shirley Black Barre 
Man- Kerr Brooks 
Virginia Broughton 
Janie Holman Edwards 
Nancy Eskridge 
Anna Caperton Everhart 
Virginia Worth Gonder 
Margaret Caldwell Herndon 
Elizabeth Banner Hudgins 
Shirley Smith Huffman 
Sally Collin Kriek 
Mildred Lapsley 
Maxine Dunlap MdnttTe 
Anna Gilkeson Meanley 
Jean Young Moore 
Hazel Astin Nelson 
Margaret Armstrong Robertson 
Katherine Moffett Smith 
Esther Proffit Spessard 
Shirley Keelgar Williamson 
Frederica Young 

The Honor Roll 

Kathrine Bretch Binkley-Guthrie 
Margaret Shields Bover 
Man- Anne Wilson Gibbs 
Frances Rue Godwin 
Myrtle Foy Hennis 
Margaret Cochran Hindi 
Marcia Gooch Johnston 
Blanche Campbell Lewis 
Anita C. Malugani 
Jean Foster Mitchell 
Nina Griffith OMalley 
Elise Casscells Palma 
Barbara Baker Richardson 
Margie Phipps Shuck 
Ermagard Kruse Skaggs 
Mary McLendon Wall 

1 941 

45% giving s 5,055 

The President's Associates 
Bettv Wilcox Armstrong 
Nancy Clark McLennan 

The Ivy Circle 

Nadine Prideaux Smith 

The Annual Report 

The Colonnade Club 

Martha Farmer Chapman 
Anna Greenland Dortch 
Genevieve Benckenstein Elder 

The Columns 

Elaine Kibler Baldwin 

Elizabeth Pringle Barge 

Dale Peters Bryant 

Lelia Dunlap 

Malvine Paxton Graham 

Jean Larner Gray 

Joyce Albright Greig-Denis 

Eleanor Johnson 

Katharine Hoge Smith 

The Honor Roll 

Louise Kinkel Boehmke 
Dr. Julia Boykin 
Ann Carroll 

Jane Raudenbush Coiner 
Virginia Evans Crapuchettes 
Gladys White DePue 
Betty Kull Drumheller 
Mary Clinard Flinn 
Harriet King Geer 
Katherine Jarratt 
Camille Anderson Jensen 
Constance Balfour Jones 
Betty Rodrick Manning 
Doris Siler Miller 
Mary Thompson Molten 
Mary Thomas Moorhead 
Mary Miles Whitaker 
Nina Sproul Wise 
Marie Ulmer Wolfe 

1 942 

59% giving $ 24,241 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 
Caroline Murphy Keller 

The President's Associates 

Nancy McWhorter Hurley 

The Ivy Circle 

Louise Vandiviere Mashburn 

The Colonnade Club 

Anne Hayes Brewer 
Laura Luck Stiles 
Eleanor Jamison Supple 

The Columns 

Margaret Williams Adams 
Ann Atwell 
Glada Moses Beard 
Hannah Campbell Boarwright 
Marian Hornsby Bowditch 
Carolyn Norton Brushwood 
Betty Moorhead Clayton 
Jean Smith Cook 
Jane Pugh Cuspilish 
Clara Ayres Duckworth 

Maty Bartenstein Faulkner 
Pearl Epling Forsey 
Clarissa Shepherd Gaylord 
Sara Mackey Godehn 
Elizabeth Wotring Harrison 
Suzanne Hudson MacLeod 
Evelyn Engleman Mathews 
Jane Craig Morrison 
Ena Taylor Reed 
Jean Browne Rumsey 
Mildred Hudson Small 

The Honor Roll 

Carolyn Stehlin Anderson 
Elizabeth McGrath Anthony 
Man Simpson Bailey 
Maty Lightner Bast 
Margaret Meredith Darden 
Mary Guerrant Dodson 
Jane Harris Gatling 
Betty Bailey Hall 
Janet Werner Harris 
Beth Tilley Kantner 
Nancy Hughes Manson 
Nancy Price McCrackin 
Emily Eakle Morgan 
Jean Anderson Nicewander 
Dottie Greer Radcliff 
Kathryn Poerschke Stevens 
Dr. Leslie Syron 
Elisabeth White Willard 
Margaret Bean Yeakle 


47% giving s 28,220 

The Ruf'us W. Bailey Society 
Caroline Rose Hunt 

The President's Associates 

Mildred Proffit Batson 
Beatrice Ware Evans 
Meredith Jones Johnson 

The Colonnade Club 
Mary Lyles Houston 

The Columns 

Reed Munson Beveridge 
Betty Crews Brandon 
Harriett Harrington Connolly 
Elizabeth Nelson Fenwick 
Louise Jackson Green 
Maydwelle Mason Grimsley 
Marjorie Carter Lacy 
Gladys Adams Link 
Frances Knight Nollet 
Margaret Price Pinson 
Ruth Peters Sproul 
Katharine Shelburne Trickey 

The Honor Roll 

Dorothy Kyle Beck 
Mary Hull Calkins 
Marian Edgar Eldridge 

Jane Cohron Godfrey 
Sylvia Meiner Hanau 
Ann Graham Hazzard 
Mary Bagley Higgins 
Margaret McMurray Hottel 
Virginia Hughes 
Kathrvn Lucas Hummers 
Mary Bullock Morris 
Dorothy Hundley Neale 
Mary Perry Newton 
Sally Wheat Porter 
Anna Lane Rogers 
Margaret Harrell Saylor 
Martha Sprouse Stoops 
Mary Scott Walton 
Mary Sheldon Wier 

1 944 

43% giving s 12,776 

The Hill Top Club 

Dorothy Cleveland Robb 
Mildred Roycroft Teer 

The Ivy Circle 

Virginia Gilliam Lewis 
Bettie Trimble Mabray 

The Colonnade Club 

Vonceil LcGrand Chapman 
Sally McCullough Futch 
Josephine Hannah Holt 
Virginia Gochenour Reid 

The Columns 

Laura McManaway Andrews 
Katherine Kivlighan Carter 
Mary Cooke 
Nell Dorsey 
Eva Vines Eutsler 
Elizabeth Wysor Jordan 
Margaret Creel Miniclier 
Elizabeth Churchman Wick 

The Honor Roll 

Charlotte Craun Bishop 
Lois Smith Chapman 
Margaret Smith Connor 
Helen Gansman Graves 
Frances Deming Hamilton 
Jean Ward McElfresh 
Anne Haneke McGough 
Edwina Davis Ohr 
Julia Kohler Peterson 
Eugenia Wharton Rain 
Grace Dryden Venable 
Paula Partridge Willetts 
Mary Lott Wilson 
Betty Cooke Wood 

1 946 

42% giving ' 59, 561 

The Ruhis Bailey Society 

Bertie Murphy Deming 

The Founders' Club 

Margaret Pollard Rea 
Cecile Mears Turner 

The President's Associates 

Nancy Howe Guild (D) 

The Colonnade Club 

Joyce Ciaig Butterworth 
Susan Stewart Goldthwaite 
Cornelia Adair Green 
Grace Brauer Potter 
Charlotte Tilley Sorrcll 
Lillie Trimble Turner 

The Columns 
Billie Joseph Ameen 
Mary Goodrich Baskin 
Velma Newbill Booth 
Janet Whitney Bowyer 
Marjorie Moore Council 
Margaret Davis Evans 
Maude Cover Freeman 
Thelma Trigg Gannon 
Alice Parson Paine 
Dr. Beneta Peacock 
Marilyn West Price 
Jane Proffit Pruett 
Margaret Miller Reynolds 
Betty Ott Smallwood 
Jane Fnerson Snipes 
Rita Hickey Stone 

The Honor Roll 

Sabine Goodman Andrews 
Rosemary Kearfott Brallev 
Virginia Bridgers Corrigan 
Helen Minteer Denslow 
Ann Martin Hobson 
Hazel Harris Humphrey 
Ellen McDonald Minet 
Mary Brown Myrvik 
Anne Armstrong Piepenbrink 
Gladys McManaway Poindexter 
Edith Eggers Roosevelt 
Jacqueline Weckerling Schaper 
Emily Moore Seay 
Helen Black Sinnott 
Emily Reese Smith 
Jean Bickle Smith 
Mabel Fairbanks Smith 
Noell Harr Woodward 

1 947 

52% giving s 32,328 

The Rufus W. Bailey Society 

Emily W. Hundley 

The Hill Top Club 

Harriette Clarke Thorne 

The President's Associates 

George Ann Brown Carter 
Kathryn Else Johnson 
Mary Reed Smyth 



The Ivy Circle 
Marianna Jamison Leach 
.Alice Wilson Matlock 

The Colonnade Club 
Mvma Williams Vest 

The Columns 

Man' Graves Knowles Hamilton 
Miriam Buckles Helmen 
Dell Proctor Hollstein 
Virginia Guthrie Linscott 
Elizabeth Walsh Read 
Sally Peck Spaulding 
Winifred Gochenour Wampler 
Evelyn Cox Washington 
Charlotte Fall VVilliams 
Marillyn Hoyt Yancey 

The Honor Roll 

Mar}- Thackston Anderson 
Harriet Ancrum Ballenger 
Elizabeth Dunn Barnes 
Harrv Thompson Billington 
Nancy Gill Booth 
Mary Doney Clausel 
Martha McMurry EUis 
Bumev Hav Gardner 
Marguerite Gaston Garrett 
Alice Summers Hale 
Nancy Jones Hamilton 
Courtenay Plaskitt Hansen 
Florence Harris Hinson 
Man- Hale Hoe 
Margaret Farris Huff 
Katherine Kohler Huguenin 
Donna Hull Jones 
Eleanor Armistead Knipp 
Ethel McCants Lowder 
Edith Lane McKay 
Jean Bailey McKinney 
Margaret Churchman Moffett 
\Trginia Roseborough Morton 
Ann Bush Putzel 
Patricia Eubank Sledge 
Lynne McNew Smart 
Virginia White Stedman 
Nancy- Newton Stevenson 
Marquilla Stuckev Stringer 
Joann Myers Thompson 
Gloria Duke Trigg 
Dorice Waters 
Lee Edwards Watkins 

1 948 

53% giving 5 1 7,41 5 

The Founders' Club 
Paula Rupe Dennard 

Martha Higgins Fishburne 
Harriett Middleton Waldrop 

The President's Associates 
Martha Anne "Mopsv" Pool Page 

Martha Godwin Saunders 
Elizabeth Hardin Tavlor 
Betsy Bern- Williamson 

The Ivy Circle 

Martha Brown Hamrick 

Bettie Barnett Lombard 

The Colonnade Club 
Peggy Black Braecklein 
Anne Monyhan Chambers 
Pamela Burnside Grav 
Ellen Eskridge Grosedose 

The Columns 
Jean Wallace Blount 
Lillian Richardson Hall 
Heline Cortez Harrison 
Jacquelyn Siler Kimrev 
Mary Wagner Knott 
Annie Beale Komegav 
Doris Clement Kreger 
Ann Macdonald 
Peggy Harris Milligan 
Helen Kinser Moncure 
Helen Atkeson Phillips 
Esther Spurlock Pruert 
Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus 
Margaret Gettv Wilson 

Alice Taylor Houser 
Dorothv Hill Jefferis 
Jane Hammond Jen-ev 
Leone Bellingrath Jones 
Anne Cronin Keith 
Margaret Clarke Kirk 
Elinor Weathersbv McCorkle 
Doris Moffat Salter 
Taney Martin Tanner 
Jean Butler Viel 
Dorothy Wilson \1ncent 
Elizabeth Page Wardle 

1 949 

49 % giving s 9.830 

The Hill Top Club 

Bert}- Beasley Fiedler 

The Ivy Circle 
Jeanne Dubois Loar 

The Colonnade Club 
Julia Johnston Belton 
Betty Harrell Kyle 
Jane Sebrell Leachman 

The Columns 

Margaret Newman Avent 

Renowned marine biologist Dr. Charles 

"Stormy" Mayo delivered the 1995 Mary E. 

Humphreys Lecture. His lecture, "At the 

Brink: Whales of the North Atlantic," 

covered his extensive research on 
endangered species 
of whales. 

The Honor Roll 
Anne Cook Becker 
Man- Hurlev Blackshear 
Emilv Griffin Buchanan 
Geraldine Canbv Carroll 
Elva Fifer 

Bern- Bales Gallagher 
Bern- Gaston Hairfield 
Rose Harrison 
Beverly Wood Hart 
Ruth McBryde Hill 
Ann Lucas Hite 
Ann Dovle Hopps 

Nancy Anderson Blakev 
Gwendolra Austin Brammer 
Margaret Lawson Craighill 
Martha Hobson Crowder 
Patricia Downing 
Peggv Reid Durden 
Patricia Murphree Honea 
Ellen Andrews Hunter 
Bettie Thomas Jacobsen 
Cynthia Betts Johnson 
Elizabeth LTsher Laffitte 
Elizabeth Rawls Macklin 
Tean Rowan McNab 

Edith James Micklev 
Jacquelyn Dickey Miller 
Betty Fugate Moore 
Beverly Harrison Rhodes 
Carolyn Horton Rogers 
Marguerite Kessler Wainwright 
Margaret Hooks Wilson 

The Honor Roll 

Margaret Warren Albright 
Ann Craig Bickell 
Man- Doremus Burgess 
Emily Ogbum Doak 
Jean Farrow 

Betty Farrington Felegara 
Bern- Barker Fraser 
Caroline Sprouse Ghebelian 
Mimi Jones Hall 
Betty McLean Hopkins 
V era Canadav Lupo 
Jean Quarles Man- 
June Lewis McHenn' 
Margaret Rvder Pence 
Man- Heydenreieh Robbins 
EHzabeth Jenkins Roddev 
Helen Thompson Shires 
Carrie Ham Tarkington 
Katharine Blakev Tavlor 
Bern- Buchanan Thullben' 
Katharine Makepeace Turner 
Nancy Rawls Watson 
Mercer Pendleton Watt 
Katharine Callanan Williams 

1 951 

54% giving s 1 2,1 50 

The Hill Top Club 
Ouida Caldwell Davis 

The Founder's Club 
Charlotte Jackson Beirv 

The President's Associates 
Patricia Andrew Goodson 

The by Circle 

Martha McMullan Aasen 

The Columns 
Dorothv Atkinson 
Nancv Kunkle Carev 
Martha Kline Chaplin 
Diane Prettvman Dewall 
Ellen Undenvood Eckford 
Betty Berger Fulgham 
Man- Hollers George 
Patricia Hoshall Jacoway 
Marietta Barnes Jones 
Betty Choate Matthews 
Patricia Brown Schlick 
BetsvMerritt Sherard 
Betty White Talley 
Lilian Bedinger Tavlor 
Anne Marie Newton \\ alker 

The Annual Report 1 5 

The Honor Roll 

Dorothy Bridges Adams 
Genevieve Courtney Ames 
Elsie Martin Andersen 
Mary Ann Tucker Barker 
Elizabeth Williams Bradford 
Donna Davis Browne 
Jolyn Ferguson Caldwell 
Jane Stanley Chislett 
Nancy Draper 
Stuart Moseley Ellis 
Margaret Penniman Fontaine 
Mary Lutz Grantham 
Jacqueline McClenney Hamilton 
Eileen Gregory Harrell 
Anne Markley Harrity 
Florence Wade Haverty 
Jean Kyle Hedges 
Carolee Wells Henney 
Sally Cox Lee 
Ann Hefner Locy 
June Beasley Mann 
Ann Rawl McCain 
Bern' Stall Mullikin 
Anne Poole 
Elizabeth Larrick Rule 
Mary Christie Schroeder 
Margaret Trawick Shewell 
Joan Dieckmann Stein 
Elizabeth Brinckerhoff Thomas 
Jane Moudy Van Dragt 


48% giving $ 7,421 

The Founder's Club 

Janet Russell Steelman 

The Ivy Circle 

Florence Wimberly Hellinger 
Mary Lamont Wade 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Gray Richardson 
Margaret Moore Ripley 

The Columns 

Leslie Booth 

Elizabeth Blount Brundick 
Erline Griffin Eason 
Peggy Shelton Fore 
Judith Godwin 
Jane Thurmond Gregory 
Margaret McLaughlin Grove 
Ann Brown Lammers 
Dorothy Payne Nash 
Nancy Curdts Pollard 
Ruth Worth Puckett 
Dorothy Smith Purse 
Ruth Harrison Quillen 
Joyce Acker Ratliff 
Anne Stuart Richardson 
Kathryn Hatley Young 

The Honor Roll 

Adelia Hoefgen Baldwin 

Anne Person Baylor 

Mary Wilson Benthall 

Patricia Casey 

Helen Tilson Fletcher 

Dorothy Snodgrass Goldsborough 

Julia Valz Good 

Mary McBryde Gray 

Nanq McMillan Gray 

Ann LeStourgeon Harris 

Ann Greer Kidd 

Peggy Derring Lewis 

Jane Woodruff Lucas 

Patricia Macon Lyon 

Elsie Nelms Nash 

Joy Chapoton Ramsey 

Ann Schlosser 

Betty Gwaltney Schutte 

Penelope Watson Scott 

Barbara Sanford Smith 
Joan White Thomas 

Marianne Stanford Thornburg 

Billie Smith Towlen 

Marjorie Sykes Turnbull 

Nancy Gray Waller 

Alice Ball Watts 

Emily Mitchell Williamson 

The Columns 

Martha Booth Bernhardt 
lnli.i Scarborough Burgess 
Jennie Evans Dille 
Mildred Sheridan Gaillard 
Mary Cameron Hagelstein 
Edith Auer Reed 
Patricia Tibbals Schnack 
Elizabeth Dahl Shaner 

The Honor Roll 

Margaret Garrett Corsa 
Mildred Hudson Costa 
Alice Welch Daggett 
Kay Flippen Durham 
Nancy Barron Gourley 
Joan John Grine 
Ida Ryland Guthrie 
Ann Lee Harrison 
Nelson Fray Haskell 
Laura Hays Holmes 
Nancy Eaton Hopkins 
Katherine Todd Horton 
Bettv Rankin Hubbard 
Georganne Roberts Rhymes 
Eva Pound Rothschild 
Frances Fitch Ruff 
Nelle McCants Smith 
Betty Eberhart Spillman 

301 new traditional students enrolled for 
the 1994-95 academic year, making it 
the largest entering class ever, with a 
33% increase over the year before. The 
college broke that record in 1995-96 with 

new traditional students. 

1 953 

38% giving s 7,358 

The Founders' Club 

Martha Barnett Beal 

The President's Associates 

Dorothy Beals Ballew 
Margaret Gignilliat Carswell 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Jo Shilling Shannon 

Joan Martin Tuckwiller 
Jo Thacker West 
Elizabeth Gaulding Williams 
Margaret Smith Windsor 


43% giving s 24,915 

The Maryjulia Baldwin Society 
Agnes Gray Dutt 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley 

The President's Associates 

Marian Hollingsworth Cusac 
Constance Headapohl De Berardinis 

The Ivy Circle 

Lee McVoy Pierce Mosso 
Elizabeth Switzer Zirkle 

The Colonnade Club 

Virginia Eversole Herdman 
Ann Shaw Miller 

The Columns 
Elizabeth De Loach 
Eleanor Yeakley Gardner 
Anne Dosher Read 
Betty Garrett Schmidt 
Terry Tilman Townes 
Jane Edwards Wheeler 

The Honor Roll 

Ann Robinson Brown 
Dora Wiley Brown 
Donia Craig Dickerson 
Carol Bacon Dreizler 
Margaret Jollit Gaskin 
Nancy Rawles Grissom 
Mary McKee Hagemeyer 
Janet Mitchell Harper 
Joan Davenport Haydon 
Martha McKnight Huey 
Shirley Lammers Karp 
Julia Vann Kenan 
Bern - Garter Lane 
Mary Lewis 
Alma McCue Miller 
Ann Hunter Murray 
Mary Taylor Murray 
Addie McLaughlin Ours 
Daphne Brown Robertson 
The Rev. Jane Caldwell Ross 
Ashlin Wyatt Smith 
Cherie Parrish Turman 

1 956 

51% giving i 5, 180 

The President's Associates 

Reid Strickland Nottingham 

The Colonnade Club 

Marjorie Mowljago 

The Columns 

Eleanor Cahill 

Nancy Buston Downs 

Laura Clausen Drum 

Page Grey Dudley 

Susan Dozier Grotz 

Mary Eleanor Reynolds Henderson 

Bettye Hurt Ingram 

Ann Dick Lovelady 

Elizabeth Malone 

Ann Ritchie McHugh 

Susan Andes Pittman 

Jeanctte Fisher Reid 


Thh Annual Report 

Mary Colonna Robertson 
Dottv Hobby Travis 
Ellawells Milligan Williams 
June Morrow Window 

The Honor Roll 

Margaret Adair Atmar 

Martha Hull Black 

Mary Beale Black 

Diana Rede Cabell 

Nancy Payne Dahl 

Celia Wainwright Darsey 

Martha Parke Gibian 

Anne Goode 

Frances Bradford Hathom 

.Mine Powers Hudson 

Dr. Martha Kolbe 

Diane McCletmey Macrae 

Katherine Keller Maultsby 

EHzabeth Meeks McCormack 

Georgian! Stickley Meginley 

Claire Fontaine Rice 

Virginia Hunt Roberts 

Mardrivon Cowles Scott 

Ellen Gibson Shaw 

Blanche Gambrill Stockbridge 

Lois Morrison Zeigler 


28% giving s 1,9 95 

The Ivy Circle 

Shannon Greene Mitchell 

The Columns 

Julianne Rand Brawner 
Susan Wilson Craser 
Felicia Candler Freed 
Barbara Bullock Graham 
Mettle Goodwin Jaynes 
Ann Kennedy Melton 
Carla Rucker Nix 
Diane Alexis Riffelmacher 
Nancv Switzer Sowers 

The Honor Roll 

Frances Wills Delcher 
Paula Branch Holt 
Susan Barker Kika 
Salenda Smith Kincaid 
Ann Denny Kinscherff 
Margaret Jo rstad Lucas 
Kathxvn Pope Pilcher 
Man- Wells Powell 
Ehzabeth Crawford Robbins 
Helen Thompson Sharpley- 
Marv Kellev Thome 
Alice Tones Wire 

1 958 

45% giving s 4,560 

The President's Associates 
Ann Cooke Britt 

The Colonnade Club 
Kathleen Hand Carter 
Constance McHugh Kimerer 
Patricia Sphar 

The Columns 
Emily Baker 
Janice Gregory Belcher 
Marv Redding Coselli 
Rachel Koser Cottrell 
Nancv Williams Deacon 
Ann Ratcliffe Harrover 
Nancv- McMullan Pauley 
Five Smith Peck 
Ehzabeth Plowman 
Carolyn Griffis Smith 
Ehzabeth Boling Strand 
Margaret Flyfhe Teague 
Merita Long Webster 
Bruce Suttle Winfield 

The Honor RoU 

Nancv Pillow Bachman 
Rebecca Kindley Beckwifh 
Virginia Maxwell Burnett 
Margaret Teague Eaton 
CaroUne Huffstutler Furr 
Charlotte Cooper Gregory 
Barbara Allan Hite 
Marjorie Hoge 
Anne Coleman Huskey 
Jettie Bergman Johnston 
Youngsook Hvun Kim 
Linda Larkin 
Kav Lessley Linnane 
Patricia Schendel Loring 
Margaret Clarke Moring 
Sheffield Lander Owings 
Emilv Luscher Parr 
Lvdia Woods Peale 
Patsv Messer Poovey 
Edith Martin Ruggles 
Patricia Gwynn Taft 
Elizabeth Withrow Turner 
Margaret Skinner Webb 
Frances Spady Wilkins 

1 959 

37% giving s 1,535 

The Columns 

Martha Caplinger Brinkley 
Marie Havward Collins 
Suzanne Stirling Duftey 
Helen Smith McC album 
Ruth Hawkins Molony 
Dr. Gwen Kennedy Neville 

The Honor RoU 

Anne McClung Anderson 
Carraleigh Singletary Bass 
Jane Reid Cunningham 
Margaret Foster Curtis 

>. [an- Phlegar Davis 
Julia Johnson Dernier 
Virginia Holier Duvall 
Anne Herbert Feathers 
Anne Wait Gardner 
McChesney Mayer Grabau 
Martha Moseley Johnson 
Glenda Fowler Jones 
Carlana Lindstrom Lane 
MilUcent Bleakney Mason 
Patricia Bonelli Maull 
Joyce Holt McDowell 
Frances Merry- 
Celeste Weathers Patterson 
Douglass Kellam Patterson 
Helen Ritchie Scherff 
Patty Fulbright Smith 
Juliasue Stafford Swift 
Beverlv Matthews Williams 
Patricia Henderson \Villiams 
Barbara Bishop Witherspoon 
Man- Bamer Wood 


39% giving s 4,320 

The Ivy Circle 

Anne Ponder Dickson 

May Wells Jones 

The Colonnade Club 
Barbara Reid Bailey 

The Columns 

Patricia Goshom Ball 
Sallie Belle Whitener Benedetti 
Lou Nordholt B ram well 
Florence Breunig Carroll 
Ann Price Clark 
Elizabeth Burton Crusel 
Ceceha Flow Eller-Collins 
Eleanor Starke Evans 
OHvia Rogers Guggenheim 
Beverlv Grear Hurt 
Wendv Coleman LeGardeur 
Emilv Reeves Sloan 
Carol Womom Sorensen 
Nancv- Simpson Steinmiller 
Otev Harvard Swoboda 

The Honor Roll 

Anna Rohrer Bach 
Phebe Palmer Bishop 
Ehzabeth Allan Collins 
Barbara Williams Craig 
Shade Thomas Cronan 
Lucy Rietze Dalton 
Lois Willard Daniel 
Jane Haley Dy-kes 
Man- Penzold Fooks 
Frances Kretlow Gehring 
Judith Merritt Gibbons 
Nancv Klauder Hall 

Frances Purdom Hammonds 
Charlotte Leverton Hamner 
Ann Bartenslager Hanger 
Shirlev Corbin Menendez 
Man- Woods Moore 
Man - Sharp Swayze Mount 
Patricia Liebert Riddick 
Susan Elv Ryan 
Sigrid Gudheim Scott 
Diana Chote Smith 
Man- Vaughn Stanley 
Nancv Strauss 
Man- Johnson Taylor 
Katherine Smith Tinker 
Svlvia Scott Weaver 

1 962 

46% giving s 8,007 

The President's Associates 
Linda Dollv Hammack 
Nancv Daniel Mahaffey 

The Iw Circle 
Susan Hooper Hogge 
Susan Pegram O'Gara 
Eugenia McCuen Thomason 
Lucinda Pina VVilkinson 

The Colonnade Club 
Phyllis Boone Hill 
Iva Zeiler Lucas 

The Columns 

Man- Stone Adler 
.\nn Alexander Cook 
Man- Crittenden 
Susan Jennings Denson 
Harriet Hart 
Man- Gilbert Kohn 
Carolvn Stover ModareUi 
Sally HeltzelPearsall 
Emilv Troxell Pepper 
Tosephine Whittle Thornton 
Man- Whitinger Turner 

The Honor Roll 
Neilson Peirce Andrews 
Shirlev Quarles Baird 
Man- Eldridge Berry 
Marfha Wade Bradford 
Ehzabeth Dickerson Brown 
Ruth Lacv Carpenter 
Prior Meade Cooper 
Lucv Martin Danner 
Rachel Elhs Early- 
Audrey Gifford Eggleston 
Ehzabeth Scott Featherstone 
Penn Walker F.ournoy 
Nancv Neal Geddings 
Sandra Svkes Gray- 
Jennifer \\ tlson Green 
Margaret Saunders Hayes 
Lacev Sanford Hudgins 

The Annual Report 

Vera Thomas James 
Antoinette Harrison Jamison 
Lynn Frierson Kenned} 
Martha Butler Matthews 
Margaret Harris McClain 
Dale Porter Miller 
Charlotte Mooney 
Penelope Pettit Moore 
Sarah Mitchell Preddy 
Sally Rieves 
Sarah Drake Sessoms 
Amelia McKinnon Sherrill 
Jean Midyette Smith 
Nancy Harris Snead 
ludith Richardson Strickland 
Frances Wentz Taber 
Douglas Laughon Wallace 
Marion Drewrv Wills 

1 963 

27% giving s 28,387 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society- 
Emily Dethloff Ryan 

The Hill Top Club 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp 

The Founders' Club 

Man' Rutherfoord Mercer Ferguson 

The President's Associates 
Sarah Livingston Brown 
Gale Palmer Penn 

The Ivy Circle 

Man' Carpenter Gould Coulbourn 
Harriet Murphy Frazier 
Judy Lipes Garst 

The Colonnade Club 
Nancy Blood Ferguson 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins 
Roberta Gill Hefler 
Barbara Wishart Johnson 
Anne Troxell Luck 
Mima McDiarmid Nixon 
Ingrid Carlson Shindell 
Emily Tyler 

The Columns 

Terry Alexander 
Helen Arrowood Arnold 
Lane Wright Cochrane 
Wallace Johnson 
Rosalinda Roberts Madara 
Joan Stanley Maroulis 
Virginia Hesdorffer Maxwell 
Ann Dial McMillan 
Beckv Cannaday Merchant 
Melissa Kimes Mullgardt 
Katherine Sproul Perry 
Mary Smith Perry 

The Honor Roll 

Ann Geggie Fridley 

Luq Morris Gay 
Mary Hardaway Hasty 
Martha Fant Hays 
Sharon Foye Hewlett 
Susan Sale Luck 
Jane Coulbourn Marshall 
Eleanor McCown Robideau 
Elizabeth Linn Traubman 
Jane Vaughan 
Nancy Ely Wright 

1 964 

43% giving s 13,316 

The Hill Top Club 

Nancy Rowe Hull 

The President's Associates 
Beverlv Estes Bates 
Susan Thompson Timmons 
Mary McRae Young 

The Ivy Circle 

Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco 

The Colonnade Club 
Julia Carrington Bemis 
Jane Hevwood Boyhn 
Susanne Eve Fowlkes 

The Columns 
Carolyn Smith Abbitt 
Bvrd Williams Abbott 
Victoria Reid Argabright 
Mollie Rehmet Cannady 
Anne Nimmo Dixon 
Penelope Wev Frere 
Laura Holbrook Hardwick 
Judy Shannon Hellman 
Mary Ann Appleby Marchio 
Phyllis Short Marcom 
Eleanor Poole McCord 
Carolyn Clemmer McCulley 
Mary McCallum McDonnell 
Virginia Morton 
Betty Barnes Pigg 
Linda Leeds Scott 
Martha McDevitt Thomas 
Jean Umberger Wertz 

The Honor Roll 

Paula Greenlee Barber 
Maryjuer Barnwell 
Elizabeth Baughan Baulchages 
Iris Harding Belling 
Martha Murchison Boyd 
Cynthia Freeman Branscome 
Judy Gossett Breen 
Alice Farrior Butler 
Billie Litton Clark 
Jacqueline Riddle Davidson 
Mary Kerr Denny 
Glenn Downie 
Judith Floeter Ford 
Sarah Brennan Freeman 

Rossalyn Wolever Hampton 
Elizabeth Fisher Harris 
Helen Downie Harrison 
Susan Palmer Hauser 
Jane Tanner Henderson 
Molly Holt 
Anne Warren Hoskins 
Bess Alexander Johnson 
Margaret Thompson Johnson 
Anita Saffels Lawson 
Dr. Beverly Leetch 
Ann Higgins McWhirter 
Sandra Whately Mergehenn 
Darlena Sizemore MLxon 
Nancy Hardesty Montgomery 
Pamela Milliken Reed 
Betty Puckette Shenk 
Wortlev Davis Smith 
Juliane Jorgensen Taylor 
Man' Bullion Walton 
Diane Warthen Watson 

1 966 

41% giving s 31, 987 

The President's Associates 
Man' Ellen Killinger Durham 
Man' Elizabeth Swope 

The Ivy Circle 

Patricia Bilbo Hamp 

The Colonnade Club 

Julia Barbee Crothers 
Susan Mulford Gantly 
Laura Mauldin Stewart 
Ann Morgan Vickery 

The Columns 
Susanne Rayburn Bates 
Ludmila Bratina Burns 
Avril Laughlin Chase 
Virginia Alexander Crane 
Glenda Norris George 
Alice Tollev Goodwin 
Gwynn McNaught Henderson 
Rosemary Harris Henderson 
Dr. Gail Apperson Kilman 
Karen Cowsert Pryor 
Hope Rothert Taft 
Jo Ellen Turner Thompson 

The Honor Roll 

Claudia Turner Aycock 
Julia Blanchard Batchelor 
Victoria Tucker Borden 
Analeak Liipfert Bowers 
Ashlin Swetnam Bray 
Nancy Yates Briggs 
Carole Rednour Dixon 
Mary Rainer Eanes 
Marguerite Duane Ellis 
Virginia Timbes Ewing 
Kay Puckette Felmlee 

Ann Wade Godwin 
Virginia Gonder 
Nancy Morris Graves 
Virginia Freeman Haile 
Jane Humphrey Henegar 
Patricia Phillips Hogue 
Joan Davis Howard 
Jane Via Illi 
Ben-l-Ann Johnson 
Esther Johnson 
Claire Stern Kaufman 
Nancy Wood Kirkland 
Rebecca Suter Lindsay 
Kathn-n Jackson Lohmiller 
Latane Ware Long 
Virginia Vaughan Longuillo 
Carol Whetham Looney 
Emily Wright Mallory 
Sammy Primm Marshall 
Lou Hartgraves McCarty 
Donna White Merkel 
Martha Flowers Peters 
lanet Wiethoff Price 
Heidi Brandt Robertson 
Ann Yingling Schmidt 
Dianne Kearney Scott 
Alice I.ippitt Steyaart 
Mary Arehart Stoneburg 
Elizabeth Jones Thacker 
Lora Fultz Walker 
Ellen Gordon Williams 

1 967 

39% giving s 20,371 

The Hill Top Club 

M. Elizabeth Preddy 

The Founders' Club 
Peggy Anderson Carr 

The President's Associates 
Gay Gilmore Butler 
Angela Blose Corley 
Dr. Margaret McNeese 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale 
Dr. Sue Ellen Butler Rocovich 
Marian McDowell Whitlock 

The Ivy Circle 

Susan Massie Johnson 

Ivy Koster 

Ann Humphrey Sanders 

The Colonnade Club 

Kathleen Myers Faust 
Jean Lambeth Hart 
Carey Cooley McDaniel 
Nancy Falkenberg Muller 

The Columns 

Margaret Maddex Barnes 
Margaret Turner Coleman 
Anne Cooke 
Margaret Weaver Crossen 


Tin; Annual Report 

Winton Mather Doherty 
Anne Shields Emerson 
Wylyn Letson Hodnett 
Mikal Bralley Hoofnagle 
Mary Reuman Howard 
Barbara Hanna Joyner 
Barbara Horner Miller 
Helen Stone Moss 
Jacquelyn Stroupe Pace 
Margaret Allen Palmer 
Susan Palmer 
Dr. Sallie Chellis Schisler 
Martha Harlow Stronach 

The Honor Roll 

Sandra Preseren Alley 

Janice Smith Barry 

Frances Gallion Bear 

Anne Williams Blanks 

Hazel Williams Bynum 

Donna Weiglein Chasse 

Sara Nash Crowder 

Nancy Rubright Gates 

Elizabeth Allee Ginsburg 

Susanne Reim Glass 

Harriet Christenberry Heacock 

Virginia Carter Holden 

Linda Young Kennedy 

Margaret Jennings Metz 

Susan Powell Norton 

Virginia Taylor Otts 

Ellen Ryan Pearson 

Roberta Brent Peek 

Mary Lane Dudley Purtill 

Elizabeth Barkley Ravenel 

Carolyn Newman Renner 

Diane Nichols Rogers 

Nancy Culpeper Sebren 

Carol Laws Slonaker 

Lindsley Wheeler Smith 

Judith Pugh Stone 

Lucia Lionberger Thomas 

Susan McKeown Waters 

Carolyn Weekley 

Leslie Westbrook 

The Rev. Jane Feierabend Wiggins 

Carla Cooper Winter 

Lynn Williams Wood 


38% giving s 14,955 

The Founders' Club 
Ray Castles Uttenhove 

The President's Associates 
Grace Branch Moore 
Cathy Turner Temple 
Margaret McRae Wilson 

The Ivy Circle 

Kathleen Kenig Byford 
Georgeanne Bates Chapmai 
Susan Gamble Dankel 
Jeannette Norfleet 

Nora Wiseman Sargent 
Edith Stotler 

The Colonnade Club 

Kathleen Aure 
Mary Buvinger 
Susan Vaughan Henry 
Sarah Sterrett Meyerhoff 
Martha Howard Patten 
Cynthia Knight Wier 
Elisabeth Wise 

The Columns 

Elise Palma Couper 
Judith Wells Creasy 
Ellen Gaw Dean 
Angelina Painter Eschauzier 
Linda Dole Harkrader 
Barbara Craft Hemphill 
Elizabeth Jolley Kobiashvili 
Helen McCuen Moody 
Susan White Persak 
Margaret Fultz Raddin 
Florence Temple Roberts 
Cornelia Green Roy 
Jane Starke Sims 
Katherine Martin Snider 
Mary Miller Sopher 
Dr. Lois Lundie Spence 

Barbara Johnston Garner 
Elizabeth Gathright 
Celia Gibson 
Elizabeth Roper Golden 
Nancy Peyton Gresham 
Betty Mayes Hecht 
Cornelia McLeod Herbert 
Lynn Boyd Hewitt 
Leslie Watson Hill 
Susan Merklas Kahn 
Nancy Kevan Lazaron 
Lynn Merritt MacEwen 
Ihrie Carr Means 
Anne Walker Milliken 
Juliet McCall Moser 
Margaret Lawrence Parkerson 
Judy Mauze Philpott 
Carol Mathews Ray 
Kristine Niehaus Revington 
Martha Blake Rex 
Alicia Rodon-Estefani 
Linda Goddin Smith 
Tempe Grant Thomas 
Beth Free Van Fossen 
Mary Walker Volk 
Eleanor Harbrook Wilson 
Nancy Thomas Yost 

Renowned poet, author and teacher 

Nikki Giovanni 

was the featured 

speaker for 

Mary Baldwin's 

1994 celebration 

of Black History 


The Honor Roll 

Emily Bonner Anderson 
Sharon Knopp Bares 
Vicki Hurd Bartholomew 
Virginia Watson Bernard 
Judith Way Bouchard 
Carolyn Martin Bryan 
Virginia Campbell 
Joanne Musulin De La Riva 
Margaret Evans 
Nancy Eriksen Fogelson 
Lynda Overcash Fritz 


44% giving $ 23,757 

The Hill Top Club 

Jane Townes 

The Founders' Club 

Claire Lewis Arnold 

The President's Associates 

Sydney Turner Elsass 
Gail McLennan King 
Margaret Livingston 
Elizabeth Newman Mason 
Margaret Thorn Rawls 

The Ivy Circle 

Patricia Binkley Haws 
Katherine Quillian Solberg 
Judith Galloway-Totaro 
Robin Watson Livesay 
Dollie McGrath Marshall 
Anna Dunson Pressly 
Margaret Barranger Reid 
Virginia Moomaw Savage 
Sherri Miller Stephenson 
Rose Driver Stuart 
Ann Lewis Vaughn 

The Columns 

Neely Garrett Axselle 

Mary Kennedy Caruso 

Lynn White Cobb 

Linda Dawe 

Helen Jones Duncan 

Judith Barnett Dutterer 

Ann Trusler Faith 

Susan Train Fearon 

Margaret Durant Fried 

Mary Weston Grimball 

Kathryn Bish Hanson 

Martha Masters Ingles 

Dr. Sara Nair James 

Elisabeth Jones 

Nora Leary 

Patricia McGeorge Nickerson 

Mary Hutcheson Priddy 

Sandra McQuarrie Rigby 

Corrie Smith Sargeant 

Caroline Schooley 

Ann Davis Spider 

Joan Skelton Thomas 

Anne Emmert Thompson 

J. Wade 

Mary Ward 

Mary Gregory Wilson 

The Honor Roll 

Claudia Montague Adams 
Valerie Lutz Angeloro 
Barbara Atwood 
Janet Turner Barrows 
Miriam Jones Beckwith 
Eda Hofstead Cabaniss 
Susan Christ Campbell 
Lida Brock Caudle 
Camille Florence Coers 
Abigail Robinson Coppock 
Martha Kidder Crittenden 
Betty Culbreath 
Elizabeth Floeting Davis 
Linda Missbach Donaldson 
Martha Fowler 
Nancy Hill Haley 
Judith West Kidd 
Carolyn Williams Lackey 
Gayle Lester 

Frances Thompson McKay 
Julia Baldwin Montgomery 
Grace Friend Mullen 

The Annual Report 19 

Jill Olson 

Julie Ellis Paddie 

M.irv Deitrick Pope 

Aleda Hays Rickelton 

Elizabeth Helmken Schubert 

Lindley Moffett Small 

Edwina Smith 

Judith Jones Stevens 

Jane Collis Thornton 

Anne McLeod Turner 

Kathryn McAllister Turner 

1 971 

45% giving s 8,263 

The Ivy Circle 

Lynn Zagora Bender 
Louise Bovlan 
Jane Faulds 

The Colonnade Club 
Barbara Leavitt Franklin 
Janice Booth Maner 
Nancy Winters Moore 
Laura Sadler Olin 
Mary Pardue 
Brooke Hume Pendleton 
Caroline Struthers 
Bonnie Brackett Weaver 

The Columns 

Janet Dennis Branch 
Sally Cannon Crumbley 
Catharine Dorrier 
Mary Babcock Edwards 
Sara Dabney Edwards 
Melissa Wimbish Ferrell 
Rosemerry McClintock Franks 
Lila Caldwell Gardner 
Brenda Nichol Goings 
Jennifer McHugh Haase 
Dee Bowman Haggard 
Bern- Herrman 
Alice Craddock Massey 
Antoinette Bond Morrison 
Mary Murrin Painter 
Ann Gilmer Richardson 
Marion Catlett Rose 
Spencer Jester Savage 
Catherine Gladden Schultz 
Kathryn Jacobs Wendell 

The Honor Roll 

Julie Goff Allen 
Mar)' Johnston Bahe 
Linda Rawlings Baker 
Linda Winner Beville 
Sheryl Allen Blackford 
Emily Paine Brady 
Martha Blain Buchanan 
Caroline Waldrop Buckman 
Constance Gantt Coffman 
Anne Collins 
Elizabeth Conner 
Susan Hoch Crane 

Holly Merkel Daane 
Ellen Dallis 
Susan Pope Finch 
Cynthia Fitch 
Susan Price Garth 
Linda Blake Gayle 
Jean Orne Gosling 
Elizabeth Francis Griffith 
Susann Hutaft Haskins 
Ellen Porter Holtman 
Elizabeth Fore Keatinge 
Lucy Cunningham Lee 
Janet Sapp Marks 
Constance Samsonotf Martenstein 
Ellen Johnson Massey 
Nancy Foster McGraw 
Laurie O'Brien Mercke 
Susan Norton Minor 
Shirley Frev Morris 
Betty Jo McClimans Moses 
M. Twohy Murray 
Betsy Marshall Nau 
Margaret Grant Neely 
Jane Shortell Nelson 
Eleanor Myers O Mara 
Katherine Blackwell Roach 
Kathryn English Roberts 
Clara MacKenzie Smiley 
Robin Spence 
Carol Sorrell Strawbridge 
Man' Stewart Strickland 
Doris Fauber Strickler 
Catherine Pierce Stringfellow 
Katherine Terrell Svcjnar 
Paula Powers Tchirkow 
Virginia Bell Trice 
Amy Nelson Warren 
Elizabeth Sutherland Winstead 
Noell Woodward 

1 972 

48% giving s 7,757 

The Ivy Circle 

Charlotte Heller Chatlain 
Marcia McDonald Helms 

The Colonnade Club 

Blanche Wysor Anderson 
Patsy Hildebrandt Downer 
Virginia Masters Fleishman 
Talbott Jordan 
Page Price Lewis 
Susan Myers 
Mildred Willis Paden 
Mary Moore Quillen 
Mary Phipps Such 

The Columns 

Penelope Patrick Biskey 
Susan Pruett Caldroney 
Carol Ditto Cary 
Jill White Cooke 

Sarah Crockett Eggleston 

Elaine Henderson Fowler 

Leah Waller Golden 

Jean Dittmar Hubertus 

Linda Grinels Irby 

Jeanne Jackson 

Constance Atkins Lewallen 

Lelia Lytle 

Sally Via Matthews 

Karen Stoneburner Miller 

Susan Rogers Parks 

Jill Butler Pendleton 

Dale Adams Prosch 

Susan Almond Smith 

Theresa Koogler Southerington 

Mary Atkinson Stone 

Kathv Young Wetsel 

Ann Wilkerson 

Jane Rayson Young 

The Honor Roll 

Marianne Deale Bach 

Claudia Turner Bagwell 

Anne Vogtle Baldwin 

Connie Lowrance Beach 

Kathryn Medburv Bennett 

Margaret Ritchie Bentley 

Jean Vincent Bristor 

Barbara Robertson Burke 

Angeline Butler 

Clatie Harris Campbell 

Shepherd Johnston Chuites 

Denise Craig 

Caroline Matthews Cutchins 

Carter Motfett Douglass 

Pamela Morton Dowler 

Nancy Preseren Fankhauser 

Catherine Spratlev Favre 

Mary Rogers Field 

Janie Davis Flournoy 

Lea Ayers Gilman 

Margaret Thrift Green 

Carolyn Apperson Hansen 

Anne Henderson 

Julia Henley 

Phyllis Hopkinson 

Linda Raber Jahnig 

Dr. Frances Bleckley Kemp 

Margaret Jones Kramer 

Rogene Elkins Laserna 

Caryn Gove Long 

Leelia Logan Louis 

Karen Peterson Mann 

Mary Tompkins Miller 

Sara Allen Moody 

Carol Moore 

Sallie Hubard Moore 

Kathleen Madigan Muehlman 

Elizabeth Goad Oliver 

Marilyn Muhleman Rausch 

Ann Richardson 

Catherine Ross 

Elizabeth Smith 

Leslie Thompson Stiefler 

Gwendolyn Gillaugh Stoecklein 
Marsha Summerson 
Rebecca Bost Tucker 
Susan Richards Tyler 
Melanie Gamble Walker 
June Reynolds Wood 
Jacquelyn Hill Wyche 

1 973 

43% giving s 1 1,234 

The Founders' Club 

Barbara Knisely Roberts 

The President's Associates 
Margaret Bryant Rust 
Pamelia Bird Sanderlin 

The Ivy' Circle 
Lindsay Ryland Gouldthorpe 
Mildred Farquharson Lawson 

The Colonnade Club 

Marv Hotchkiss Leavell 
Susan Dibrell Miller 
Judy Spence Tate 
Julia Offen Wangler 

The Columns 

Nancy Greever Brooks 
Marv Jane Conger 
Jean Cortright Copeland 
Margaret Wilson Doherty 
Georgia Robert Draucker 
Linda Dodd Ebersole 
Olivia Young Fisher 
Catherine Cross Hallberg 
Elizabeth Pollard Hemeter 
Katherine Hewitt Holmes 
Man' Burton Johnson 
Deborah Jobe Koehler 
Margaret Baldwin Marks 
Sally Jacoby McMillen 
Donna Deitz Mumby 
Lois Siegfried Oglesby 
Sarah Eason Parrott 
Suzanne King Plati 
Linda Forbes Riley 
Sarah Stallworth Sebrell 
Martha Hildebrand Sherwood 
Amelia Smith 
Deborah Verdier-Smith 
Demaris Elsasser Wheeler 

The Honor Roll 

Carolyn Avery 

Kathleen Thomasson Bagby 

Sally Deitrick Brady 

Susan Chadwick Cocke 

Peggy Partridge Contreni 

Virginia Phillips Counselman 

Linda Lueders Falck 

Camille Gaffron 

Deirdre Dougherty Grogan 


Till: Awi m Report 

Alice Hansbarger 
Meredith Kelly Houff 
{Catherine Rodes Huffman 
Georgann Kash Jantzen 
The Hon. Catherine Hood Kennedy 
Clare McMann Lancaster 
Helen Plummer Lee 
Eloise Hendershot Lennox 
Elizabeth Riddler Lichenstein 
Catherine Keenan Mayo 
Beverly Burke McCaskill 
Carmen Holden McHaney 
Elysa Maddox Montgomery 
Carole Payne Pilcher 
Tern - Gage Qiiin 
Anne Reese 
Susanne Reaves Rhame 
Carroll Royer Robertson 
Lane Winn Rothschild 
Robyn Timberlake Ruth 
Rebecca Pettigrew Simon 
Melanie Dexter Snoddy 
Dorothy May Thompson 
Elizabeth Moore Tompkins 
Mary' Totin 
Barbara Phillips Truta 
Sarah McCormick Turner 
Margaret Logan Vincie 
Susan Simmons Weir 

1 974 

32% giving s 5,550 

The President's Associates 
Ann Bowman Day 

The Ivy Circle 

Catherine Boynton Beazley 
Betty Davis Crump 
Leigh Yates Farmer 

The Colonnade Club 

Judith Stovall Boland 
Catherine Lewis Maxwell 

The Columns 

Kathleen Barksdale Craine 
Marguerite Ivy Crews 
Betty Darwin 
Diane White Fechtel 
Harriet Hughes Fitzgerald 
Susan Englander Fraile 
Helen Radcliffe Gregory 
Sally Dillard Hauptfuhrer 
Dorothy Chapman Josey 
Judith Sydnor McNeel 
Katherine Hull Nowell 
Dr. Jamie Hewell Odrezin 
Karen Outlaw Fendley 
Mary Temple Somerville 
Marjorie Widener Wardrop 
Lossie Noell Wilkinson 

The Honor Roll 

Bliss Buford Abbot 

Carol Tilson Atwood 

Nancy McEntire Bradford 

Kristina Mallonee Buckingham 

Anne Trice Chewning 

Elizabeth Ziebe Elliott 

Anne Perrin Flynn 

Ruth Hill Goodpasture 

Agnes Hanvood 

Rosemary Baldwin Hendricks 

Emily Ferrara Hollings 

Susan Huddy 

Wanda Lewin Johnson 

Judy Durham Kennedy 

Patricia Lacy 

Julia Williams Layfield 

Nancy Hudson Lloyd 

Diane Srigley Mangiante 

Valeta Stoneburner McDonald 

Nancy Doyle Molitor 

Eve Hitchman Morrison 

Virginia Johnson Moss 

Julie Tippins Parker 

Elizabeth Read-Connole 

Camille Cremers Richards 

Barbara Mitchell Sample 

Ann Allen Savoy 

Lisa Sloan-Levin 

Alice Smith 

Margaret McMaster Smith 

Elizabeth Car)' Spell 

Lynn McWhorter Speno 

Claudia Williams 

Kathryn Payne Wueste 


32% giving s 5,425 

The President's Associates 
Jane Miller 

The Ivy Circle 

Vickie Reynolds Akelman 
Clair Carter Bell 
Donna Neudorfer Earp 

The Colonnade Club 
Susan Hazelwood Buffington 
Lisa Wall O'Donnell 
Dr. Susan Thomas 

The Columns 

Janie McShan Allgood 
Sylvia Baldwin 
Addie Stanley Beckner 
Joan Ferrell 
Carroll Blair Keiger 
Kathryn Lee Kemp 
Pamela Dunbar Kreger 
Valerie Sutton Payne 
Laura Wall Phillips 

The Honor Roll 

Anne Leatherbury Atwood 
Marquerite Jemison Bartlett 

Jennie Peery Baumann Budd 
Katherine Hobbs Burnett 
Karen McConnell Daniel 
Shirley Douglass 
Mary Ferguson 
Catharine Johnson Flagg 
Zoe Wavell Gottlich 
Marcia Evans Gravitt 
Cheryl Hudrick Guedri 
Cary Adkins Guza 
Vicki Hawes 
Susan Hewitt 
Denise Doyon Jared 
Katherine Kantner 
Cynthia Vaughan Kerr 
Mary McCarty Martin 
Nancy Lawler Milam 
Claire Colbert Mills 
Prince Carr Norfleet 
Douglass Head Pittman 
Susan Riegel Price 
Susan Shipman-Jicha 
Ivy Mathias Stennett 
Susan Dugan Weinig 

1 977 

33% giving s 5,600 

The President's Associates 
Eloise Clyde Chandler 

The Ivy Circle 

Alison Wenger Boone 
Diane Hepford Lenahan 

The Colonnade Club 

Sherry Bassett Brooks 
Linda Hinrichs Christovich 
Melissa Rhodes McCue 
Catherine Gephart Shook 
Leslie Marfleet Terry 

The Columns 
Dr. Donna Booth 
Lucile Jones Clyde 
Ann Calhoun Dent 
Elizabeth Bruni Downey 
Langhorne Amonette Ellis 
Evelyn Wells Fisher 
Judy Hanlen 

Dr. Sarah Lawrence Heald 
Bettie Herbert 
Mary Mattox McAllister 
Patricia Hines Phoenix 
Martha Lynch Smith 
Vanessa Traynham 
Nancy Pearson Yeaman 

The Honor Roll 

Suzanne Stringer Bryson 
Nancy Allen Cary 
Louise King Cavanagh 
Katharine McWane Doel 
Rebecca Fouche 

Ann Bartley Gardner 
Cynthia Hall 
Amy Ivy 

Rebecca Regan Keever 
Terry Colaw Kershner 
Cynthia Vaughan Lantz 
Kathryn McCain Lee 
Leslie Doane Leocha 
Elizabeth Passarello Llewellyn 
Patrice Gurley Miles 
Marjorie Bates Moore 
Janie Wright Morgan 
Katheryn O'Connor 
Katharine Randolph 
Page Branton Reed 
Debra Wolfe Shea 
Julie Taylor Smith 
Patricia Stratton 
Ann Lucas Styron 
Shawn Keys Whitman 


37% giving s 9,861 

The Founders' Club 

Rozalia Cruise Hogg 

The President's Associates 

Lt. Col. Melissa Patrick 
Carol "Cappy" Paul Powell 
Susan Walker 

The Ivy Circle 

Letia McDaniel Drewry 
Mary Baldwin Johnson 
Katherine Taylor 
Sally Wetzel Wicks 

The Colonnade Club 

Laurie Scott Bass 
Catherine Ferris McPherson 
Mollie Moomau Prominski 
Elizabeth Hoefer Ward 

The Columns 

Pamela Turner Chapman 
Heidi Goeltz Clemmer 
Susan Jones Hendricks 
Dr. Nancy Meek 
Mary Mizell 
Melissa Patrick 
Jennifer Reilly Yurina 

The Honor Roll 

Carol McCausland Amos 
Mary Eros Barnes 
Kathy Ballew Bowen 
Jane Brammer 
Pamela Williams Butler 
Susan Grosso Cimperman 
Jennifer Johnston Cobb 
Jonnie Cogdell Courtney 
Katherine Pearson Crump 
Cathy Edwards Davis 
Kathleen O'Neill Frazier 

The Annual Report 2 1 

Melanie Goff 
Lisa Howard Grose 
Margaret Edwards James 
Jane Chaplin Jones 
Elizabeth Smith Kirtz 
Leisa McCauley Kite 
Julie Osborne Ladky 
Nan Mahone 
Kelsey Adams Melvin 
Man- Wells Pfeffer 
Claire McCants Schwahn 
Katherine Killelea Sizemore 
Deborah Rexrode Timberlake 

1 979 

31% giving $ 10,964 

The Founders' Club 

Elizabeth "B. J." Felton de Golian 

The President's Associates 

Cynthia Luck Haw 
Mary Nell McPherson 

The Ivy Circle 

Suzi Parker Carson 
Kimberly Baker Glenn 
Jane Harcus Hill 
Nancy Dana Theus 

The Colonnade Club 

Tami O'Dell 

The Columns 

Ellison Carey 

Kathleen Chupak Guerino 

Mary Letha Warren Jelinek 

Robin Jasiewicz Lafferty 

Sue Lollis 

Nancy Randall Mackey 

Betty Johnston Miller 

Susan Harris Witt 

The Honor Roll 

Nancy Clark Brading 

Helen Palmore Carley 

Cynthia Carson-Brown 

Martha Carr Crowley 

Barbara Strong Davis 

Dr. Laura Desportes 

Lvnne Kreger Frye 

Mary Hamblin Getty 

Jennifer Pace Gray 

Catherine Taylor Hensby 

Leslie Dore Hogan 

Susan Jones 

Debra Wilton Kipley 

Kelly Miller 

Janine Twigg Morse 

Charlotte Johnson Moyler 

Lisa Scott Pugh 

Tina Jefferson Richardson 

Lisa Rowley 

Elizabeth Saunders-Northam 

Jane Baugh Singletary 
Nancy M.uin Sizemore 
Sarah Way Speaker 
Gretchen Binard Wavell 
Barbara Barnes Wissbaum 
Susan Wolfe 

1 981 

28% giving s 5,310 

The President's Associates 

Valerie Wenger 

The Ivy Circle 

Margaret Wren de St. Aubin 

The Colonnade Club 

Margaret Silver Burton 
Mary Wray Conner 

The Columns 

Mary Mitchell Amos 
Jane McClure Booth 
Elizabeth Trimble Bradley 
Frances Garvey 
Ann Hayes 
Amy Tracy Ingles 
Nancy Broyles James 

Julie Ewing 
Julia Hall Friedman 
Amy Gillette Groesbeck 
Helen Hanks 

The Rev. Olivia Kincaid-Haney 
Diane Walczak Janssen 
Sarah Beth Snead Lankford 
Kathleen Wilkerson Magnan 
Alice Stevens Marshall 
Pamela Hunziker McDorman 
Lucinda Furr McKinney 
Kathryn Gravely Melo 
Carol McKenna Mongan 
Pamela McCain Pearce 
Jennifer Free Pecora 
Courtney Lester Procter 
Susan Lynch Roberts 
Elizabeth Nash Taylor 
Harriett Waldrop 
Rebecca Smith Wirt 
Hillary Wood Zeno 

1 982 

39% giving s 24,925 

The Rufus W. Bailey Society 

Pamela Stephens Rose 

In the fall of 1994, U.S. News & World Report 

ranked Mary Baldwin fifth overall 

in regional liberal 

arts colleges in the 

South and first 


In 1995, Mary 


ranking rose 

to #1 overall! 

Nita Ann Knight Klein 

Rebecca Linger 

Elizabeth Laffitte Malinowski 

Pamela Pope 

Ann Potter 

Glenda Ridgely 

Walter Ridgely 

Martha Ferrell Thornhill 

The Honor Roll 

Margaret Moncure Butler 
Virginia Tyree Colligan 
Whitney Markley Denman 
Melinda Rose Eichorn 

The President's Associates 

Sarah Johnson Pitt 

The Colonnade Club 
Laura O'Hear Church 
Carolyn Duke Elkins 
Madge Hooker 

The Columns 

Sara Bearss 

Dawn Martin Blankinship 
Stephanie Carlson Brennan 
Linda Cochrane 
Cammy Edel Dennis 

Susan English 

Dana Flanders 
Laura Foley 
Anne Paul Joscy 
Lisa Spangler Locher 
Melinda Middleton 
Kimberly Henley Miller 
Karen Neff 
Barbara Paschal] 
Margaret Herbert Roach 
Rozalind Foreman Tanner 
Rita Wilson 

The Honor Roll 

Susan Little Adkins 
Andrea Zukaukas Aikins 
Kathryn McGehee Avery 
Wendy Pfautz Blomberg 
Ann Filipowicz Blotner 
Joyce Boatwright Cole 
Susan Foster Dawejko 
Barbara Nicodemus Denn 
Mary Hibbitts Dickinson 
Cynthia Phillips Fletcher 
Teresa Young Fort 
Judith Grosso Foy 
Amy Reagan Goswick 
Marguerite Harrison 
Margaret Healy 
Treva Gallaher Houser 
Amy Hall Jackson 
Mary Wagner Jones 
Catherine Henson Kinniburgh 
Rebecca Lovingood 
Jennifer Manthorpe Mackey 
Lorrie McCloskey 
Ellen Moomaw 
Kimberly O'Donnell 
Tamara Obaugh 
Nancy Ragsdale 
Kellie Owens Reams 
Virginia Cardwell Rosebro 
Caroline Savage 
Sarah Beard Shafer 
Daphne Andrews Stickley 
Ann Haynes Vanderhout 
Edith Pardoe Webb 
Suzanne Hauser Weiss 
Elizabeth Howard Young 

1 983 

30% giving ' 7,982 

The President's Associates 

Susan Parker Drean 
Tance Anderson Laughon 
Anne McCormack 
Charlotte Wenger 

The Ivy Circle 

Jane G. Kornegay 

Martha McGraw McKaughn 

22 The Annual Ri pi ir i 

The Colonnade Club 

Linda Martin Graybill 
Gabrielle Gelzer McCree 

The Columns 

Capt. Victoria Calhoun 
Mary Wilson Covington 
Laura LaGrow Durland 
Judith Jones 

Mary Bartelloni KJinedinst 
Martha McGraw McKaughn 
Mary Pleasants McManus 
Georgianne Miller Mitchell 
Anne Broyles Proctor 
Mary Gibson Scott 
Ora Smith 
Loretta Vigil Tabb 
Mary Torrence 
Ruth Winston 

The Honor Roll 

Cynthia Ryan Allen 
Elizabeth Wyatt Ashe 
Melinda Cain 
Elizabeth Hough Cole 
Kathryn Pilcher Davis 
Beth Slusser Hall 
Frances Honeycutt 
Laura Ziglar Hunt 
Jane Latchum Jacobsen 
Carolyn Enochs Mance 
Robin Rexinger Mayberry 
Margaret Pratt 
Martha Anthony Prioleau 
Barbara Price Riley 
Frances Oxner Robertson 
Nora Mays Saunders 
Patricia Kapnistos Struble 
Peyton Burnett Telegadas 
Rebecca Waalewyn Traylor 
Therese Rothe Witcher 

1 984 

25% giving s 4,927 

The President's Associates 
Dr. Sheila Kendrick 

The Ivy Circle 

Margaret Troutman Grover 

Dr. Saundra Eareckson Seifert 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Stuart Copeland Alfano 
Pamela Leigh Anderson 
Elizabeth Cummins Dudley 

The Columns 

Martha Smith Collett 
Katherine Fauster 
Deborah Hardie 
Mary Moorman Ismail 
Laura Kerr 
Lee Beal Kirksey 
Belinda Norden Pitman 

Elizabeth Edgerton Summer; 
Anne Smith Walbridge 

The Honor Roll 

Theresa Hall Attwell 
Lisa Byrne 
Jane Byrd Cooke 
Susan Shellenberger Cooper 
Laura Martin Davis 
Deidre Fleming Dougherty 
Leigh Smith Faircloth 
Lisa Gavazzi-Johnson 
Catherine Harrell 
Kathleen King 
Robin Newcomb Lermo 
Janet Andrews Melton 
Sherry Duncan Miller 
Edna Remington-Johnson 
Carroll Oliver Roach 
Erin Sullivan 

Joanna Campbell Swanson 
Ann Garrett Toler 
Anne Birdsong Wentz 
Kelly Phelps Winstead 
Sandra McCord Yonts 
Laura Wilson Young 


20% giving s 3,905 

The President's Associates 

Lynn Dinger Edmonds 

The Ivy Circle 

Julie Ellsworth Cox 

The Colonnade Club 

Rita "R. J." Landin-Loderick 

Lindsay Mitchell Scarisbrick 

The Columns 

Amy Bridge 
Esther Ames Dittamo 
Kathleen Healy Gillen 
Kimberley Dawson Schold 

The Honor Roll 

Caroline Bays 
Dr. Charissa Camp 
Michele Schalow Clements 
Sarah Burnette Conrad 
Cindy Mitchell DeKeyrel 
Tamara Dingbaum 
Patricia Brown Freeman 
Haley Johnson 
Carroll Coupland Kennedy 
Candle Dollarhite Meadors 
Barbara Cale Newman 
Karen Latshaw Schaub 
Eustacia Nicholson Schoeffler 
Susan Rose Sheild 
Donna Cason Smith 
Carol Vaughn Sprinkle 
Michele Starck 

1 987 

16% giving s 990 

The Columns 

Mackay Morris Boyer 
Barbara Grant Crosby 
Gretchen Drenkard Koontz 
Mara York Montgomery 
Tracy Brickner Schloss 

The Honor Roll 

Louise Hall Bloxom 
Melissa McCullough Carter 
Susan Everly Cummings 
Mary Chestnut Donald 
Shelby Price Dukes 
Susan Hostetter Gilvary 
Winnifred Gravely 
Helen lams 
Mary-Slater Linn 
Carolyn Casler Luxton 
Barbara Overman Marsh 
Anne Ashworth Preston 
Jennifer Lyster Rich 
Anne Poulson Russell 
Dena Hill Weiss 
Claire Williams 

1 988 

21% giving s 4,420 

The Founders' Club 
Teresita Zapata Trigo 

The Columns 

Mary Blasser Brown 
Cheryl Davenport 
Lenore Patterson-Ball 
Lucinda Barksdale Sprinkle 
Lisa Dressier Walrod 

The Honor Roll 

Christine Denfeld Berry 

Joan Grasberger Bowers 

Margret Mullen Brinson 

Margaret Hartley Buchanan 

Paula Srigley Colman 

Lisa Derby 

Tiffany Bevan Dormire 

Melissa Price Gates 

Bobbye Mitchell Gery 

Rebecca Gibbs 

Monica Derbes Gibson 

Tanya Kiser Jussila 

Margaret Mathis Lindeman 

Sally Miller 

Denise Dorsey Mitlehner 

Jane Linn Naro 

Nicole Mesisco Reed 

Joanne Reich 

Jasmine Reyes 

Karin Whitt 

Paige Carnes Woolwine 

Deborah Wuensch 

1 989 

19% giving $ 1,350 

The Columns 
Tracey Cote Allen 
Courtney Bell 
Leslie Ferrier Campbell 
Sheri Powell Neuhofer 
Jacqueline Nicholas 
Angela Favata Week 

The Honor Roll 

Susan Achey 

Rita Alvis 

Anne Byford 

Christine Warwick Fitzgerald 

Sarah Yeatts Gormley 

Elizabeth Hammock 

Lucille Hodges 

Hi-Gyong Beck Kahng 

Sarah McClellan Holman 

Aude Mann 

Pamela Pruitt McDonagh 

Amy Nelson 

Shelby Powell 

Kathleen Sale Shannon 

Julie Sikes 

Sharron Jackson Smith 

Katrina Spanka-Kloman 

Amy Thomas 

Wendy Cudworth Van Fossen 

Jeanette Copes Wilson-Wallace 


The Honor Roll 

Eleanor Wetzel 

Alumnae Giving Committee 
This group of loyal supporters has 
given generously of their time and 
energy calling their classmates for gifts 
to the Annual Fund. Many thanks 
to these committee members for 
their help and support of the college. 

Charlotte R. Wenger '83, chair 
Anita C. Malugani '39 
Nancy McWhorter Hurley '42 
Ann Cooke Britt '58 
Jane Townes '69 
Nancy Randall Mackey 79 
Valerie Wenger '81 
Susan Parker Drean '83 
Martha Smith Collett '84 
Margaret Troutman Grover '84 
Laura Kerr '84 
Jacqueline T. O'Hare '84 
Belinda Norden Pitman '84 

The Annual Report 23 

Tlw young jflumnae (program 

The Young Alumnae Program was established in 1994 in an effort to 
increase Annual Fund involvement in the four most recently graduated 
classes. With giving clubs suited to a recent graduate's budget and a 
strong emphasis on participation, the Young Alumnae Program has 
proven very successful. Together, the young alumnae classes had an 
average participation rate of 27% and gave a total of '4,750, surpassing 
the '3,500 goal by s l,250. 

Young Alumnae Giving Clubs 

The Gladys Circle 

s 500 and up 

The Hunt Hall Society 
'100 to s 499 

The Mixers Club 

*7S to '99 

The Apple Day Club 

s 50 to s 74 

The Ham and Jam Associates 
'5 to s 49 

The Gladys Award 

Class of 1991 

The primary goal of the Young Alumnae Program is to increase 
participation of young alumnae in the college's Annual Fund. The 
Gladys Award is presented on Founders' Day to the class with the 
highest percentage of participation. Congratulations go to the first 
class to ever win the Gladys Award, the Class of 1991. Thirty-six 
percent of their class participated in the 1994-95 Annual Fund. 











Solicitable Base 





Participation 94-95 





Amount Raised 

s 1,620 

s 1,595 

s 830 

s 705 

Participation 93-94 





% change 





1 991 

36% giving s 1,620 

The Hunt Hall Society 

Collier Andress 
Catherine Noyes Biringer 
Sara I lefternan 
Elizabeth Bender Nelson 
Kellv Thornburg 
Jennifer Webb 

The Apple Day Club 
Caroline Hildebrand Cochrane 
Coree Earle 
Priscilla Huynh 
Kaye Rollm 
Man Shook 

The Ham & Jam Associates 

Renee Arena 

Heather Pearson Ashley 

Wanda Camden 

Cora Leigh Raynor Clark 

Shea Ann Dejarnette 

Erin Deneen 

Martinah DiSavino 

Kandice Engle 

RachelAnne Festa Fleming 

Margaret Hambrick Glaze 

Robyn Fiorenza Haynie 

Amy Hundley 

Lisa Valentine Kopecko 

Elizabeth Leonard 

Teal Chappel Lloyd 

[Catherine Smith Marett 

Kristin Henley McWilliams 

Suzanne Kierson Miller 

Heather Houdeshell Neel 

Jennifer Page 

Sarah Penhallow 

Karen Ponton 

Melissa Lunardini Sheets 

Mary-Hart Gassman Spivey 

Katherine Talbot 

Mary Tucker Thrift 

Amie Seymour Tuck 

Eleanor Ware 

Martha Wilbum 

Heather Wilcox 

Pamela Williamson 

1 992 

28% giving s 1,595 

The Hunt Hall Society 
Julie Brenner 
Talley Warner 

The Mixers Club 

Carroll "Squeaky" Suggs 

The Apple Day Club 

Katherine Bolen 

Jov Bigalke Chien 

Rose Chu 

Heather Jackson 

Julie Moss- Burn 

Helen Nalty 

Nicole Fisher Parkerson 

Elizabeth Connell Pee 

Anne Stone Ruark 

Barbara Ragsdale Whitmore 

The Ham & Jam Associates 

Julie Adams 

Christina Karseras Balderson 

Nina Baxley 

Kristi Brown 

Paula Bush 

Mary Cocke 

Julia Shugart Crist 

Hope Williams Dunbar 

James "Rusty" Fleming 

Kimberly Fogel 

Polly Satterfield Gilbert 

Robin Henderson 

Mary Hughes 

Victoria Hughes 

Melinda Hunnicutt 

Leigh Jennings 

Stephanie Leftwich 

Leslie Feltner Moody 

Steve Neville 

Susan O'Donnell 

Michelle Osborn 

Mary Beth Gorcys Pauley 

Paige Pemberton 

Ann Pendleton 

Mary Helen Roach 

Sara Roberts 

Amy Sales 

Margaret Walker Siewert 

Carol Vest Smith 

Margaret Stowe 

Kathrvn Tatterson 

Gina DeMarchi Tavlor 

24 The Annual Report 

1 993 

20% giving s 830 

The Hunt Hall Society 
Alargaret Ashmore 

The Apple Day Club 
Man' Alice Bomar 
Kelly Kennaly 
Margaret Kluttz 
Dawn Pattarini 
Tricia Clardy Wilson 

The Ham & Jam Associates 

Brook Adams 

Janice Black 

Kelli Compton 

Diahann "Burn" DeBreaux 

Deborah Fischer 

Anne Hanson 

Allison Heyward 

Elizabeth Home 

Patricia Hylton 

Amy Kellam 

Elizabeth Layne 

Sydney McCown 

Evelyn Kate Mills 

Sonja Musser 

Lisa Nichols 

Emily Oehler 

Lane McLeod Perry 

Roxanne Rodes 

Sharon Scott 

Heather Smith 

Elizabeth Stokes 

1 994 

25% giving s 705 

The Hunt Hall Socien- 
Sabrina Rakes 

The Apple Day Club 
Caroh"n Chismer 
Tamalyn Dawson 
Laura Fisher 
Melissa Hines 
Lori Wilt 

The Ham & Jam Associates 

Lee Addison 

Blair Bones 

Melanie Brashear 

Lori Broglio 

Laura Bvrne 

Ahchele Cargain 

Man - Hardy Cromer 

Leah Dalke 

Dana Fugazzotto 

Leah Garcia 

Genie Gratto 

Heather Hill 

Allison Hurley 

Trish Jenkins 

Angela Lawhorne 

Gina Lawrimore 

Katherine Mauermann 

Bobbi Norris 

Keena Payne 

Tammy Myers Pence 

Jennifer Pollitt 

Kelly Linton Strickler 

Sharon Wertz 

1994-1995 young jttwnnae 
Program Volunteers 


Stephanie Baker 
Maureen Cullather 


Marguerite Carter 
Nana,- McClellan 
Carroll "Squeaky" Suggs 
Helen Nalty 


Buffy DeBreaux 
Meg Kluttz 


Heather Hill 
Jenn Pollitt 


Support of the Annual Fund fro 

m friends of the college affirms our 

importance to higher education. 

Contributions from our friends 

bring innovations to campus an 

d increase our visibilin* in and value 

to our community. 

The Rurus W. Bailey Society 

Mr. & Airs. Walter N. McDougall 

William G. Pannill 

Mrs. William W. Sproul, Jr. 

The Alan* Julia Baldwin Socien* 

Patricia A. Taylor 

Yoko Sakae 

Mr. 6c Mrs. James D. Vail III 

Virginia K. Willis 

The Hill Top Club 

Airs. Orme Wilson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. P. William Moore, Jr. 

Mr. 6c Mrs. R. R. Smith 

The Honor Roll 

LeRoy Bald 

The Founders' Club 

Ah. 6c Airs. Frederick W. Belledin 

Gladys S. Boester 

Airs. Roland H. Brady 

Estate of Mrs. Fannie R. Cooke 

Rev. 6c Airs. CD. Caldwell 

Robert S. Doenges 

Elizabeth D. Eshelman 

William G. Kerr 

D. B. Hill, Jr. 

The President's Associates 

John Aydelotte Alapp 

J. Edward Berts 

Airs. E. S. Alarchant 

Estate of Charles F. Cole 

Virginia C. Martin 

Phyllis L. Cothran 

William L. Parker 

Helen K. Groves 

Therese Al. Shaheen 

Marsha Evans Lawrence 

Mrs. William I. Thomas 

Mr. &Mrs. William T. Mdntyre, Jr. 

Former Trustees 

The Ivy Circle 

Carole Lewis Anderson 

Marian Homsby Bowditch '42 

Justice &Mrs. George M. Cochran 

Anne Ponder Dickson '61 

Thelma S. Eiland 

Leigh Yates Farmer '74 

Dr. John A. Taylor 

Judith W. Godwin '52 

Caroline Upshur Walker 

Helen K. Groves 

Nancy Wallace Henderson '36 

The Colonnade Club 

Josephine Hannah Holt '44 

Carol Ann Douglas 

Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 

Airs. H. G. Hansen 

Rosalinda Roberts Aladara '63 

Dr. Anne Morris Hooke 

Louise Rossett AIcNamee '70 

Mrs. William J. McMillan 

Julia Gooch Richmond '34 

H. P. McNeal 

R. R. Smith 

William S. Moses 

Susan Thompson Timmons '64 

Mr. &Mrs. H. L. Opiejr. 

William G. Salmon 

The Columns 

Trustees Emeriti 

Warren R. Berts 

Justice George AL Cochran 

George P. Blackburn, Jr. 

Ora Ehmling Ehmann '36 

Mr. &Mrs. C. H. Crockett, Sr. 

H. Hiter Harris, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Flowers 

Alargaret Herscher Hitchman '40 

Ah. 6c Airs. H. Hiter Harris, Jr. 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 

Airs. Paul O. Hirschbiel 

Ralph W. Kittle 

Mr. &AIrs. R. E. Holsinger 

Frank C. Alartin, Jr. 

Olive R. Hough 

Horace P. McNeal 

Airs. Leon W. Jackson 

Benv Xeisler Timberlake '45 

The Annual Report 

Parents of Current and former Studei its 

Parents entrust the education of their daughters to Mary Baldwin College 
because of the unique program options, small classes and individual 
attention that they will receive. Gifts from parents of current and former 
students represent an important affirmation of the college and its mission. 

The Rufns W. Bailey Society 
Mr. Sc Mrs. Ray Clymer, Jr. 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Terry Turner 

The Hill Top Club 

Nancy A. Crim 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Charles S. Luck 111 

Mr. Sc Mrs. William O. Reuther 

The Founder's Club 

Martha Barnett Beal '53 

Walter E. Eckel 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Gordon L. Hammock 

Rozalia Cruise Hogg 78 

Jean T. Moore 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 

Cecile Mears Turner '46 

Harriett Middleton Waldrop '48 

The President's Associates 
Gordon E. Arnold 
Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 
Margaret Gigmlliat Carswell '53 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Calvin N. Clyde, Jr. 
Sharon P. Creekmore 
Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 
Mr. 8c Mrs. E. B. Fitzgerald 
Nancy Guthrie Garrett 
Gordon M. Grant 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Thomas Halligan 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Alexander Hamilton IV 
Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt 
Gail McLennan King '69 
Ralph W. Kittle 
Randall J. Knisely.Jr. 
Paula R. Lea 

Nancy Daniel Mahaffey '62 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Martin, Jr. 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell '40 
Nancy Clark McLennan '40 
Dr. Patricia Hobert Menk 
Mr. 8cMrs. Behnard V. Peto 
Andrew W. Prescott 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Peter E. S. Pover 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Michael J. Rapier 
Mr. & Mrs. H.B.Roberts, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rotgin, Jr. 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Harry V. Schnabel, Jr. 
Mr 8c Mrs. Charles H. Shuford, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. A. P. Stover, Jr. 
William L. Sudderth 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor '48 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 
Capt. 8c Mrs. O. C.B. Wev 

The Ivy Circle 

Mrs. Mark L. Allen 

David Paul Barra 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Norris A. Broyles, Jr. 

W. Bruce 8c Kathleen Kenig Byford ' 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Dawson 

Mr. 8c Mrs. J. H. Dejarnette 

Sharon S. Stone 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65 

Thomas P. Gratto 

Patricia Simpson Hylton 

Mrs. F. Schley Knight 

Marianna Jamison Leach '47 

Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 

Nancy Roycroft Perry '45 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Gordon Brooks Powell 

Mr. 8c Mrs. William Shearer, Jr. 

Mrs. William A. Sutherland 

Dr. Gulen F. Tangoren 

Mr. Sc Mrs. Michael W. Terry 

Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Ronald Allen Topp 

Mr. 8c Mrs. William Troxell 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Richard L. Tusing 

Mary Lamont Wade '52 

Mr. ScMrs. O. L.Walker 

Aremita R. Watson 

Mrs. Thomas S. Williamson III 

Mr. &c Mrs. Somers M. Wilton 

The Colonnade Club 

Patty Lewis Barr 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Edmond S. Burke, Jr. 

William T.Butler, Jr. 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Henry N. Carter, Jr. 

Francine M. Cimino 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Robert A. Creed 

Jaquelin H. Dejarnette 

James D. Douglas 

Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 

Mrs. Robert V. Ely 

Dr. Martin A. Favata 

Susanne Eve Fowlkes '64 

Susan Mulford Gantly '66 

Aladino A. Gavazzi 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Thomas L. Glenn 

Cornelia Adair Green '46 

Raymond W. Greenwood, Jr. 

Dr. Bruce N. Hamilton 

Mr. 8c Mrs. A.R. Heyward III 

Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Jasper P. Home III 

Suzanne Kelly 

The Rev. Michael H. Kennedy 

Mr. 8c Mrs. David Carl Landin 

Alene Brewster Larner '32 

William Lasley, Jr. 

Mrs. Steve L. Mathis III 

Mary Hebbard Parmelee '30 

Brooke Hume Pendleton '71 

Charlotte Tilley Sorrell '46 

Mrs. E. Leslie Spence III 

Rose Driver Stuart '69 

Mary Phipps Such 72 

Linda Holloman Sydnor 

Mr. 8c Mrs. William D. Sydnor 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Hideo Tokano 

Myrna Williams Vest '47 

Mrs. Frederick H. Walsh 

Dr. Robert A. Warren 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Robert H.Webb 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Paul C. Wenger, Jr. 

Mr. 8c Mrs. J. Goodrich Wright 

The Columns 

Mr. ScMrs. Fisher Ames 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Stafford E. Andrews 
R. LaRue Armstrong 
Margaret Newman Avent '49 
Elaine Kibler Baldwin '41 
Elizabeth Pringle Barge '41 
Shirley Black Barre '39 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Rex H. Bassett 
Sallie Belle Whitener Benedetti '61 
Reed Munson Beveridge '43 
Mrs. Mildred C. Bloxom 
Cary Bryan Boyd '45 
Gwendolyn Austin Brammer '49 
Mr. 8c Mrs. W. Coleman Branton 
W. Bruce Byford 
Mr. 8c Mrs. James P. Carreras 
Martha Kline Chaplin '51 
Rev.and Mrs. Robert N. Clark 
Dr. 8c Mrs. T. R. Clark 
Dr. 8c Mrs. Richard M. Clary 
Harriett Harrington Connolly '43 
Ann Alexander Cook '62 
Judith Wills Creasy '68 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Dale Cross 
Dr. Garfield W. Danehower 
Elizabeth T. Day 
Mr. 8c Mrs. C.J. Deitz 
John D. Dejarnette 
Page Grey Dudley '56 
Mr. 8c Mrs. John Edwin Duke 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Arthur J. DuLac 
Walter E. Eckel 
Kathleen Edwards 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Melvin W. Estes 
Susan Heltzel Estes 70 
Emma Padgett FitzHugh '40 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Bruce G. Freeland 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Alfred E. Fry 
Betty Berger Fulgham '51 
Thelma Trigg Gannon '46 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Michael L. Garrett 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Parvin Ray Gibbs 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Glazebrook 
Mrs. Richard Gonder 
Mr. 8c Mrs. C. T. Graves 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Edward E. Greene 
Lillian Richardson Hall '48 
Heline Cortez Harrison '48 
Ann Ratcliffe Harrover '58 
Mr. 8c Mrs. John Reed Hartley 
E. W. Harvey, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Harvey II 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Charles M. Hawn 
Flovlee Hanuter Hemphill 
Mr. ScMrs. Roy Henderson 
Margaret Caldwell Herndon '39 
Mr. 8c Mrs. John Roberts 

Mr. ScMrs. R. V. Hillyer 
Patricia Murphee Honea '49 
Emma Martin Hubbard '50 
Patricia Coffey Huffstetler 75 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Jack R. Hutchins 
Dr. Sara Nair James '69 
Joyce K. Jennings 
Rev. Sc Mrs. T. Q^ Johnson 
Mrs. William Clark Jones 
Nicholas S. Karacsony 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Gary W. Kennaly 
James N. Krauter 
Doris Clement Kreger '48 
Elizabeth Usher Laffitte '49 
Mr. ScMrs. W. W. Lambeth 
Dorothy Heep Larson '45 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Edwin Leatherbury 
Col. Billy W. Libby 
Ann McDonald '48 
Gary W. Mackey 
Mr. Sc Mrs. D. W. Marston 

26 The Annual Report 

Evelyn Engleman Mathews '42 

Bern- Choate Matthews '51 

Col. & Mrs. Efrain Medina 

Edith James Mickley '49 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Percy Montague III 

Carol Saulsburv Moore '45 

Mr. Sc Mrs. R. Edward Nance 

Mr. ScMrs. Charles R. Odom 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Dow Owens 

Alice Parson Paine '46 

Mr. ScMrs. Herbert W. Parker 

Dr. James B. Patrick 

Margaret McBrvde Patterson '45 

Nana,' McMullan Pauley '58 

Faye Smith Peck '58 

Mr. ScMrs. Charles Penick, Jr. 

Judge Oliver A. Pollard 

Dr. 6c Mrs. Herman Preseren 

Jane Proffit Pruett '46 

Mr. ScMrs. H. Ravenhorst 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Anthony B. Ray 

F. Walsh Read '47 

Dr. ScMrs. William W. Regan 

Margaret Armstrong Robertson '39 

Carolyn Horton Rogers '49 

Doris Rohner Rogers '60 

Mr. ScMrs. T. P. T. Roper 

Susan K. Rudulph 

Julio C. Shaik 

Elizabeth Dahl Shaner '53 

Betsy Merritt Sherard '51 

Mr. Sc Mrs. H. Reese Shoemaker, Jr. 

Betty Ott Smallwood '46 

Katharine Hoge Smith '41 

Mr. ScMrs. William E. Smith 

Dr. Frank R. Southerington 

Dr. ScMrs. Paul C. Sparks 

Sally Peck Spaulding '47 

Esther Proffit Spessard '39 

Mr. ScMrs. A. Kendall Sydnor 

Margaret Flythe Teague '58 

Mr. Sc Mrs. Blenn Thomas 

Mrs. Carl V. Thompson 

Carolyn Geyer Timmons 

Dotty Hobby Travis '56 

B. Haigler Turner '65 

Mr. ScMrs. Charles F. Urquhart IH 

Hilar}' P. Van Rensselaer 

Cmdr. Sarah E. Walsh 

Mr. ScMrs. Rudy J. Watson 

Dr. W.John Wetzel 

John M. Wexler 

Mr. ScMrs. G. W. Whalen 

Elizabeth Churchman Wick '44 

Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus '48 

Miriam Hughes Williams '31 

Margaret Getty Wilson '48 

Mr. Sc Mrs. Thomas R Wirsing, Jr. 

Elizabeth Johnston Witham '55 

Mr. ScMrs. William M. Wright 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Harold E.Zell 

The Honor Roll 
Lt. Col. ScMrs. Richard A. Aceto 
Mr. ScMrs. Robert J. Andre 
Dr. Sc Mrs. Richard L. Atkinson 
Anna Rohrer Bach '61 
Anne Person Baylor '52 
Mr. ScMrs. Cabell B. Birdsong 
Gwendolyn Black Bishop '65 
Maiy Hurley Blackshear '48 
Dr. Charles H. Coggs, Jr. 
Martha Murchison Boyd '64 
Cynthia Freeman Branscome '64 
Mr. ScMrs. Carroll E. Breeden 
Mr. Sc Mrs. William W. Brock, Jr. 
Maj. ScMrs. Heyward G. Brown, Jr. 
Diana Rede Cabell '56 
Mr. 8c Mrs. J. W.Campbell 
Marian Martin Cather '35 
Brenda N. Chandler 
Lois Smith Chapman '44 
Dr. Sc Mrs. W. B. Cleveland 
Elizabeth Allan Collins '61 
Mr. ScMrs. Eric J. Collins 
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin D. Compton 
Jacquiline Riddle Davidson '64 

Dorothy Snodgrass Goldsborough '52 

Julia Valz Good '52 

Mr. Sc Mrs. James R. Gray 

Jennifer Wilson Green '62 

Mr. Sc Mrs. Alvin W. Hall, Jr. 

Mrs. Charles G. Halsey 

Mr. ScMrs. C. Guy Hancock, Jr. 

Mr. ScMrs. Arturo A. Hilado 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Donald Hockenbury 

Mary Hale Hoe '47 

Mrs. G. Sterling Holland 

Capt. ScMrs. A.W. Howard, Jr. 

Joan Davis Howard '66 

Bern- Rankin Hubbard '53 

Joy D. Jackson 

Marcia Gooch Johnston '39 

Constance Balfour Jones '41 

Beth Tilley Kantner '42 

Mr. Sc Mrs. Robert A. Kaplan 

Mr. Sc Mrs. James S. Kennan 

Cmdr. Sc Mrs. George C. Kickhofel 

Mr. Sc Mrs. Amos Lee Laine 

Donald O'Neil Lankford, Jr. 

Mr. Sc Mrs. J. Henry Latchum 

Mr. ScMrs. Philip C. Learned 

Through an August 1994 matching grant 

from the National Science Foundation for 

s 50,000, Mary 

Baldwin was 

able to acquire 

a scanning 



for the Pearce 

Science Center. 

Mrs. Arthur Boyd Davis 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Richard H. Durrer 

Mrs. Richard Coles Edmunds 

Dr. ScMrs. Samuel Eichold 

Mr. ScMrs. E.J. English 

Dr. ScMrs. Richard Erikson 

Mrs. Judson Freeman 

Mr. ScMrs. Michael D. Gardner 

Mrs. Aladino A. Gavazzi 

Judith Merritt Gibbons '61 

John D. Goetz 

Sally Cox Lee '51 
Linda Sothard Lenox 
Blanche Campbell Lewis '39 
Virginia R. Lollis 
Ethel McCants Lowder '47 
Katherine Walker Lyle '28 
Mr. ScMrs. Neil K. Macintosh 
Alice Guerrant Manly '36 
Helen Hutcheson Massingill '65 
Mr. ScMrs. B. W. Matthews, Jr. 
Ann Rawl McCain '51 

June Lewis McHenry '49 

Carolyn P. Meeks 

William R. Miller 

Margaret Churchman Moffert '47 

Mr. ScMrs. Walter T. Morris III 

Anne G. Musser 

Elsie Nelms Nash '52 

Dorothy Hundley Neale '43 

Margaret Keller Pearson '38 

Julia Kohler Peterson '44 

Ruth Burnett Phillips 

Sarah L. Phillips 

Kathryn Pope Pilcher '57 

Catherine Prentiss Plummer '45 

Dr. ScMrs. Paxton P. Powers 

Dr. ScMrs. Charles B. Pratt III 

Mr. Sc Mrs. Leonard W. Price, Jr. 

Mr. ScMrs. Richard Clark Price 

Patty Tipton Pugh '55 

Mary Dudley Purtill '67 

Eugenia Wharton Rain '44 

Sarah Whitmore Ricks '36 

Frances Fitch Ruff '53 

Juliette Walker Sanders '37 

Mr. ScMrs. Glenn S. Settle 

Mr. ScMrs. Lacurgus W. Shenkjr. 

Emily Reese Smith '46 

JoAnn V. Smith 

Nelle McCants Smith '53 

Kathryn Poerschke Stevens '42 

Paul Morton Stowe 

Mr. ScMrs. Scott C. Taylor 

Virginia White Taylor '37 

Mrs. E. S. Tennent 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Larry D. Thielin 

Elizabeth Brinckerhoff Thomas '51 

Frances Edwards Thompson '37 

Billie Smith Towlen '52 

Mr. ScMrs. Douglas D. Tunstall 

Katharine Makepeace Turner '49 

John J. Velton 

Dr. Sc Mrs. Jorge A. Vicente 

Mr. ScMrs. Lawrence Wayne Wade 

Lynn Hayden Wadhams 

Audrey Martin Watson '40 

Mercer Pendleton Watt '49 

Cecile Cage Wavell '45 

Ann P. Weimer 

Mr. ScMrs. Herbert J. Wetzel, Jr. 

Dorothy Dyer Wilkins '28 

Elizabeth Gaulding Williams '53 

Mr. ScMrs. Charles H. Wilson 

Nina Sproul Wise '41 

Mr. 8c Mrs. A. Clark Wiser 

Beth P. Witt 

Marie Ulmer Wolfe '41 

Noell Harr Woodward '46 

Mr. 8c Mrs. John M. Woolston 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Landon R. Wyatt, Jr. 

Mr. Sc Mrs. Patrick Henrv Zabel 

The Annual Report 27 

faculty and Staff 

Mary Baldwin College's faculty and staff carry out the fundamental process 
of creating the appropriate learning climate. Those listed below have also 
chosen to demonstrate their additional support of the college's educational 
leadership through Annual Fund contributions. We salute all of those who 
shape the Mary Baldwin College environment. 

The Founders' Club 

Gordon L. Hammock 

The President's Associates 
Mark L. Atchison 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Dr. Heather Wilson 

The Ivy Circle 

Douglas E. Clark 

Dr. Dane J. Cox 

Dr. Virginia Rovster Francisco '64 

Jane G. Kornegay '83 

Dr. James D. Lott 

H. E. Neale 

Dr. Patricia Westhafer 

The Colonnade Club 

Crista R. Cabe 

John S. Kelly 

Nancy P. Mclntyre 

Catherine Ferris McPherson 78 

Gwendolyn Walsh 

The Columns 

Dr. Robert T. Allen III 

Tracey Cote Allen '89 

Beverly J. Askegaard 

Dr. Lewis Askegaard 

Dr. Man,' Gendernalik Cooper 

Betty and Hampton Hairfield 

The Rev. Patricia Hunt 

Karen Hurt 

Dr. Sara Nair James '69 

Nancy L. Johnston 

Betty N. Kegley 

Carl Larsen 

Patricia LeDonne 

Dr. Daniel Metraux 

Judy Metraux 

Dr. Roderic Owen 

Dr. Jane T. Pietrowski 

Celeste Rhodes 

Walter Ridgely, Jr. 'SI 

Ann White Spencer 

Dr. Frank R. Southerington 
Theresa Koogler Southerington 72 
Dr. Robert J. Weiss 

The Honor Roll 

Dr. Brenda L. Bryant 
Dr. Maty Hill Cole 
Shirley T. Craft 
Alicia M. Fishburne 
Dr. Susan Blair Green 
Marion B. Hart 
Maria Lena Hobson 
Marjorie C. Hoge '58 
Kelly A. Kennaly '93 
Elaine E. King 
Donna H. Love 
Dr. James C. McCrory 
Carolyn P. Meeks 
Wanda K. Morris 
Anne G. Musser 
Paul Rvan 

former faculty, 
Staffs Emeriti 

Former faculty, staff and emeriti are 
just as important to the college as 
current faculty and staff. Their 
wisdom and knowledge is 
everlasting. Their generous support 
shows continuous dedication to 
Mary Baldwin College, and for this 
we are proud. 

The President's Associates 
Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 
Lee Johnston Foster 75 
Dr. Patricia H. Menk 

The Ivy Circle 

Clair Carter Bell 76 

Susan Canfield 

Susan Conaty-Buck 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 

Dr. Mary E. Humphreys 

Katherine Lichtenberg 

Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson celebrated her 
10th year as president of Mary 
Baldwin, and the Program for the 
Exceptionally Gifted celebrated the 
10th anniversary of its founding. 

The Columns 

Sylvia Baldwin 76 

Elizabeth P. Campbell 

Katherine Kivlighan Cartet '44 

Dr. Mary D. Irving 

Marietta Barnes Jones '51 

Dr. Dorothy Mulberry 

Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Northcott 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Pancake 

Dr. James Patrick 

Glenda Ridgely '81 

Lillian Rudeseal 

Elizabeth Jennings Shupe 70 

James T. Spillman 

The Honor Roll 

Randolph Autranc 

Bettie Beard 

Margaret Evans '68 

Rebecca Gibbs '88 

Nancy Gillett 

Melanie Goff 78 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Freeman Jones, Jr 

Janis R. Kvaternik 

Carroll Oliver Roach '84 

Dinah Ryan 

Kathe Smith 

Rebecca Waalewvn Travlor '83 


Man - Baldwin College was 
founded in 1842 with the support 
of the Presbyterian Church. This 
bond continues today. Individual 
churches and the Synod of the 
Mid-Atlantic demonstrate their 
support for the college's 
educational progress through 
Annual Fund contributions. Many 
thanks go to these churches for 
their donations. 

Second Presbvterian Church 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 

Richmond, Virginia 


liii: Annua] Retort 

Corporations and foundations 

The corporations and foundations listed have given generously to the 1994-95 
Mary Baldwin College Annual Fund. Their contributions have been either 
outright gifts or matching gifts, or both. We extend a special thanks to all 
these businesses and organizations whose support greatly enhanced the 
1994-95 Annual Fund. 

Allied Signal Foundation, Inc. 
American Forest & Paper Assoc. 
American Tobacco Company 
Ameritech Foundation 
Appalachian Power Company 
AT&T Foundation 
Guy G. Atkinson Company of 

Augusta Hospital Corporation 
Barclays Bank Foundation 
Becton Dickinson Foundation 
Bell Atlantic 

Borden Manufacturing Company 
T. B. Butler Publishing Company 
Coca-Cola Company 
Commonwealth Gas Services 
Crestar Financial Corporation 

The DLJ Foundation 

Duke Power Company Foundation 

Dun & Bradstreet Corporation 

Guy C. Eavers Excavating 

Dean S. Edmonds Foundation 
Domino Sugar Corporation 
The Equitable Foundation 
Exxon Education Foundation 
First Union Foundation 
Freddie Mac 
H.B. Fuller Company 
General Reinsurance Corporation 
The Gerber Companies Foundation 
Golden Distributing Company 
The Garland Gray Foundation 
Hoffman-LaRoche Incorporated 

Hooker Furniture Corporation 

Jefferson National Bank 

Johnson & Johnson 

Kerr Foundation Incorporated 

Kuehn Foundation 

Liberty Corporation Foundation 

Lilly Industries, Incorporated 

Thomas J. Lipton Foundation 

Lumbermen's Mutual Casualty 

The J. N. McArthur Foundation 
Merck & Company, Inc. 
Merrill Lynch & Company 
Nationwide Foundation 
New York Life Foundation 
New York Marine & General 

Newport News Shipbuilding 
Norfolk Southern Foundation 
Northwestern Mutual Life 

Insurance Company 
NYNEX Corporation 
Peachtree House Foundation 
Pennzoil Company 
Phillip Morris, Inc. 

Provident Life & Accident Insurance 

RF8cP Railroad Company 

Phone-Poulenc Rorer, Inc. 

Rust Foundation 

Sands Foundation 

Schnabel Foundation Company 

Scott Foresman and Company 


Shell Oil Company Foundation 

Shenandoah's Pride Dairy 

Signet Bank 

Southern Services, Inc. 

Sprint Foundation 

State Farm Companies Foundation 

Stephens, Inc. 

Stotler Charitable Trust 

Tandy Corporation 

Union Pacific Corporation 


Wenger Foundation 

Wheat First Butcher Singer 

Watson W. Wise Foundation 
Woodfin Heating 
Margaret C. Woodson Foundation 
Wren Foundation, Inc. 

Memorial Gifts to the 1994-95^Innual Jund 

Marjorie Burke Blackburn '43 
by George P. Blackburn 

Harriet Showell Bald '46 
by LeRoy Bald 

Elizabeth Poole Arnold 

by Wallace Bartlett '40 

Annie Lee Gardner Smith '41 

by Anna Greenland Dortch '41 

Elizabeth Butler Yerkes 

by Mrs. Judith Freeman 

Judith Christian Ashby '69 
by Mary Burton Johnson '73 

Betty King Owen '48 

by Walton J. McLeod 
by South Carolina DHEC 

Fran Dudley Schmid '40 

by Anne Musser 

Natalie Harrison Faison '46 

by Mr. &Mrs. Thomas V. Northcott 

Marguerite Hillhouse 

by Mr. &Mrs. Thomas V. Northcott 

Joan Bennett Leskawa '45 
by Sarah Cabell Pavey '45 

Judith Foster Salmon '68 
by William G.Salmon 

Watson W. Wise 

by Watson W. Wise Foundation 

Barbara Louise Walker Hunter 

by Peggy Penzold Fooks '61 

Katherine Farrar Marshall '64 

by Terry Geggie Fridley '63 

by Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins '63 

Dean Elizabeth Parker 

by Ellen Eskridge Groseclose '48 

Margaret Carper Waldrop '40 
by Gale Palmer Penn '63 

Tribute Fund 

Betty McGlamery Granstaff '63 

by Mary Smith Perry '63 


Dr. Barbara Ely 

by Sonja Musser '93 

Alitia Cameron Cross '93 

by Lynn Hayden Wadhams 

by Mr. & Mrs. George T. Mahaffey 
(Nancy Daniel Mahaffey '62) 

Martha S. Grafton 

by Mr. 8c Mrs. Thomas V. Northcott 

The Annual Report 29 

The Virginia foundation $or Independent Colleges 

Every year Man' Baldwin College, along with 14 other privately supported 
colleges and universities in Virginia, benefits significantly trom the 
generosity of business, industry and other private sources across the state 
through the efforts of the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges. In 
1994-95 this total effort produced '4,408,000 from 744 private enterprise 
contribution sources for VFIC colleges. Mary Baldwin College received 
'176,061 as its total share. 

The VFIC is a joint hind-raising organization established by and tor the 
benefit of its member colleges. Businesses and community leaders assist in 

soliciting contributions from the corporate community. These monies are 
distributed in June to the 15 non-tax supported member colleges and 
universities according to a standard formula: 40% on the basis of 
undergraduate enrollment and 60% divided equally. 

VFIC has been recognized nationally as the premier independent college 
fund among the 38 similar associations in terms of its annual distribution to 
member institutions. 

In 1994-95 the following companies and individuals provided leadership 
contributions of '5,000 or more to the VFIC. 

1995 Leadership Contributions 

'150,000 and above 
Estate of Mr. and Mrs. N. 

Chisholm Barnhart 
Jessie Ball duPont Fund 
Estate of Shelly Krasnow 

'125,000 and above 
Philip Morris U.S.A. 

'100,000 and above 

Bell Atlantic-Virginia 
The Arthur Vining Davis 

Media General, Inc. 
Norfolk Southern Corporation 

'50,000 and above 


Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc. 
Beazley Foundation, Inc. 
CSX Corporation 
Camp Foundations 
Camp Foundation 
J. L. Camp Foundation 
Ruth Camp Campbell 

Camp Younts Foundation 
Ethyl Corporation 
NationsBank of Virginia 
North Shore Foundation 
Virginia Power Company 

'40,000 and above 


Crestar Financial Corporation 

The Homestead* 

'30,000 and above 

Charles A. Frueauff Foundation 
Warren W. Hobbie Trust 

The Perry Foundation, Inc. 
George A. and Lorraine Snell Fund 
United Parcel Service/Foundation 
lor Independent Higher Education 

s 25,000 and above 
Massey Foundation 
Reynolds Metals Company 

Mr. E. Claiborne Robins 

'20,000 and above 

Appalachian Power Company 
Arnold Finnegan Martin* 
Central Fidelity Bank 
Clark- Winchcole Foundation 
First Virginia Banks, Inc. 
Landmark Communications, Inc. 

The Virginia-Pilot & 
The Ledger-Star 

The Roanoke Times &. 
World- News 
Signet Banking Corporation 
Universal Corporation 

'15,000 and above 

Chesapeake Corporation Foundation 
Robert B. Claytor/Norfolk 

Southern Fund 
First LInion National Bank of Virginia 
The Flagler Foundation 
Mars Foundation 
Newport News Shipbuilding 
Union Camp Corporation 

'10,000 and above 

Allied-Signal, Inc. 

William E. Betts, Jr. 

Coopers &c Lybrand 

Ernst & Young 

First Colony Life Insurance Co. 

Gottwald Foundation 

Coleman A. & Emily S. Hunter 

Charitable Foundation 
KPMG Peat Marwick 
Mary and Daniel Loughran 

Foundation, Inc. 
South Trust Bank of Alabama, N.A. 
Ukrop's Super Markets, Inc. 
Washington Forrest Foundation 
Wheat First Butcher Singer 

'7,500 and above 
AT&T Foundation 
Burlington Industries Foundation 
E. R. Carpenter Company, Inc. 
Craddock-Terry Foundation, Inc. 
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. 
Home Beneficial Life Insurance Co. 
Intermet/Lynchburg Foundry Co. 
The Lane Company, Inc. 

(The Lane Foundation) 
Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fund 
George J. & Effie L. Seay Foundation 
Sumitomo Machinery Corporation 

of America 
Westvaco Corporation 

'5,000 and above 

American Filtrona Corporation 

Mrs. Jane Parke Batten 

Booz, Allen & Hamilton Inc. 

Canon Virginia, Inc. 

Carilion Enterprises, Inc. 

Mr. Preston C. Caruthers 

Christian, Barton, Epps, Brent & 

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Cutchins, III 
The Daily Press, Inc. 
Deloitte & Touche 
Dibrell Brothers, Inc. 
Empire Machine & Supply Corp. 
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. 
Furnace Associates, Inc. 

Gray Land & Timber Co./ 

Gray Foundation 
J. J. Haines & Company, Inc. 
Home Quarters Warehouse, Inc. 
Hunton & Williams 
Jefferson Bankshares, Inc. 
Jessie Ball duPont Fund 
Liberty Mutual Group/The Boston 

Charles Lunsford Sons and Associates 
Markel Corporation 
The May Company Foundation/ 

June M. McBroom 
McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe 
H. P. McNeal 

Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fund 
Mobil Foundation 
Nationwide Insurance Companies 
New River Electrical Corporation 
Noland Company Foundation 
Overnite Transportation Company 
Owens & Minor, Inc. 
Price Waterhouse 
C. E. Richardson Benevolent Fdtn. 

Rouse-Bottom Foundation, Inc. 
Sam Moore Furniture Industries, Inc. 
Snell Construction Corporation 
Mrs. John W. Snow 
Sprint/Centel- Virginia 
Superior Paving Corporation 
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line 

The United Company 
Vulcan Materials Company 
Weinstein Management Company 
Mr. 8c Mrs. Marcus M. Weinstein 
The Wilton Companies 

*Gift-In-Kind Contribution 

Planned Gifts 

"The JCiracofe Society 

The Heritage Society has been renamed The Kiracofe Society in memory of 
Charlene Kiracofe '25 who died April 4, 1987. Through planned giving, her 
estate gift was one of the largest ever received by Mary Baldwin College. 
The alumnae and friends listed below are hereby honored for naming Mary 
Baldwin College as a beneficiary in their wills, life insurance policies, 
retirement plans, and/or trusts. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Kiracofe Society, 
please contact Nancy P. Mclntyre, director of special gifts, at 540-887- 
7011, for additional information. 

Blanche Wysor Anderson '72 

Carole Lewis Anderson 

Laura McManaway Andrews '44 

Christiana Armstrong '33 

Ann E. Atwell '42 

Margaret Barrier '50 

Beverly Estes Bates '64 

Sarah Warren Baynes '64 

Julia Carrington Bemis '64 

Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 

Marcia Williams Bohannon '71 

Dorothy Berry Bragonier '10 (D) 

Andrew J. Brent 

Ann Hayes Brewer '42 

Ann Cooke Britt '58 

Eleanore Eckel Brough '65 

Evelyn Chapman Brown '52 

Sarah Livingston Brown '63 

Suzanne Burch '61 

Edmund & Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell 

Peggy Anderson Carr '67 

Virginia Jordan Carroll '28 

George Ann Brown Carter '47 

Elizabeth Boyd Caskey '39 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman '68 

Vonceil L. Chapman '43 

Pamela P. Clark '88 

Lucile Jones Clyde '77 

Josephine Barkman Coleman '24 (D) 

Charlotte McCormick Collins '67 

Mary Jane Conger '73 

Mary Wray Conner '81 

Margaret Schneider Conzett '34 

Abigail Robinson Coppock '69 

Margaret Garrett Corsa '53 

Mary Carpenter Gould Coulbourn '63 

Ann Alexander Crane '66 

Jane Reid Cunningham '59 
Fred G. Currey 
Sally Dorsey Danner '64 
Linda M. Dawe '69 
Bertie Murphy Deming '46 
Anne Ponder Dickson '61 
Laura Clausen Drum '56 
Katherine Dyer Dudley '36 
Nancy Mayer Dunbar '60 
Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 
Ora Ehmling Ehmann '36 
Angelina Painter Eschauzier '68 
Leigh Yates Farmer '74 
Susan Train Fearon '69 
Margaret Robertson Fohl '68 
Susanne Eve Fowlkes '64 
Sarah Yeatts Gormley '89 
Lindsay Ryland Gouldthorpe '73 
Dr. Thomas H. 8c 

Martha S. Grafton 
Jean C. Grainger '70 
Joyce A. Greig '41 
Linda Dolly Hammack '62 
Bonnie Wheeler Hanchett '46 
Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 
Jane Lee Harcus '79 
Ann Graham Hazzard '43 
Mabel Fetterman Held '76 
Sarah Head Hendricks '64 
Margaret Coffman Henry '20 
Jane Harcus Hill 79 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 
Jean M. Holliday '37 
Mary Cloud Hamilton 

Hollingshead '61 
Susan Baughman Homar '74 

Elizabeth Hiles Huebner '37 

Emily W. Hundley '47 

Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 

Martha Masters Ingles '69 

E. Lindsay Jones '69 

Margaret Grabill Jones '33 

Bonnie Kennedy Kant '74 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 

Sheila J. Kendrick'84 

Jessie Cover Kennedy '38 

Gail McLennan King '69 

Ivy S. Koster '67 

Constance Detrick Lamons '52 & 

F. Harrison Lamons 
Mildred J. Lapsley '39 
Frances Lawrence '77 
Roberta Wilson Lea '66 
Lynn Dazet Lipsey '51 
Judith Easterly Lockridge '81 
Carey Goodwin Louthan '66 
Winifred Love '35 
Suzanne Maxson Maltz '75 
Mr. ScMrs. Frank C. Martin, Jr. 
Mr. &Mrs. J. Harvie Martin, Jr. 
Mary Williams Mathis '62 
Alice Wilson Matlock '47 
Anne B. McCormack '83 
Mr. &Mrs. Milton McMullan 
Lisa R. Moore 
Ann Hunter Murray '54 
Harriett Seem Neff '32 
Jeannette Norfleet '68 
Reid Strickland Nottingham '56 & 

Dr. Maurice Nottingham, Jr. 
Susan Pegram O'Gara '62 
Mary Bess Fitzhugh Oliff '36 
Alice Parson Paine '46 
Susan N. Palmer '67 
Dr. Frank R. Pancake 
Anne P. Phillips '42 
Mary Biedler Piner '21 
Anne Poole '51 
Carol Paul Powell 78 
Mary Buckner Ragland '18 
Margaret Thorn Rawls '69 
Elizabeth L. Read-Connole 74 
Joanne M. Reich '88 
Barbara K. Roberts 73 
Nancy Nettleton Rood '45 
Raquel Fajardo Ross '36 
Emma Martin Rouse '65 
Jessie Cover Seay '38 
Robert S. Sergeant 75 
Ethel M. Smeak '53 

Jane Frances Smith '37 
Dr. A. Erskine Sproul Sc 

Ruth Peters Sproul '43 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Elizabeth Engle Stoddard '60 
Edith A. Stotler '68 
Marjorie K. Stuart '35 
Dorothy Redwood Sutherland 
Caroline Wood Sydnor '28 
Dr. Leslie W. Syron '42 
Emily Ramsey Thompson '26 
Alice Jones Thompson '40 
Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 
Jane Townes '69 
Frances Tullis '45 
Emily T. Tyler '63 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 
Jane Moudy Van Dragt '51 
Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 
Charlotte Vorwerk '57 
Judith L. Wade '69 
Deborah Dull Walker 75 
Nancy Rawls Watson '49 
Charlotte R. Wenger '83 
Elizabeth Bunting White '81 
Sara Ranson Woltman '38 
Claudia L. Woody 77 
Hilda Ziegler '40 

(D) - deceased, estate not settled 


Estate of Doris S. Ames 
Estate of William P. Ames, Jr. 
Estate of Elizabeth Richardson Bane '27 
Estate of Charles F. Cole 
Estate of Mary Agnes Grant '30 
Estate of George S. Herscher 
Estate of Mary Pancake Mandeville '28 

Campbell Pancake Memorial Fund 
Estate of Jean Ruble '36 

Ethel Murphey Ruble Music Award 
Estate of Mr. W. E. Woobright, Jr. 

Music Department 

The Annual Report 31 

Designated Grants (§• Gifts 

Endowment funds are 
frequently established 
as permanent 
memorials to inspiring 
teachers, fellow 
alumnae, or other 
individuals who have 
made a significant 
contribution to the Mary 
Baldwin College 
community. They 
ensure the continuous 
funding of a 
scholarship, program, 
or other college 
resource. New 
endowments are 
established with a 
minimum of $25,000; 
contributions to 
existing endowments 
are accepted in any 
amount. The 
endowment funds listed 
in this report are those 
to which contributions 
have been directed in 
this fiscal year. For a 
complete list of existing 
endowments, contact 
the vice president 
for institutional 

Art Conservation and 
Acquisitions Program 

Edith Carper '39 

Gordon O. ['.win 

Athletic Program 

Kuehn Foundation 

Carol "Cappy" Paul Powell 78 

Biography of John Mitchell, Jr.: 
African-American Journalist Dr. 
Ann Field Alexander '66 

Virginia Foundation for the 

Humanities and Public Policy 

Carpenter Programs in Health Care 
Administration and Preparation 
for Ministry 

E. Rhodes & Leona B. Carpenter 

Centra] Fidelity Minority 
Scholarship Endowed Fund 

Central Fidelity National Bank 

Community Service/At-Risk 
Student Tutoring Program 

Virginia Campus Outreach 

Opportunity League (VA COOL) 

Computer Services: Connection of the 
Campus Academic Network to NSFnet 

National Science Foundation 

Mary E. Latimer Cordner 
Endowed Scholarship Fund 

Meredith Jones Johnson '43 

Rebecca Holcomb Dickinson Memorial 
Scholarship Endowed Fund 

Mrs. R.A. Holcomb 

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 
Visiting Artist/Scholar Program 

Carole Lewis Anderson 

Claire Lewis Arnold '69 

Herb Beattie 

Emily W. Booth 

Mr. & Mrs. William C.Boyd 

Stephanie Carlson Brennan '82 

Martha Carrick Brook '50 

Mary R. Bruce 

Audrey Hawthorne Buckner 

Peggy Anderson Carr '67 

Nell Rogers Carvell '63 

Fulton & Susie Collins Foundation 

Mary Carpenter Gould Coulbourn '63 

Ouida Caldwell Davis '51 

Bertie Murphy Deming '46 

Mary Kerr Dennv '64 

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 (D) 

Glenn Ellen Downie '64 

Katherine Jones Gilliam '63 

Anita Thee Graham '50 

Robert G. Harbison 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Harper 


Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Hipp 

Mary Hipp 

Ernestine Broadhurst Howard Trust 

Mrs. Stuart B. Hoy 

Caroline Rose Hunt '43 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Frank P. Hunter 

Mr. 8cMrs. Henry C. Ikenberryjr. 

Brent E. Johnson 

Caroline Murphy Keller '42 

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Kerr 

The Robert S. & Grayce B. Kerr 

Pauline Kirkpatrick 

Philip W. Kyle 

Virginia Wight Lamb '34 

Paula Stephens Lambert '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark O. Lapolla 

Jeanne Dubois Loar '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Luck III 

Melissa Turner Lutken '46 

Dr. Patricia Hobert Menk 

Mr. & Mrs. Lynnwood R. Moore Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John Mullin 111 

Margaret Woodson Nea '63 

John C. Oxley 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Joe B. Preston 

Anne Clement Riddle '63 

Barbara Knisely Roberts 73 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Frank E. Robinson 

Madeline Rohlfs 

The San Francisco Foundation 

Sands Foundation 

Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 

Martha McDevitt Thomas '64 

Mr. 8c Mrs. E. H. Thompson 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Matthew G. Thompson 

Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 

Kathleen Patton Westby Foundation 

Joseph H. Williams 

Bobbie 8c Mike Wilsey Fund 

Robert C. Wood III 

Betty Trobaugh Dull Memorial 

Morgan Guaranty Trust Company 

Deborah Dull Walker 75 

Faculty Development/Mellon 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

Jane 1$. FitzGerald Memorial 

St. Giles Presbyterian Church 

General Endowment for Student Aid 
Dennis Fund 

General Endowment 

Alcoa Foundation 
Ann Cooke Britt '58 
Beverly Grear Hurt '61 
Caroline Murphy Keller '42 
Leavy Investment Management 
Reid Strickland Nottingham '56 
Margaret Thorn Rawls '69 
Julia Gooch Richmond '34 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Allen Topp 

Goochland Program tor 
Incarcerated Women 

Presbyterian Women's Thank Offering 

Martha Stackhouse Grafton Library 
Louise W. Blaney 
Marjorie Moore Council '46 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton in 

memory of Elizabeth Butler Yerkes 

Betty Hamilton '81 

Dr. Patricia Hobert Menk in 
memory of Vega Lytton 

Jane Sanders Morriss '69 

Eleanor M. Overgaard 

Rondi Saporetti 

Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 in 

memory of Shirley Vestal Hill '46 

Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges 

Mabel Fetterman Held 76 Fitness 
and Motor Performance Laboratory 

Annabelle L. Fetterman 

Lewis M. Fetterman 

Mabel Fetterman Held 76 

The Lundy Foundation 

Hobbie Scholarship 

Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges 

Mary Emily Humphreys Lectures 
in Biology: Endowment Fund 

Grace Foundation, Inc. 

Elizabeth Engle Stoddard '60 

32 The Annual Report 

Mary Emily Humphreys Lectures 
in Biology 


Leslie Booth '52 

Martha Parke Gibian '56 

Nancy Rawles Grissom '54 

Ellen Eskridge Groseclose '48 

Jennifer McHugh Haase 71 

Jane Hammond Jervey '48 

Johnson & Johnson 

Margaret Query Keller '55 

Anne Troxell Luck '63 

Mary Wells Powell '57 

Janet Russell Steelman '52 

Cecile Mears Turner '46 

Elizabeth Withrow Turner '58 

Jane Moudy Van Dragt '51 

Individual Non-Endowed 

Air Force Aid Society 

All Saints Scholarship Fund 

Lucille Allen Scholarship Fund 

American Business Women's 

American Legion Auxiliary 

Appomattox County Education 

Arlington Police Benevolent 

Augusta Presbyterian Church 

Auxiliary to Prince William Hospital 

Clark 8c Ruby Baker Foundation 

Bank of Charles Town 

Bath County Boosters Club 

Nannie Gary Blackwell Scholarship 

R. C. Byrd Scholarship Fund 

Century Advertising, Inc. 

Christ Episcopal Church 

Circuit City Foundation 

Citizens Scholarship Foundation of 

Clark Scholarship Trust 

Commonwealth of Virginia 

Emmanuel Episcopal Church 

The English Foundation 

Easterline Technologies 

The Exchange Club of Altavista 

F & W Management Corporation 

First Presbyterian Church 

George Mason PTSA 

Gloucester High School Band 
Booster Club 

Gloucester Rotary Club 

J. J. Haines 8c Company, Inc. 

Hamilton Ruritan Club 

Henry County Public Schools 

The Homestead Scholarship Fund 

Hot Springs Presbyterian Church 

IBM Watson Memorial 
Scholarship Program 

Junior Achievement of Lynchburg 

King George High School 

Lafayette Educational Fund 

Laurel Education Association 

Lindahl Foundation Scholarship 

Loudoun-Robey Scholarship 

Loyal Order of Moose 

Lynch Station Ruritan Society 

NAFSA - Association of 
International Educators 

Newport News Municipal Employees 

City of Norfolk School Board 

Northampton High School 

Parents Without Partners, Inc. 

Patrick Henry High School 

Pilot Club of Williamsburg 

Pope Officer's Wives Club 

Presbyterian Church USA 

Presbytery of Shenandoah 

Prince George High School 

Richfood Educational Trust 

Riverside Walter Reed Hospital 

Arthur & Grace W. Taubman 

Two/Ten International Footwear 

United Paperworks International 

U.S. Navy - Marine Corps 

Varina High School 

Wal-Mart Foundation 

Ware Junior Woman's Club 

Westmoreland Hospital Auxiliary 

Wilson Trucking Corporation 

Woodmen of the World - Camp 900 

Mary D. and Donald R. Irving 
Student Teacher Endowed 
Scholarship Fund 

Cynthia Luck Haw 79 

Emily Wirsing Kelly Scholarship in 
Fine Arts 

Emily W. Kelly Foundation 

Marguerite Fulwiler Livy Endowed 
Scholarship Fund 

Robert Bruce Livy 

Master of Arts in Teaching Program 
Philip Morris U.S.A. 

Scholarships at Mary Baldwin College 

are instrumental in attracting ana 

retaining the test students. Alumnae, 

friends, parents, and organizations 

continue to inspire and support 
individual excellence through their 
generous girts to scholarship funds. 

Roanoke County Public Schools 

Rockbridge Retired Teachers 

Rosen Trust 

Lonza L. Rush Scholarship Fund 

Scott 8c Stringfellow, Inc. 

Horace Small Apparel Company 

Mary Reed Smyth '47 

Smyth Foundation 

St. James Episcopal Church 

Suffolk Ruritan Club 

James L. McAllister Jr. 
Preparation for Ministry 
Endowed Scholarship Fund 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman '68 

Mrs. James L. McAllister 

Judith Pugh Stone '67 

Martha McDevitt Thomas '64 

Mednick Fellowship for Faculty 

Maurice L. Mednick Memorial 
Fund (VFIC) 

Memorial Day Student Scholarship 
Endowed Fund 

Alumnae Chapter - Staunton 

Karl and Patricia Menk Endowed 
Fund for Faculty Support and 

Sandra Zeese Driscoll '63 

Dr. Patricia Hobert Menk in 
memory of Karl Menk 

A. Jane Townes '69 

Gordon and Mopsy Page Garden 

Kathleen Myers Faust '67 

Judy Lipes Garst '63 

General Electric Foundation 

Northern Telecom Incorporated 

James B. Patrick Endowed 
Leadership Award 

Lt. Colonel Melissa Patrick 78 

PEG First-Year Endowed 
Scholarship Fund 

George I. Alden Trust 

Margaret Briscoe 

Virginia Royster Francisco '64 

Kemper National Insurance Co. 

Marcell McDougall 8c Thomas Carter 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter N. McDougall 

Celeste Rhodes 8c Carl Larsen 

Seth Sprague Educational 8c 
Charitable Trust 

President's Discretionary Fund 
Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

Richmond Ballet Performance 

Virginia Commission for the Arts 

Science Education for Women 
Using the Scanning Electron 
Microscope with Energy Dispersive 
X-ray Spectrometer (SEM-EDS) 

Dr. Jacquelyn K. Beals 

National Science Foundation 

Mary Kathleen Shuford Endowed 
Memorial Scholarship Fund 

Chemical Bank 

Mr. 8c Mrs. James D. Coleman 

Helen Stevens Forster '83 

Gabrielle Gelzer McCree '83 

Martha McGraw McKaughn '83 

Annie Walker St. Clair Endowed 
Scholarship Fund 

Margaret Moore Ripley '52 

Fannie B. Strauss Endowed 
Scholarship Fund 

Margaret Pollard Rea '46 

Starke Baken and Emma O'Mara 
Smith Endowed Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Jane Frances Smith '37 

The Annual Report 33 

Student Life 

The Cartledge Foundation 
Sarah Belk Gambrell 
Sarah Belk Gambrell Foundation 
Cecile Mears Turner '46 
Dorothy Jones Wrigley 70 

Thomas F. Staley Lecture Program 

Thomas F. Staley Foundation 

George Hammond Sullivan 
Program in Political Science 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan 

Donald D. Thompson Endowed 
Memorial Scholarship Fund 

Mr. &Mrs. Andrew F. Smith Jr. 

Tree Fund 

The Reverend Patricia Hunt 

Patricia Lash in memory ot 

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 

Members of the Class of 1940 
donated a tree in memory of 
Elizabeth Poole Arnold: 

Marjorie Tobin Burke '40 

Mary Van Atta Derr '40 

Emma Padgett FitzHugh '40 

Virginia Aldrich Fogle '40 

Virginia Haves Forrest '40 

Barbara Lemmond Graham '40 

Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 

Elizabeth Carter Hoover '40 

Gladys Walker Jacobs '40 

Frances Moose Jennings '40 

Barbara Browne Martindale '40 

Ethelyn Jones Maxwell '40 

Dorothy Baughan Moore '40 

Almeyda Spratley Peyton '40 

Alice Jones Thompson '40 

Sally Cheney Walker '40 

VFIC Scholarships 

Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges 

Virginia Women's Institute for 

VMI Alumni Agencies 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarships 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 

Writers in Virginia Program 

Virginia Commission for the Arts 

(D) deceased 

34 Tin Annual Repori 


Gifts-in-kind are donations of goods, services or products to 
benefit the college in an immediate and tangible way. 

Courtney Bell '89 
E. L. Carlyle 

Burhan Dogancav and Angela 
Housmann Dogancay '73 
Gordon O. Ewin 
Adair Ewin Faust 
Sharon F. Greenway 

IBM Equipment Matching Program 
made possible by the gifts of: 
Iris Harding Belling '64 
Shade Thomas Cronan '61 
Joan Stanley Maroulis '63 
Mr. & Mrs. William O. Reuther 
Ann Gilmer Richardson '71 
Mr. &Mrs. Rudy J. Watson 

Leslie Lewis '84 

Ann Wilson Linn '61 

Kenneth McBride 

Emily Pancake 

Clifford A. Rand 

Joan Young 

Kathryn Zimmerman '92 

jfL&Q JCoyalty Jund 

The Loyalty Fund raised over s 6,000 for ADP scholarships in 1994-95. 
Thanks to all the ADP alumni who continue to make this hind successful. 

President's Associates 

ADP Circle Professionals Club 

s 1,000 and above 

'500 to '999 '250 to '499 

Carpe Diem! 

ADP Honor Roll 

'100 to '249 

'25 to '99 

President's Associates 

Teresita Zapata Trigo '88 

ADP Circle 

Elizabeth Landes '82 

Carpe Diem! 

Ann Field Alexander '66 

Sara Cary '90 

Dr. Diane Ganiere 

D. Stevens Garlick 

James Gilman 

Jean M. Gilman 

Robert D. Grotjohn 

Doris Harlan '86 

Claire T. Kent 

Donna Knarr '93 

Dudley B. Luck 

Sylvia Lynn '93 

Catherine Ferris McPherson '78 

Lallon Pond 

Rosa Scott '92 

Terena Scott '93 

Sandra Sprouse '93 

Dr. Kathleen Stinehart 

Elizabeth Tewksbury '85 

Judith Wintets '84 

ADP Honor Roll 

David Austin '90 
Zakira Beasley '91 
Teresa Bigler '82 
Rosemary Bodley '93 
Constance Chick '87 
Patricia Collins '93 
William Davick '93 
Rita DeFrank '93 
Dr. Judv DeL'eau 
Ruth Doumlele '82 
Daniel Dowdy 
Brenda Fishel '92 
Susan Floyd '90 
Thomas Gathright III 
Susan Blair Green 
Dr. James T. Harrington 
Amy Hundley '91 
Virginia Jessup '87 
Barbara Johnson '79 
Carol King '89 
Leeann Klein '93 
Michelle Law '93 
Judith Mason '92 

Herbert McClure, Jr. '87 
Jean Proffitt '86 
Joan Ripley '88 
Jane Schofield '94 
Frances Scruby '80 
Jackie Scruggs '86 
Carol Shannon '84 
Diane Strong '90 
Nancy Summers '87 
Jane Terrell '89 
Glenda Burns Western '86 
Jeanette Wilson-Wallace '89 
Marie Ziegler '93 
Deborah Zimkus '90 
Sara Zimmerman '85 


Audrey Cross '82 

Ruth Crummett Floyd '85 

The Rev. Myrtle Johnson Hatcher 

Kelly Morris '90 
Jane Fritzmeier Wilken 

Matching Gift Companies 

First Union Foundation 

iEADERSHip Boards 1994- 1995 

We extend a special thanks to the boards for their contributions and participation in this year's Annual Fund vear. 

Board of Trustees 

Executive Committee 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63, Chair 

Claire Lewis Arnold '69 

J. Edward Betts 

Peggy Anderson Carr '67 

Bertie Murphy Deming '46, 

Vice Chair 
Gail McLennan King '69 
P. William Moore, Jr. 
J. Carson Quarks 
John G. Rocovich, Jr. 

Board Members 

Carole Lewis Anderson 
Claire Lewis Arnold '69 
Beverly Estes Bates '69 
Charlotte J. Berry '51 
J. Edward Betts 
Peggy Anderson Carr '67 
Worth Harris Carter, Jr. 
John Raymond Clymer, Jr. 
Phyllis L. Cothran 
Ouida C. Davis '51 
Bertie Murphy Deming '46 

Robert S. Doenges 
Alexander Hamilton, IV 
Linda D. Hammack '62 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Carol™ G. Hisley '60 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
Gail McLennan King '69 
Marsha E. Lawrence 
Charles S. Luck III 
P. William Moore. Jr. 
William G. Pannill 
J. Carson Quarles 

William O. Reuther 
Barbara K. Roberts '73 
John G. Rocovich, Jr. 
Pamela Stephens Rose '82 
Yoko Sakae 

Charles H. Shuford, Sr. 
H. Gordon Smyth 
Mildred R. Teer '44 
Teresita Z. Trigo '88 ADP 
Cecil M. Turner '46 
Ray E. Uttenhove '68 
Sara "Sally" A. Bingley '60 

^Humnae^Issoeiation Board of directors 

Executive Committee 

Sara "Sally" Armstrong Bingley 

Sue Warfield Caples '60, 

Vice President 
Louise W. Boylan '71 
Kathleen Kenig Byford '68 
Julie Ellsworth Cox '86 
Judy Lipes Garst '63 
Lynn Tuggle Gilliland '80 
Susan Massie Johnson '67 
Jane G. Kornegay '83 


R. J. Landin Loderick '86 
Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 
Mary Hardy Morrison '95 
Anna Vazquez '96 
Sue McDowell Whitlock '67 


Terry Huffman Allaun '75 

Susan Achev 'S9 

Sylvia Baldwin 76 

Dawn Martin Blankinship 'S2 

Alison Wenger Boone '77 

MacKay Morris Boyer '87 

Anne Bushman '95 
Nancy r Kunkle Carey '51 
Janet Haddrell Connors '65 
Susan Parker Drean '83 
Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 

Suzanna Fields '97 
Dana Flanders 'S2 
Cyndi Phillips Fletcher '82 
Amy Tracy Ingles '81 
May Wells Jones '61 
Mildred Farquarson Lawson '73 
Sue Lollis '79 

Lelia Lytle '72 

Sanford Jones McAllister '80 

Catherine Ferris McPherson '78 

Ann Shaw Miller '54 

Jacqueline Nicholas '89 


Mar)' Luanne Pardue '71 

Val Sutton Payne '76 

Gale Palmer Perm '63 

Sabrina Rakes '94 

Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 

Suzanne Woodfin Villani '85 

Margaret Neille McRae Wilson 'i 

,/Idrisojy Board of Visitors 

Executive Committee 

Gay Gilmore Butler '67 
Susan Gamble Dankel '68 
Karen Emmet Hunt '80 
Onza E. Hyatt 
Peter E. S. Pover 
M. Elizabeth Preddy '67 
David W. Proctor 
Carol Stewart Shaw '65 
John A. Taylor 

Board Members 
Martha McMullan Aasen '51 
Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 
Sarah Livingston Brown '63 
Gav Gilmore Butler '67 
W.' Bruce Byford 
Susan Gamble Dankel '68 
Jaquelin Harrison Dejarnette 
James D. Douglas 
Dean S. Edmonds, III 
Martin A. Favata 
Thomas P. Gratto 

Karen Emmet Hunt '80 
Onza E. Hyatt 
Patricia Simpson Hylton 
Martha Philpott King '80 
Katherine M. Lichtenberg 
Robert Bruce Livy 
N. Lynn Martenstein 
Elizabeth Newman Mason '69 
Care)' Shands Cooley McDaniel '67 
Jean T. Moore 
Bernard V. Peto 
Peter E. S. Pover 

M. Elizabeth Preddy '67 
David W. Proctor 
Barbara F. Ragsdale '67 
David Satterfield, IV 
Carol Stewart Shaw '65 
John A. Taylor 
Jane Townes '69 
Susan Walker '78 
Valerie Lynn Wenger '81 
Cynthia Knight Wier '6S 
Rita S. Wilson '82 ADP 
Elizabeth Switzer Zirkle '54 

Parents Council 

Executive Committee 

Lisa Turner, President 

William T. Butler, Jr. 

Sharon S. Dvess 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65 

Joyce K. Jennings 

Willard H. Keeling 

Nancy Daniel Mahaffey '62 

Michael N. Terry 

Council Members 
Gordon E. Arnold 

David Paul Barra 
Patsy Lewis Barr 
William T.Butler, Jr. 
Brenda N. Chandler 
Francine M. Cimino 
Elizabeth Thompson Day 
Sharon S. Dyess 
Ellen Stone Edgar 
Earl Washington Estes, III 
Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65 
Susanne Eve Fowlkes '64 
Nancy Guthrie Garrett 
Ravmond W. Greenwood, Jr. 

Joyce K. Jennings 
Willard H. Keeling 
Suzanne Kelly 
Michael H. Kennedv 
William Lasley, Jr. 
Paula R. Lea 
Linda Southard Lenox 
GaryW. Mackey 
Nancy Daniel Mahaffey '62 
I. Neill Mclnnis, Jr. 
Sarah L. P hilli ps 
Gordon Brooks Powell, Jr. 

Andrew W. Prescott 
Kafhrvn Eshleman Rapier 
H. B. Roberts, Jr. 
Charles Rotgin, Jr. 
Susan K. Rudolph 
Mary Barber Phipps Such '72 
Linda Holloman Sydnor 
Michael W. Tern- 
Carolyn Geyer Timmons 
Lisa Turner 
Robert A. Warren 
Aremita R. Watson 

. . , A 


Mary Baldwin College 

> v V ■■:■' i • • 
$*\&>"i , j/''r. 

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our 

donor lists, errors or omissions in this report may have occurred. 

We appreciate our donors' generosity, and we apologize 

for any inaccuracies in this list. 

Any corrections should be sent in writing to: 

The Office of Institutional Advancement 

Mary Baldwin College 

Staunton, Virginia 24401 

\ i < / 

: ^\\ -. AV ..' 

"If you want it bad enough, it comes 
from the heart and the mind,'" my 
squad leader said to us as we were 
learning to march in formation for the 
first time. Isn't that the truth. And in 
the past two weeks, the students of 
the charter class of the Virginia 
Women's Institute for Leadership 
(VWIL) have proven that, indeed, 
they do want it badly enough. As does 
Mary Baldwin College, who has 
fought so hard to have us here. 

It has been a tough road for 
everyone involved- For the Mary 
Baldwin College faculty and staff who 
created the VWIL program, it has 
been a constant, uphill legal battle. 
For the students entering the pro- 
gram, there is the uncertainty of a 
pilot program, one not yet steeped in 
tradition. That tradition is for us to 
establish. For parents, saying good-bye 
to a college-bound child is always 
hard, something made even harder by 
the constant surveillance of video 
cameras and news media from across 
the country. 

For those of us in the program, it 
has been hard coming into a new 
environment while the country has 
watched to see what would happen. It 
was hard being at Mary Baldwin for 
only a day and then leaving to go on a 
trip in the mountains of Virginia. A 
leadership challenge and learning 
experience, they told us. If only we 
had known what was in store. Hiking 
eight miles with a 45-pound back- 
pack, climbing rocks, white water 
kayaking, and getting up in the dark 
and going to sleep in the dark. It was 
hard not being able to see what you 
were eating for breakfast or dinner. 
And yet, no one backed down from a 

I will always remember looking at 
the double wire bridge connecting 
two ends of a gorge that, to me, 
looked like a bottomless pit, and 
thinking. Til never get across that.'* 
The challenges we faced, as a whole, 
were not physical as much as mental. 

7 "."■. . ~Y Tr : _7 -7 ."..■"._•.."• .'■■".-- " Z?.Zi 

the biggest fear in my life. As I 
■■■■•:-::.- ■- i — vre..: v-. _: .- : s::r : :- 
cross the bridge, my confidence 
not building. Finally, the only ones 
left were Dr. Bryant, VWIL dire;: : 
and me. Instead of going ahead, she 
;e:_:;_: : ■;•. -.:: :'-'- ; r; ".v.-i: . -.vss 
going to do. Encouraged by the loud 
zr.ztT* . : ~ '. jr ~ ~_~ " "- r ~~; 
other side by now, and the faith Dr. 
;-;-: 'r.-:-.-i ■-. ~ ± :. r.:-:\ r.v.-e.: :.: 
the limit, I crossed the bridge. It was 
the most incredible thing I have ever 
done in my life and my eyes filled with 
tears when I got to the other side, 

followed promptly by Dr. Bryant, who 
Good job. I'm proud of you." 

I've never seen a group of more 
determined young women in my entire 
life; determined to succeed, deter- 
mined to Learn, and determined to 
lead. All 42 made it through the week, 
with the support and encouragement 
of each other. We came together as a 
group, as a family. Through our support 
of of eachoth: ;d challenges, 

overcame fears, and pushed ourselves 
to the limit. Dr. Bryant and our 
assistant director, Mrs. Nan Roth well, 
were there with us one hundred 
percent of the way. Their example to 

• ften gave us the strength we 
needed to face a new challenge. That's 
what VWIL is about. It is about being 
there for each other, learning from 
each other, and being proud of each 

What it is not about is trying to 
break down the tradition of the 
Virginia Military Institute. We have 
chosen to attend Mary Baldwin, a 
single-sex institution. We do not want 
to deny the cadets at VMI the same 
opportunity. Instead, we are trying to 
add to that tradition and create a 
tradition of our own. We are oft to a 
good start. Forty-two of us have 
entered the Virginia Women's Institute 
for Leadership, to begin and establish 
something to Live ror generations to 
come. We have been called pioneers, 
but deep down inside we just want to 
reach the fullness of our potential. We 
have learned that in order to become a 
good leader, it is often necessary to 
to '.Lew. 

1 am just one person, one of the 
I ncky few to be selected to participate 
in this "historic" program. Our stories 
are all different, and those differences 
help to make us strong. However great 
our differences may be, one fact 
remains. We are in this together, and 
together we will get through this. 

by Shannon Baylis 
Reprinted from Campus Comments 


The Progresses of Mary Hill Cole 

by Sean P. Steele 

"How do you communicate with your 
citizens when there is no television, no 
radio, no mass forms of media.' How do 
you have any source of power?" Ques- 
tions like these explain Dr. Mary Hill 
Cole's fascination with the series of 
royal trips, called progresses, taken each 
spring and summer from 1558 to 1603 
by Queen Elizabeth I. 

Dr. Cole, associate professor of 
history, has been named the recipient of 
the 1995-96 Patricia H. and Karl F. 
Menk Award. The award will allow her 
to continue her research at the Folger 
Shakespeare Library in Washington, 
DC. The Menk Award is presented 
annually to provide financial support to 
a faculty member on sabbatical. 

Cole's research seeks to answer 
questions about the propriety ot a 
woman ruler wielding power during an 
age that was opposed to such a notion, 
and the connections between the 
ceremonies of the progresses and the 
issues of female sovereignty. Trying to 

write about this in today's world, 
however, is a challenge. 

"You're trying to see things differ- 
ently based on w'here we are today. 
You're trying to see it from the eyes of 
the past. From Elizabeth's perspective, 
she was taking these progresses, in 
large part, to reinforce her royal 
policies . . . Imagine the sight of 300 
carts going down the road. It was 
incredibly chaotic." But out of this 
chaos, Cole asserts, Elizabeth formed 
a "ceremonial dialogue" with her 

subjects, a means of exercising power 
that intermixed politics and pageantry, 
ceremony and circus. 

Mary Hill Cole's interest in the 
progresses grew out ot, among other 
things, her doctoral dissertation in 
English history at The University ot 
Virginia. Cole plans to finish research- 
ing and writing a book based on her 
current research. She says, "This book 
will be one that someone who knows 
nothing about the progresses can pick 
up and read." 

When she finishes her own "royal 
trip", she hopes to bring the knowledge 
and insight she has gained during her 
sabbatical (which includes a month in 
London at the British Library) right 
back to Mary Baldwin and into the 
classroom. "I was looking for something 
that I wouldn't get bored with — and 
this has opened a lot of doors for me. I 
think my interest in how literature and 
history overlap might explain why 
many ot mv students become so 
interested in these subjects." 

The Menk Fund - an opportunity for faculty development 

The Karl F. and Patricia H. Menk 
Fund for Faculty Support and 
Development was established in 
February 1993 through an anony- 
mous gift from an alumna, who 
wished to honor the Menks' commit- 
ment to teaching, scholarship and 
mentoring. The donor was full of 
praise for Pat Menk and her accom- 
plished career. "Pat Menk showed 
us students that you could be a 
Ph.D., a mayor of a city, a historian, 
and at the same time be a good wife 
and mother." 

Drs. Pat and Karl Menk both 
served as members of the Mary 

Baldwin faculty. Pat Menk served as 
professor of history, college historian 
and author of the college's sesquicen- 
tennial history To Live in Time. Her late 
husband, Karl Menk, served as associ- 
ate professor of microbiology from 1959 
to 1981. 

Pat Menk selected a sabbatical 
program as the target of the gift fund. 
"One of the greatest strengths of Mary 
Baldwin College has always been its 
faculty," she said, noting the particu- 
lar importance of providing opportuni- 
ties for faculty development in a small 
institution that places emphasis on 

The fund was initially established 
with a gift of $25,000. Additional 
donations and earnings have 
brought the fund balance to 
$39,416. and part of its earnings 
are used annually to help support 
the Menk Scholar's sabbatical. The 
anonymous donor hopes the fund 
will grow to eventually support the 
full cost of the annual scholar's 

To make a special contribution to 
the Menk Fund, contact Lydia 
Petersson or Nancy Mclntyre at Mary 
Baldwin's Institutional Advancement 
Office. 540.887.7011. 


YWIS program science whizzes get Gwathmey Grant 

They spent three weeks in July and 
August on the Mary Baldwin campus 
distilling cholesterol from, pork brains, 
culcurmg tennis shoe bacteria, and 
counting water-striders, among other 
pursuits. They are Young Women In 
Science (YWIS), a gathering of the best 
rising seniors in math and science in 
the state of Virginia, and their program 
has received a grant for 55,000 from the 
Richard and Caroline T. Gwathmev 
Memonal Trust. 

In its 10th year, the YWIS program 
offers students a preview of the methods 
and theories used in college science 
courses. "Participating in a hands-on 
intensive research experience helps 
young women gain confidence in their 
abilities and encourages them to pursue 
science careers," says Dr. Lundy Pent:, 
YWIS program director and MBC 
associate professor of biology. 

The Gwathmey Grant covered 
approximately one half of the budget 
for the 1995 session of YWIS. Dr. Pentc 
adds, "Mary Baldwin has continually 
tried to find outside funding for YWIS, 
and finally there has been a donor 
match." While the Gwathmey Grant 
alleviates current financial pressures, 
the college continues to seek substan- 
tial, long-term funding for this merit- 
based program. 

Kelly Kathleen Cwiak (right) 
o/ Fredericksburg, a 1 995 YW7S partici- 
pant, plans on studying chemical engineer- 
ing or biology when she enters college next 
fall. "The Young Women in Science Pro- 
gram was a wonderful opportunity to get a 
head start on my college education , " she 
said. "I learned to manage my time in a 
college setting and enjoyed all the chal- 
lenges of the program, especially Dr. 

Lundy Pentz's microbiology class. Young 
Women in Science has really prepared me 
for all the science courses that I will have 
to take in college." 

Ms. Cuiak is the daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Dennis Cuiak of Fredericksburg, 
VA. She is a senior at Stafford Senior High 

WTiat in the world? 

MBC s new scanning electron microscope opens a big window on a tiny universe 

by Sean P. Steele 

Truth can now be stranger than fiction. 
Thanks to the new scanning electron 
microscope located in the basement of 
Mary Baldwin's Pearce Science Center, 
dust mites look like extraterrestrial 
creatures, sand fleas like prehistoric 
monsrers, and the surface of a bird feathet 
like the bumpy terrain of the moon. 

Acquiring a scanning electron 
microscope was no easy feat, but 
according to MBC Professor of Biology 
Dr. Jacquelvn K. Beals, all of the hard 
work has finally paid off. "Our first 
application was turned down by the 
National Science Foundation because 
thev said we just wanted a fancy piece 
of machinery to play with," said Dr. 
Beals. "Our challenge was showing that 

we did, in fact, have an interdiscipli- 
nary program in the works to use the 
microscope- Our second grant applica- 
tion was approved in August of 1994 for 
$50,000 to be matched by the college." 

Now, according to Dr. Beals, "The 
microscope will bring 'dull things,' like 
skin or hair, alive to our science 
students ... It will give senior science 
students the opportunity to research 
things they had not been able to 
befote." Plans are underway to incorpo- 
rate the microscope into Professor Lundy 
Pentr's microbiology course. Professor 
Bonnie Hohn's botany course, and to 
utilize the microscope as a curricular 
bridge linking the various sciences — 
biology, chemistry and physics. 

Exotic flowers from the rainforest? No, 
actually this is a picture taken of a scarab 
beetle antenna at I50x magnification. 


East Meets West at MBC 

Doshisha Program 

The Doshisha Program is in its 14th 
year at Mary Baldwin. This summer 34 
students traveled from Doshisha Junior 
Women's College in Kyoto, Japan, to 
gain a cultural introduction to life in 
the United States and to improve their 
English. The three principal compo- 
nents of the program were academic/ 
cultural classes, field trips and interac- 
tion with counselors. Jeanne Martino- 
McAllister serves as director of the 

Saga Program 

The Saga Program has brought students 
to Mary Baldwin for three consecutive 
years. Administered through the 
College and University Partnership 
Program in Memphis, TN, 16 students 
from coed Saga University in Saga, 
Japan, spent one week at MBC com- 
pleting language and culture studies. 
Julia Pollock directs this program. 

Sakae Program 

Thirty-three men and women from all 
over Japan, including nine graduate 
students, spent six weeks at Mary 
Baldwin this summer preparing to enter 
American colleges in the fall. They 
took courses which covered such topics 
as how to study, English as a second 
language and U.S. cultural survival 
techniques. Dr. Ashton Trice directs 
the program. 

Ant walks on the soil 
Sweet wind blows and 

rocks the leaves 
birds and insects sing. 

Arisa Kuwana 

1995 Doshisha student 

Hie 3ptak English 

1995 Sakae Program newspaper 

Staunton: The Atmosphere 

by Ko Tuda 

Historical, hilly, neat, peaceful 
— there are many words to de- 
scribe this city. Still if I have to 
express this city in a word. I 
choose "warm." Looking around 
this city from Mary Baldwin Col- 
lege, trees which surround a city 
look like swelling waves of 
ocean, roofs of houses look like 
floating ships on a sea. We can- 
not see what people are doing 
downtown from here. Still, we 
can see what the houses which are 

kept in good condition tell about 
what is going on. Once we go to 
the downtown, we can find 
white buildings of Mary Bald- 
win College from anywhere in 
downtown. From the viaduct of 
Staunton Station, we can see all 
the white buildings. They look 
like a coronet of a hill. The 
buildings built in 1842, are the 
symbols of Staunton. They fit to 
this city beautifully . . . 


Justice and Mrs. George Cochran honored 
as Outstanding Virginians 

Shiga Program 

In its third year at Mary Baldwin, the 
Shiga Program operates on the same 
principals as the Doshisha Program. 
Twenty-one students from Shiga Junior 
Women's College in Otsu City, japan, 
visited MBC for three weeks. President 
Okano, head of Shiga and former 
president of Doshisha, valued the 
Doshisha Program at MBC so much 
that he introduced this program at 
Shiga. MBC Professor of Philosophy Dr. 
Roderic Owen directs the program. 

Longtime friends of Mary Baldwin 
College Justice and Mrs. George M. 
Cochran of Staunton were honored as co- 
recipients of the 1995 Outstanding 
Virginian Award. Their selection marked 
the first time that a couple has ever been 
chosen for the prestigious honor. 

Justice Cochran served on the Mary 
Baldwin College Board of Tmstees from 
1968 to 1981. He and his wife Lee Stuart 
Cochran have befriended the college in 
innumerable ways. Their wise counsel 
and willing assistance have greatly 
contributed to the college's success. 

Justice Cochran's affiliations in 
business and private life have always 
underscored his commitment to justice 
and the welfare of Virginians. He has 
served on the board of trustees and/or 
board of directors for over 10 colleges, 
universities, foundations and businesses. 
He has also served as president of the 
Virginia Bar Association. He retired as 
a Virginia Supreme Court Justice, 
serving on the bench from 1969 to 
1987. His career in the Virginia 
General Assembly spanned 20 years as 
he served as both a senator and as chair 
of the House of Delegates Courts of 
Justice Committee. 

Lee Stuart Cochran currently serves 
as chair of Monticello's Thomas 
Jefferson Memorial Foundation and 
previously served as its president. She 
has served on numerous local and state 
boards and commissions. Through 
varied leadership roles, Mrs. Cochran 
has helped raise millions of dollars for 
Virginia's charitable organizations. 

Justice and Mrs. Cochran were both 
instrumental in the establishment and 
continued success of the Museum of 
American Frontier Culture in Staunton. 
The museum depicts European and 
American heritage through living history 
exhibits on four farm sites. The Cochrans 
have served on the Museum Foundation's 
Board of Directors and were notified of 

justice and Mrs. George Cochran are 
joined on Dr. Tyson's front lawn by U.S. 
Senator from Virginia John Warner and 
Dr. Tyson after attending the 1 995 
Commencement ceremony. 

their award during an announcement 
ceremony at the museum. 

The Outstanding Virginian Award 
was created by the Virginia General 
Assembly in 1984- The Cochrans are 
the 13th recipients of the award, which 
pays tribute on an annual basis to a 
citizen of Virginia who, by his or her 
dedication and outstanding leadership, 
has made a distinguished and signifi- 
cant contribution to the Common- 
wealth of Virginia. 

Members of the selection committee 
felt very strongly that in the case of the 
Cochrans, there could not be just one 
person selected. "Because under the law 
of Virginia a husband and wife are 
considered as one, we can pay tribute to 
both Justice and Mrs. Cochran," said 
Mr. James W. Fletcher III, chair of the 
Outstanding Virginian Day Committee. 
"They are the personification of a fine 
Virginia family and they are both in 
their own right outstanding citizens of 
the Commonwealth of Virginia." 


New faculty debut on campus 

Several new tull-time appointees joined 
the Mary Baldwin College faculty for 
the 1995-96 academic year. 

Ivy Arbulu was named instructor of 
Spanish. Ms. Arbulu is a native of Peru 
and a Ph.D. candidate at The Univer- 
sity of Virginia. 

Dr. Amy L. McCormick, assistant 
professor of economics, comes to MBC 
from the faculty of William & Mary 
College. She earned her Ph.D. from 
Harvard University. 

Timothy D. Pittman was appointed 
to direct MBC's Study Abroad Program 
and to teach German. Tim has served as 
a German instructor at The University 
of Virginia, where he is a Ph.D. 

Robert D. Reich was named assistant 
professor of communications. Boh has 
served as a senior copywriter at Rosiak 
& Associates and Techni-Graphic 
Advertising. He holds a master's degree 
from New School for Social Research/ 
Parsons School of Design and is a Ph.D. 
candidate at Temple University. 

Former adjunct instructor Kevin F. 

Schanning was appointed instructor of 
sociology. He will split his workload 
between the traditional and the Adult 
Degree Programs. He holds a master's 
from Northland College and is a Ph.D. 
candidate at The University of Virginia. 

Carsten Schmidt, instructor of music, 
holds the M.M.A. from the Indiana 
University School of Music and is a 
D.M.A. candidate at Yale University 
School of Music. He made his formal 
debut as a concert pianist with Essen 
Philharmonic Orchestra in 1984 and has 
performed regularly as a soloist in the 
United States, Germany and Austria. 

Three full-time professors joined the 
Physical and Health Education faculty 
this fall. Donna G. Miller was ap- 
pointed assistant professor of physical 
and health education. Donna served as 
MBC's assistant women's tennis coach 
last year. She also holds a master's 
degree from James Madison University. 
Mari Lou Moore was named instructor 
of golf and head coach of the field 
hockey, basketball and lacrosse teams. 
Lou will also serve as recruiting coordi- 

nator and supervisor of student workers 
in the Physical Activities Center. She 
earned her B.A. from Bridgewater 
College. Joseph P. Witt was named 
instructor of physical education, 
athletic trainer and sports information 
director. Joe earned his B.S. from 
Roanoke College and his master's from 
Virginia Polytechnic Institute 6k State 

Several MBC faculry members 
changed their status and area of service 
for 1995-96. Moving from part-time to 
tull-time teaching duties was Jean D. 
Gilman, assistant professor of political 
science. Jean joined the MBC faculty in 
1992 and is a Ph.D. candidate at The 
University of Virginia. Assistant 
Professor of English Dr. Robert D. 
Grotjohn moved from the ADP to the 
traditional program this year. Dr. 
Roderic Owen, professor of philosophy, 
moved from a split workload in the 
ADP and traditional programs to duties 
in the Master of Arts in Teaching and 
traditional programs. Dr. Owen has 
served on the MBC faculty since 1980. 

J 995 Broman Concerts feature four Young Concert Artist winners 

The 1995-96 Carl Broman Concert 
Series opened in September with a duet 
performance by violinist Mikhail 
Kopelmann and his wife, pianist Anna 
Gourfinkel. The couple has been 
performing together since they were 
students at the Moscow Conservatoire. 

Mikhail Kopelmann was remem- 
bered by Broman Concert regulars as 
the first violinist of the renowned 
Borodin Quartet. The group stunned 
the Staunton community with an 
outstanding performance at St. Francis 
Catholic Church last year. One of the 
major quartets of today, the group had a 
close association with famed composer 

Dmitri Shostakovich. 

Mary Baldwin's popular Carl Broman 
Concert Series brings outstanding 
musicians to the campus and community 
during a year-long series of entertain- 
ment. Performances cover a wide range of 
musical tastes and interests. The series 
honors the memory of Dr. Carl Broman, 
who was head of the college's music 
department for three decades between 
1935 and the late 1960s. 

The second performance in the 
1995-96 Broman Series will feature 
soprano Camellia Johnson, on Thurs- 
day, October 26 at Staunton's Trinity 
Church. Camellia Johnson was the solo 

winner of the 1993 Young Concert 
Artists International Auditions. She 
made a remarkable New York recital 
debut in March 1994 during the Young 
Concert Artists Series. 

The remainder of the 1995-96 
Broman Concert Series includes three 
other Young Concert Artist winners 
performing in MBC's Francis Audito- 
rium. Nokuthula Ngwenyama, violist, 
will perform on January 26; Diana 
Doherty, oboist, on February 26; and 
Fazil Say, pianist, on March 20. The 
American Boychoir will also perform at 
Staunton's Trinity Church on Saturday, 
May 18, 1996. 


Campus and Alumnae Notes 

Alumnae President's Letter 

Dear Alums, 

What fun the 1995 reunion classes had 

during Alumnae College and Homecom- 
ing! Our 27S alums spent the weekend 
renewing old friendships, talking to their 
favorite professors, hearing an update on 
the college and just enjoying the beauty 
of the Mary Baldwin campus. It's not too 
earlv to start making your plans for our 
1996 Alumnae College and Homecom- 
ing, May 24 to 26, 1996. The Homecom- 
ing and Continuing Education commit- 
tees and Reunion Event Class Chairs are 
already working to bring you an excellent 
program and a variety of activities. 

At the Association's annual meeting, 
revisions to the constitution and by-laws 
were unanimously approved. 
The following alumnae were elected to 
a two-year term on the Executive 

Sue Warfield Caples '60 

Administrative Vice President 

Judy Lipes Garst '63 

Program Vice President 

Ann Shaw Miller '54 

Dana Mason Handers '82 

Lynn Tuggle Gilliland '80 

Career Networking Chair 
Cathy Ferris McPherson '78 
Alumnae Involvement Chair 

Alumnae elected to a two-year Board 

term included: 

Katherine Louise (Bebe) Bolen '92 
Kelly Andrews Coselli '85 
Donna Neudorfer Earp '76 
Margaret (Meg) Carrington Kluttz '93 
Carmen Holden McHaney '73 
Harriet Barksdale Runkle '94 MAT 
Betsy Gallagher Satterfield '66 
Mary Jo Shilling Shannon '53 
Jane Starke Sims '68 
Elizabeth Peyton Wooldridge '68 
\oui board is composed of very 

dedicated alums who meet twice a year to 

plan the various activities and educa- 

tional programs offered to you. Our next 
meeting is the weekend of March 22, 
1996. We welcome your ideas and 

Over the years, many of you have 
traveled with the Alumnae Association. 
Now you have the opportunity in June 
1996 to join your fellow alums and Dr. 
Ethel Smeak '53, retired professor of 
English, on a trip through the heart of 
Europe. Our adventure will include an 
eight-night cruise down the Rhine and 
Mosel rivers with a three-night stay in 
Interlaken, Switzerland. During our 
journey, Dr. Smeak will give lectures of 
regional interests. In September, the 
Alumnae Board is offering a 10-day cruise 
aboard the 96-passenger Renaissance III. 
We'll travel from Venice to Monte Carlo, 
with ports of call to some of Italy's finest 
cities. For further details, contact the 
Alumnae Office at 800« 763* 7359. 

During the coming year, I hope each of 
you will give your time, talent and 
financial resources to our alma mater. 
Remember, our continued support enables 
our college to meet today's challenges- 
Best wishes for the coming year. 

Wa£iy Gu ■ n/ncjslu, 

Sara "Sally" A. Bingley '60 
President of the Alumnae Association 

In search of ♦ ♦ ♦ 

all Mary Baldwin College alumnae 

Since graduating, you may have tried 
to get in touch with an old classmate 
only to find that the last address or 
phone number you had in your 
telephone directory was outdated. 
Well, your troubles are over. Soon an 
impressive directory of our alumnae 
will be available to help you locate all 
your old friends. 

The new Mary Baldwin College 
Aiumnae Directory, scheduled for 

release in June 1996, will be the most 
up-to-date and complete reference of 
over 9,100 of our alumnae. This 
comprehensive volume will include 
current name as well as student name, 
class year(s) and degree(s), address, 
business information and more — all 
bound into a classic, library-quality 

The Alumnae Office has contracted with 
the Bernard C. Harris Publishing Company 

to produce your directory. Research 
and compilation of data will begin soon 
through mailed questionnaires. If you 
prefer not to be listed, please contact 
the MBC Alumnae Activities Office in 
writing as soon as possible. 

The new Mary Baldwin Alumnae 
Directory will make finding an alum 
as easy as opening a book. Look for 
more details in the next issue of 
both Columns and The Magazine. 


Alumnae News 

Elizabeth Solomon 

1995 Outstanding ADP graduate wants to open children s minds 

by Roussie Woodruff '91 ADP 

Elizabeth Solomon, Mary Baldwin's 
Outstanding Adult Degree Program 
graduate for 1995, is a poet and a 
woman of the soil. She lives in 
Howardsville, VA, south of Charlottes- 
ville, in a huge old farmhouse with a 
wide porch and dozens of potted plants. 
During our interview, she mixed up the 
dough for her daily loaf of home-baked 
bread. Afterwards we toasted her 
success with a glass of her homemade 
elderberry wine. She sent me on my 
way with some of her garden's cucum- 
bers and a plant called "Mother of 
Thousands," which is an apt name for 
Elizabeth herself. 

Unable to have children, Elizabeth 
and her husband Wynn adopted two of 
their own and also took in 35 foster 
children. At one point Elizabeth had 14 
children in her home. They stayed 
anywhere from two weeks to two and a 
half years. "You don't love them any 
less because they're with you only a 
short time," she said. "You love them 
more because of what they've been 
through." No longer a foster mother, 
Elizabeth now volunteers as resident 
night manager at a local women's 

Elizabeth applied to Mary Baldwin's 
Adult Degree Program 10 years before 
she actually enrolled. "It all takes so 
long to come together," she said of the 
responsibilities and obligations, the 
fears and the finances that distract and 
delay us from our true desires. She 
admits her time was actually past due. 
The principal of a nearby school asked 
her to teach disadvantaged children. 
From giving poetry workshops in local 
schools, she knew she could make a 
difference in children's lives. But as 
much as she wanted the job, she could 
not take it because she did not have a 

degree. At last ready to commit herself 
to finishing her education, she told 
herself, "If I don't do it now, I probably 
never will." 

A published poet who was the 
founder and editor of a weekly newspa- 
per, the Central Virginia Leader (circula- 
tion 37,000), that printed only good 
news, Elizabeth chose English as her 
major. She graduated magna cum laude 
and "with distinction" for her senior 
English project. She is never far from 
her daily journal where she notes her 
thoughts, prayers, reflections and 
poems. Her accustomed discipline in 
writing was a big asset in college work. 
"I made lists every morning of what was 
important to accomplish including my 
assignments and my chores," she said. 
Elizabeth also knew to take breaks, 
which she would do by walking in the 
woods near home. "You have to get 
away from your books ... or you lose 
your focus." 

Despite her discipline, Elizabeth was 
frustrated by her "splintered time." "You 
can't give a hundred percent of your 
time to studying the way traditional 
students can," she said. For that reason 

her best memories of Mary Baldwin are 
the Summer Week courses she took in 
1993 and 1994. The week on campus, 
living in a dorm and eating in the 
college cafeteria, with nothing but her 
studies "begging" for her attention, gave 
her the traditional college experience 
she missed. Botany in the Field, she 
said, taught by Dr. Eric Jones, "was 
absolutely the most exhilarating 
experience of my college career and my 
life." And of Dr. James McCrory's 
Elementary School Methods, she said, 
"He is the best teacher I have ever had 
in my life. He's a great example I hope 
to follow." 

As are so many other college gradu- 
ates, Elizabeth Solomon is looking for a 
job. She would like to teach or do 
educational research, or perhaps work 
in human services. "I know I want to be 
involved in some way," she said, "in 
opening children's minds." Her mind 
has been opened to her own potential 
by her time at Mary Baldwin, and she 
urges other adults, as she will no doubt 
urge her students, to have courage. "You 
don't know what you can do," she said, 
"until you try." 



iise Fa irone 

with Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 1 

Join die Maiy Baldwin College Aluiiinae Association Travel Program 

on a Cruise Through the Heart of Europe or the Mediterranean 

View Europe from 

Rhine and Mosel 

Venice to Monte 

the ease and 

Rivers Adventure 

Carlo Air/Sea Cruise 

comfort of a 

We depart June 20 

We depart on August 3 1 

and return July 2, 1996. 

and return September 11, 1996. 

cruise. . . whether 

Our 13 -day holiday to the heart of 

Cruise the Mediterranean from 

Europe begins in Interlaken, 

Monaco to Italy, aboard the luxury 

it's on the Rhine 

Switzerland. Enjoy a scenic drive 
to Basel and on to Strasbourg, 

yacht Renaissance IV. 

and Mosel Rivers 

France, to begin your M.S. Swiss 

Stay in your own private suite 

Crystal cruise from Strasbourg to 

aboard the Renaissance. All meals 

aboard an 

historic German ports including 

are included in leisurely open 

Speyer, Worms, (Heidelberg), 

seatings, plus there's no packing 

Rudesheim, Cochem, Koblenz, 

and unpacking. From Monte Carlo, 


Bonn, Cologne and Dusseldorf. 

Monaco, cruise to Portofino, 

The cruise ends in Amsterdam, 

Livorno (Florence), Corsica, 

chartered river 

Netherlands. From $2,995 (with 

Sorrento and Sicily, Italy; Corfu, 

early-reservation discount), 

Greece and Venice, Italy. 

including round trip international 

ship, or in the 

airfare from New York (JFK). 

From $4,295 (with early-reserva- 
tion discount), including round- 


Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53, profes- 
sor emerita of English, will be the 
guest lecturer for your adventure 

trip international airfare from New 
York (JFK). 

aboard the 

on the Rhine and Mosel Rivers. 

Pacific Princess 

— we have the 

For reservations or more information, contact: 

Mary Baldwin College 

journey for you 

Office of Alumnae Activities 

Staunton, VA 24401 

in 1996. 

toll free 1-800-763-7359 

local 540-887-7007 

Prices are per person, double occupancy, and subject to change 

INTRAV Deluxe Adventures 


Alumnae News Makers 

Claire Lewis Arnold '69 

other low income schools, again through a grant from Texas 
Instruments. Nell also serves as an instructor in SMU's 
teacher training program. 

is heen named director ot 

Claire "Yum" Lewis Arnold '69 h 
Morrison Restaurants, Inc. 
The corporation is based in 
Mobile, AL, and operates 
restaurants and cafeterias in 
contract food marketing. 
Morrison Restaurants employs 
over 35,000 and generates 
over $1 billion in revenue per 

Charlotte Lunsford Berry '51 

In June 1995, Charlotte Lunsford Berry '51 became the first 
woman ever to chair the United Way campaign of Midlands, 
SC. The Midlands United Way has a 70-year history. 
Charlotte was also the first female to ever chair the United 
Way agency of Asheville, NC. 

Mrs. Berry is chair of the National American Red Cross 
Committee on Disaster and Community Services. She is a 
member of the board of directors of Wachovia National 
Bank, and president-elect of the Historic Columbia Founda- 

Sanford Jones McAllister '80 

Sanford Jones McAllister, a 1980 graduate of Mary Baldwin 
College, has worked her way through the GOP ranks and 
earned a high-profile leadership role with the Republican 
party. In March 1995 she was named executive director of 
the Republican National Committee (RNC), where she 
serves as the top aide to Chairman Haley Barbour. 

McAllister is responsible for 
the day-to-day administration 
of the national committee's 
budget and overall operations. 
She also coordinates the 

activities of the committee's 
major divisions, including 
political and field operations, 
communications, fund raising, 
strategic planning and member 

McAllister also worked with Haley Barbour in the White 
House Office of Political Affairs and served in the media 
relations office of former President Ronald Reagan. 

Nell Boone Rogers Carvell '63 

Nell Boone Rogers Carvell '63 recently received her Master 
of Arts degree in special education from Texas Women's 
University in Denton, TX, finishing with a perfect 4.0 grade 
point average. The subject of her thesis was an evaluation of 
the effectiveness of the preschool language curriculum for 
Head Start students from low 
income families. Nell devel- 
oped the lessons of the 
language program through 
Southern Methodist Univer- 
sity in Dallas with assistance 
from a grant from Texas 
Instruments Foundation. The 
program resulted in an im- 
provement in language skills of 
more than 40 percent higher 
than would have been expected without the program. 

Nell now serves on the Southern Methodist University 
staff as principal investigator of the Head Start Language 
Therapy Program. The program will soon be extended to 

Elizabeth Linn Traubman '63 

Libby Linn Traubman '63 has been honored with a listing in 
the book San Mateo County Women's Hall of Fame 1984 - 
1994, Portraits of Dedication. Mrs. Traubman's sister-in-law 
Ann Wilson Linn '61 presented a copy of the book to Mary 
Baldwin's Martha S. Grafton Library. 

Libby Traubman was elected to the San Mateo Women's 
Hall of Fame in 1994. She is a licensed clinical social worker 
and holds a master's degtee in social work. She led in the 
establishment of Beyond War, a group that evolved into the 
current Foundation for Global Community. 

She has worked for 25 years in her community serving the 
eldetly, the terminally ill, war veterans and learning disabled 
children. An active civic leader, she often speaks publicly to 
educate the community on energy efficiency, alcohol and 
drug abuse by youth, television violence, and the importance 
of volunteerism and valuing diversity. 


Alumnae volunteers represent 
Mary Baldwin at college inaugurations 

MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson is 
often invited to participate in the 
inaugural ceremonies for the new 
presidents of other colleges and 
universities. If she were to accept all 
the invitations, she would be able to do 
little else. So, she often asks that a 
trustee, alumna or friend of Mary 
Baldwin represent her and the college 
at inaugurations across the country. 

The representative dons academic 
gown, cap and hood and takes part in 
the academic procession. Not only is 
the experience enjoyable for the 
alumna, but Mary Baldwin benefits as 
well from the public recognition of our 
standing in the academic community. 
Many, many thanks go to those listed 
below who have represented Mary 
Baldwin at college and university 

inaugurations throughout the country 
during the 1994-95 academic year. 

Carole Lewis Anderson, 

MBC Board of Trustees member 

Bowie State University 

Laura McManaway Andrews '44 
Seattle Pacific University 

Sharon Knopp Bares '68 
Warren Wilson College 

Sally Armstrong Bingley '60 
Union Theological Seminary 

Patricia Mann Burr '52 
Southwestern Baptist Theological 

Kathleen Hand Carter '58 
Mississippi College 

Barbro Hansson '88 ADP 
McCormick Theological Seminary- 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63, 
MBC Board of Trustees Chair 
Furman University 

Emily Wallace Hundley '47 
Berea College 
Spalding University 

Patricia Gonzalez Lustig '73 
Bay Path College 

Winifred Boggs Myrick '54 
Emory University 

Lending a helping hand to Habitat for Humanity 

MBC Vice President for Institutional 
Advancement Mark Atchison, 
(right), Director of Auxiliary 
Services Allen Martin (center), and 
community volunteer Mark Lundlad 
of Harrisonburg saw lumber for a 
"blitz build" home, built by 
Staunton's Habitat for Humanity, 
September 10 through 16, 1995. 
Habitat for Humanity has chapters 
nationwide which help people 
acquire affordable housing who 
otherwise might not be able to. 
Several MBC faculry and staff 
members donated their efforts to this 
project, which was dedicated on 
September 17. There is also an active 
MBC student chapter of Habitat for 

photo by Mark Miller, Staunton Daily 
News Leader staff 


We're looking forward to 
seeing you 

What would our parade be without your laughter and enthusiasm? 

Make plans now to: 

Come Join Our 'Parade! 

May 24-26, 1996 

when the classes of 1946, 1951, 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, and 1991 

will be celebrating their reunions. 

Mary Baldwin College Jiomecoming 1996 

QUESTIONS?? CALL 1-800-763-7359 


Chapters in Action 

Chapter Events 

Little Dock, Arkansas 

James McHaney, Marilyn Newson McHaney '43 and Carmen 
Holden McHaney '73 welcomed MBC Dean of the College 
Dr. James Lott (center) to Little Rock with style. Libby 
Darwin Grobmyer '72 helped with the reception attended by 
25 alumnae and friends. Guests enjoyed talking with Dean 
Lott and hearing about the changes taking place at N Ian- 

Xct Orleans Louisiana 

Parents Council members Kay Rapier (center) talks with 
James Roddy and Tia Nolan Roddy '69 during a cocktail 
reception at Kay's home. Kay, her husband Michael and their 
daughter Jane '98 hosted the event for over 40 guests. Local 
alumnae and friends welcomed Dean of the College Dr. 
James Lott to his first, and hopefully not last, visit to New 
Orleans. Guests included alumnae, current students and 
parents, and prospective families. 

Baltimore.. Maryland 

Alumnae Donna "Sarah" Shanklin McComas "73, Mary 
"Ginger" Mudd Galve: '73 and Julie Ellsworth Cox '86 
helped plan Baltimore's event at the Commodore Club. 
Over 3C alumnae and friends of the college gathered to talk 
with MBC President Cynthia H. Tyson and learn more about 
the Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership. 

Corpus Christ! Texas 

Cecile Cage Wavell '45 (left) talks with Zoe Wavell Gottlich 
'76 and MBC President Cynthia H. Tyson. Cecile and her 
husband Kenneth graciously hosted a buffet supper for 
President Tyson's visit. Tracey Cote Allen '89 helped 
coordinate the event and greet 19 alumnae and friends. 

Houston, Texas 

Forty- three alumnae and friends joined President Cynthia H. 
Tyson for a cocktail buffet at Margot and Tom Easton's home 
(Margaret Teague Eaton '56). Chapter leader Cynthia Knight 
Wier '68 and Alumnae Board member Sue Lollis '79 helped 
coordinate the event. 

Detroit Michigan 

A luncheon was hosted by Dorothy Jones Wfigley '70 to 
welcome MBC President Cynthia H. Tyson to the area. 
Janice Clark Freytag '80 helped make the luncheon a 


Arlington, Virginia 

Advisory Board of Visitors member Peter Pover and his 
wife Yvonne graciously opened their home for a cocktail 
reception in March. Here MBC President Cynthia H. 
Tyson chats with Mr. Pover. President Tyson and Vice 
President tor Institutional Advancement Mark Atchi- 
son visited with area alumnae and guests. Alumnae 
Board members Louise Boylan 71 and Sanford Jones 
McAllister '80, Ingrid Erickson '89 and Patricia "Trish" 
Hylton '93 helped encourage over 50 guests to attend. 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership Director Dr. 
Brenda Bryant and Dean of the College Dr. James Lott 
traveled to the Oakwood Country Club to discuss Mary 
Baldwin's newest program with over 20 alumnae and 
guests. Dr. Bryant (far right) talks with Ann Gray 
Graham '80, Alice Marshall Glass '80 and Tance 
Anderson Laughan '83. 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Allie Rounds author Barbara Allan Hite 
'58 introduced Mitzi Lesher '95 as she 
began her last performance of the play. 
Dean of the College Dr. James Lott, 
Nancy Mclntyre, and Tracy Goad '94 
traveled to Norfolk to welcome over 
23 alumnae and friends. Chris Baylor 
'86, Jane Hudgin Frazier '73, Ellen 
Anderson Hill '67, Mallory Copeland 
Kahler '88, Faith Stuart McArdle '86, 
Julia Anderson Wilson '71 and Karen 
Wood '92 helped with the event by 
making desserts, accepting reservations 
and securing a performance location. 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mitzi Lesher '95 and Barbara Allan 
Hite enjoy a moment after Mitzi's last 
performance of Allie Rounds. 

Attending Allie Rounds in Norfolk were 
alumnae Mary Margaret Beale Black 
'56, Anne Parson Baylor '52 and Reid 
Strickland Nottingham '56. 

Margaret "Peggy" Weaver Crosson '67 hosted a barbecue 
for over 60 area alumnae and friends of the college at her 
farm in Roanoke. Omega IV, a bluegrass band, entertained 
the guests. Helping make the picnic a success are (1-r) Judy 
Lipes Garst '63, Peggy Weaver Crosson '67, Cyndi Phillips 
Fletcher '82 and Gale Palmer Penn '63. 


Staunton, Virginia 

An annual tradition continued as local alumnae gathered for the 9th Ham to Jam Luncheon at Mary Baldwin 
College. A Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership update was given by VWIL Director Dr. Brenda Bryant. 
Chapter leaders Sylvia Baldwin '76, Nancy Kunkle Carey '51, Dana Flanders '82 and Patricia Brown Schlick '51 
worked with Gini Ridge, MBC catering director, to select a delicious menu from the Ham to]am Cookbook. 

Julia Shugart Crist '92 (left) has been helping the Staunton/ 
Waynesboro/Augusta County Chapter encourage more recent 
graduates to get involved with area events. Enjoying a happy 
hour at the Pullman Restaurant are Julia, Donna Myrtle 
Boxley '89, Executive Director of Alumnae Activities Jane 
Kornegay '83 and Nancy Kunkle Carey '51. 

The home of Nancy Kunkle Carey '5 1 and husband Henry 
offered the perfect setting for a summer cocktail parry" for 
local alumnae. Attending the July event were (1-r) Sylvia 
Baldwin '76, Dana Flanders '82, Henry Carey, Nancy Kunkle 
Carey '51 and MBC President Cynthia H. Tyson. Over 45 
guests attended the parn r and the chapter donated monies 
towards the Elsie Carleton Olsson Memorial Scholarship for 
Dav Students. 

Williamsburg, Virginia 

Carol Wornom Sorensen '61 talks with Letia McDaniel 
Drewry '78, who helped coordinate a cocktail party at Carol 
and Dick Sorensen's home. Over 40 guests turned out for the 

Also attending the Sorensen's cocktail party- were Parents 
Council member Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65, Carolyn 
Haldeman Hawkins '63 and Kent Seabury Rowe '62. 


Virginia Schools Parties 

St. Louis, MO - February 1995 
Old Dominion Party 

Columbia, SC - February 1995 

XI Annual Commonwealth Day Celebration Barbecue 

New York, NY - February 1995 
Virginia Council of Colleges Party 
MBC contact, Coree Earle '91 

San Francisco, CA - April 1995 

5th Annual Old Dominion Day and Crab Feed 

MBC contact, Kris Johnson '83 

Santa Monica, CA - June & August 1995 

Virginia Mixer 

MBC contact, Cathy Harrell Pennington '84 

Dallas, TX - June 1995 

Kudzu League Summer Bash. 

MBC contact, Amy Fischer '90, Abbie Mullen '92 

New Orleans, LA - August 1995 

Alumni Party 1995 

MBC contact, Ashley Holmes '88 

Atlanta, GA - August 1995 

4th Annual Commonwealth Party 

MBC contact, Courtney Bell '89 

How to Eat Your Cake and Give it Away Too 

by Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 

For years I had seen ads in 
various publications promoting 
the use of annuities as a means of 
giving to charities, but never 
considered this of any real 
interest to me. Recently, how- 
ever, my husband Bill and I 
decided it might be something 
we should consider. 

For several years we had been 
working with an estate planner, 
with the primary focus on 
conserving our estate from 

unnecessary taxes. We had seen 
what resulted when my father 
was not kept abreast of changing 
tax law by his lawyers until it was 
too late to alter his arrangements. 

We were also making plans to 
move to a retirement community 
requiring a monthly fee, a new 
arrangement for us long-time 
home owners. Hence, we began 
to look for some investments to 
provide a fairly sizeable and 
steady long term income — 
perhaps using the funds from the 
sale of our house. 

Insurance professionals started 
us thinking about annuities, but 
Bill questioned the tax implica- 
tions of their plans. Just what it 
was that made us think of a 
charitable gift annuity, I don't 
know. But when we began to 
investigate, we found that we 
could come close to eating our 
cake and giving it away too! 

We set up a gift annuity for 
Mary Baldwin College with the 
proceeds from the sale of our 
home, whose care had just begun 

to be burdensome. The return? 
We get a fairly substantial 
monthly income (with an 
inflation hedge built in) for as 
long as either of us lives, have a 
sizeable tax write-off (over five 
years), and will be able to help 
Mary Baldwin continue her 
mission after we are gone. 

Nancy Mclntyre, director of 
special gifts, worked through the 
Presbyterian Foundation 
(founded in 1799) to set up the 
mechanics of this gift. Now that 
it is in effect, there is little 
likelihood of future tax law 
changes using it up. 

Seems like a bargain to us. 

For more information on how 
estate planning can help you and 
your family, contact: 

Nancy P. Mclntyre 
Director of Special Gifts 
Mary Baldwin College 
Staunton, Virginia 24401 


Double your vision 

An anonymous benefactor recently 
made a generous $250,000 gift - 
$50,000 a year for five years - to 
Mary Baldwin College for the 
Annual Fund, on one condition. 

This challenge gift must be 
matched by $50,000 in new 
Annual Fund gifts from our 
alumnae, parents and friends. 

Such a gift demonstrates the donor's 
firm belief in the mission of Mary 
Baldwin College and challenges 
you to join her. It is more important 
than ever for alumnae, parents 
and friends to support this year's 
Annual Fund. 

If you have never given before, give 
now-your dollars Mill have twice 
as much impact! And if you already 
give, please consider increasing 
your gift-those new dollars will be 

Because of the vision of her leaders, 
her alumnae, and her benefactors, Mary 
Baldwin College has been able to provide a 
quality education to women for over 150 years. 
Please help keep the vision alive with a gift to the 
Mary Baldwin College Annual Fund. 

Double your dollars 



Mary Baldwin College 

The Magazine 




1995 Calendar of the Arts 

11/13-12/8 Margot Bergman Paintings and Painted Constructions 

11/15-11/19 The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan 

1/8-2/2 John Morgan Drawings and Collages 

1/26 Nokuthula Ngwenyama Violist 

2/12-3/8 Winn Rea A Site-specific Installation 

2/14-2/18 A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare 

2/26 Diane Doherty Oboist 

3/20 Fazil Say Pianist 

3/25-4/19 Victor Kord Paintings 

3/27-3/31 Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn 

4/24 - 5/5 Annual Juried MBC Student Art Competition 

5/18 American Boychoir 

5/7 - 5/26 MBC Senior Exhibitions 

5/15 - 5/19 TBA A play selected by guest director William Rough 






PERMIT #106 

v» Printed on Recycled Paper